Word to Ya Motha

Good afternoon my fellow peeps! Did you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day? I hope you made a Mom feel fabulous on their one day of the year!


Because really, we mothers are as super as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And that’s no lie.


While driving to and from places yesterday, I was thinking about all the different types of moms out there. How some hearts are so full they could burst and some are broken hearted for numerous reasons.

And all of them should be celebrated. The ‘Mom’ title is a hard one to uphold. There is no vacation time, you don’t get to call in sick because the weekend came too soon, and it’s 168 hours a week. Moms aren’t always thanked, often not appreciated for their hard work, get a lot of sas from their little ‘bosses’, and quite frankly tend to be the negative nancy when a bad idea is debuting.



But the love we give and receive is true and unconditional. To hold your child for the first time, when their little hand wraps around your index finger, to see your child smile at you, when they run up and give you the biggest hug and kiss when you walk in the door, to hear the words “I love you mommy” makes it all worth it.



It is the most selfless job on this planet and is also the most rewarding. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



So whether you are a mom to children you birthed, to someone else’s children, to angels, to future children, to our four legged friends, or to children you are praying God blesses you with, Happy Mother’s Day.



I must say.. aside from my children’s mom, I have the best mommy ever. She has always been there for me, always. She helps with my kids and loves them as I do. She is always a phone call away and I trust her with all my little secrets! She makes my kids feel like they are her whole world because they are. She helps in anyway she can. She is the most self-less woman I have ever met. Always thinking of everyone else. And if I could afford to buy her her convertible Ford Mustang that she has always secretly wanted, I would. Someday mom… someday. And that would never come close to everything you have ever done for me and my family.





Mom, we need updated pictures!

My Mother’s Day was exhausting… but only because Jason was gone the entire week before in the Netherlands for work, so I had 4 children to myself, trying to keep all of us alive, while not burning down the house was a huge task in itself. He got back Saturday night about 11-ish, so come Sunday, we were all exhausted. But it was still a great day!!

Saturday, my cousin and myself had the kiddos make their grandma’s and Broden’s mom these cute little plants! I kinda wanted to buy one for myself… but I didn’t. Kensli of course loved playing in the dirt, so she’s all about this gardening thing. Which is good, because we want to build a salsa garden and a daycare flower garden.





Mother’s Day started with Broden getting picked up by his sister to go see his mom for the day and we got the 3 girls bathed and ready.

The first big event was Kensli dropped her first F bomb. Jason wasn’t moving fast enough to open the back door so she could go out and play. And finally, she calmly said “Dad. Please. Go. Open. The. F***in. Door.” Oh boy. Jason and I couldn’t look at each other because if we would have, we would have died laughing… but I thought we did well surpressing the laughter. I did let him correct her. But amongst all this crazy talk, I did note two things: A) She did say please and B) She even used it correctly. I can see how her teenage years are going to be already…

We started out the events by heading to my mother in laws for the afternoon. It is always a nice and relaxing time when we visit there. Have a few beers, Kensli plays with her grandparents, Jason and I bullshit with his dad, and it’s a good time had by all. Kensli even talked Grandma into taking a nap with her. Although no nap was really had, she thought it was cool Grandma was pretending with her! I’m telling you, I lucked out big time when it comes to the in-laws!

We then headed home to get Broden back and took off in the other direction to my cousins Jess and Brett’s place for our awesome family BBQs.   We all brought our own meat and Jess’s boyfriend, Nate, and Uncle Scott grilled and Brett made the most fabulous margaritas… or maybe it was the giant 1″ diameter straw they gave me to drink it with that helped it go down so quickly? Thank goodness my husband was there to drive me home!


The twinnies were passed around and loved by all, while Kensli and Broden played soccer with Brett {really, Kensli was trying to have a full conversation with Brett and give him kisses while the boys played… It was interesting to watch!} and laid in the hammock.









At one point, Kensli hopped off rather quickly which sent Broden flying off in the other direction. I about died… it was so funny! Thankfully, Broden thought it was pretty funny as well!







Our day finished with a tornado warning. The kids were in bed and my phone alarm went off and then seconds later, the big tornado siren went off in town. I hung out outside for a little while because I didn’t want to have to wake up the kids if I didn’t have to. And at first, I thought ‘Well this is silly.’ There was no wind, no huge clouds, no nothing. Just a lightening storm over yonder.

However, 2 minutes after I said that, the wind picked up. Big time. My trees were bending over and it was hard to keep my balance {or maybe that was the margs?}.

Regardless, I decided then it was time to head for the basement.

I went and got Broden and Kensli up, which by the way, waking kids who were dead asleep… almost impossible. But can be done.

I got them downstairs, and came back up to get the twinnies. Laid them in their carseats with a blanket and went downstairs to drop them off. They were getting hungry, so I quickly went upstairs to make two bottles. Ha… good thing the tornado didn’t touch down right then. I would have had hungry babies stuck in a basement!!!

When those were finally done, I came back down only to find Kensli was not down there. She snuck back upstairs to go back to bed. Child! Does she not know the severity of this wind! Jiminy Crickets girlfriend! Ran back upstairs to the main floor, and then to the up upstairs to get her. Ran back down… Let me tell you, I was not in shape enough for all those stairs in that short period of time.

But as you can tell, there was no tornado, and we were all safe and sound. The kids were clearly concerned… as they fell asleep on the loft downstairs. They had found a pillow and a blanket and hit the hay.



Aren’t they so precious?

Well, that was my day in a nutshell! I hope yours was as fabulous as mine. Did you end your day in a basement?

Hopefully you had a nice comfy bed in the basement!

Loves and toodle-os!


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