Kicking Fat’s Ass ~ A new Technique Including More Goals and Phases.

Good afternoon everyone. I know it’s been awhile since I blogged before today. Life just got in the way. I’m still trying to balance out everything. Between the daycare, Jason’s work, family events, being gone every and all weekend, projects around here, and of course the social get togethers.. it leaves little time for blogging and naps. Which are both equally important.

I have thought a lot about Kicking Fat’s Ass and the series lately… and it just didn’t seem right. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. Until now. I felt like I was rushing everything and too focused on a number. Which, obsessing over a number that doesn’t tell you anything about how far your coming inside seems silly now. I’ve been told numerous times that weighing in once a week is too often. And it’s too easy to get discouraged. {Isn’t that the truth!}

With all that said, let me fill you in on the back story of where this post is going. A few years ago, or maybe even last year, I DVR’d a show called Extreme Makeover. {Coincidence? I think not.} It follows a Trainer who specializes in body transformations. Literally. And recently, I was going thru my DVR list of recorded shows, and an Extreme Weight Loss show had recorded 9 shows. What? I was so confused! I didn’t remember recording that, and Jason said he hadn’t. So.. what the hay, I watched it. A-MAZING. And sooo inspiring! Apparently, my DVR recognized the show had changed names and recorded it automatically when the new season started. {Yet.. it can’t remember to not delete shows before I watch them. I’m not bitter at all.}

Turns out, there are lot of things I like about this show versus Biggest Loser. For one… it’s much more realistic. The Biggest Loser I believe, is 20 weeks long. We’re talking 200 some lbs, in a lot of cases, lost in 20 weeks! That should not be possible! Scott Powell and the EWL is an entire year. With 4 phases, each being 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, is the weigh in. How much more do-able!

And I enjoy that he makes a plan for each client, specifically for them. With that, each client ends completely different. Most succeed, a couple fail, and some don’t get quite as far as they should have. But that’s the reality of most people on this earth! It shows all the up’s and down’s. How they do fall off the wagon sometimes, but how they can still be successful when they dust themselves off and get back up again. No one is perfect. No one. And this show proves that.

One of the biggest things I enjoy I get out of this show, is everyone is a winner as long as their weight dropped. The Biggest Loser? Everyone knows, there’s one winner that wins a quarter of a million dollars. But that’s what the show becomes about! Every contestant talks of wanting the prize! They want to win the money. They want to be the one who’s standing up there when the confetti and balloons drop. Hardly does anyone mention how they just want their lives to change for the better. You don’t hear near as often how they are excited they can play with their kids… or even live to see their grand children.

Which really disappoints me. I want to lose weight to be healthy. I want to run around with my kids and not get tired as soon as I start, or feel completely embarrassed when I run because I know people are watching me thinking “Whoa… she shouldn’t be running.” I watch my husband at the playground and get jealous because he plays tag and football and runs around as if he’s Broden’s age! And I just follow Kensli on the ground for some reason… she is old enough to play on the playground without a trailing mother.

I wish you guys knew how excited I am to be a different Marissa. Actually… I don’t know if I would say different. I want the old Marissa back. I remember being confident in everything I did, and everywhere I went. And according to my husband… I used to light up a room the second I walked in because of how happy I was. And I wasn’t even at my smallest when I met him. Are you ready for this… I used to LOVE shopping. And new clothes. And trying to look cute all the time. Anyone who knows me now… knows none of that is true anymore. It’s odd to see me in jeans. Or with my make up and hair done. I wear the same outfits over and over because I refuse to shop for myself. I have honestly had the same ‘going out’ tops for the last 3-4 years. Really.

I graduated high school at 150. I want to get back to that.. but maybe even a little more. And I want to do it similar to Extreme Weight Loss. A year to transform. Not too fast, nor too slow.

I reached out to one of my old trainers {who’s name is also Marissa… this could get confusing} to ask her what a good weight goal is for each of the phases and if 140-145-ish would be too low. And she actually asked me to meet up and discuss a good plan. She said that is completely doable with my height and wouldn’t be too skinny at all. So we’re meeting at her place this Sunday!  Whoop Whoop!

I’m excited to get skinny once and for all. And be done with this fat shit. Talk with you soon!!



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