Twinnies Update ~ 3 Months

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down and talked to you. Yaaaa. Sorry about that.

My life is crazy… ya know… with 4 children and a daycare and all. There are some days I have 11 kids! {School ager’s in the number… but sometimes they are more work than the preschoolers!}

But I just wanted to tell you… The twinnies turned 3 months on the 14th. Is that not freakin bazar?!?! 3 MONTHS! I had them 90 days ago. and 62 days ago, they came home… {please don’t do the actual math… I’m estimating here.} So I thought I would give you the latest update along with their 3 month pic :)





They have been soooo wonderful. I was hoping they were going to be like Kensli when she was a baby. Cried when she were hungry and poo’y and that’s all. And literally, that’s what they do. They love to look at people. And ceiling fans. Weird obsession… but must be somewhat normal because I remember Kensli doing the same thing.

They are drinking 5-6 ounces, and have been for a good month or two. They started drinking 4 ounces the week they came home from NICU. Shocked? I wasn’t. Kensli did the same thing. She just wasn’t a NICU graduate.


Varah holding her bottle like a champ!


Wanna know something else? They are sleeping through the night!!!  Literally, 9-10 pm-ish is when they have their last bottle and they wake up between 5 and 6 am. And it would only be more glorious if I actually went to bed when they fall asleep so I could get the full 8-ish hours of sleep also. But I don’t. When I go to bed it’s like giving into Life and being okay with tomorrow coming. And I’m not okay with tomorrow morning coming. So that’s my rebellion. Take that biotch! Wahahaha {Evil Laugh}


They seriously are so great though. I was so worried, because every time I heard of colicky babies, or acid reflux babies, they were all tiny. {Obviously there are exceptions. I’m not saying every small baby cries a lot.} But it sure seems more often than not. And I was nervous since both my babies were tiny. 4 lbs and 5 lbs.  And luckily, neither one cry. Ever. Unless, it’s time to eat. Then, they were ready to eat 5 minutes ago. But, they are part Campbell. And booooooooy…. us Campbell’s like our food. {Seriously. Come to a BBQ. You’ll understand then.}

I wish you all could meet and get to know them. When you hold them chest to chest, they love to lay their head on your mouth. I sit there and kiss them over and over on their temple and they just ‘lean’ into my mouth as if they crave the kisses. They are starting to watch things so much more and stay awake! They are staying awake after bottles for the most part {although, sometimes they are exhausted and fall asleep immediately}, but mostly, they love to look around. Once their bottles are done, their little tummies are full, they’re tootin’ up a storm… starting to smile after said toots… and they just want to look at you. 

These preemies are now wearing 3 month clothes and in size 1 diapers! They are doing spectacular! I was told in NICU they’d be small for a long time. But they are 3 months old wearing 3 month clothing? I’ll take it. They are exceeding mine and the doctor’s expectations! Seriously, they are kicking ass.



They also have the most beautiful eyes. And their smiles just melt your heart. Their hair always had a red tint {that you could only see in certain light} but now it’s really becoming red! I can’t believe it… but I found out today that Jason’s Great Grandpa had red hair. And my Great Grandpa Heaberlin had really red hair as well! I had strawberry blonde hair as a child and a lot of Jason’s aunts have red shades… so it’s very possible. Just odd considering Kensli was white blonde when she was little and now has more of a regular blonde color. So many similarities but multiple differences between the twinnies and Kensli.

Zuri is getting to be a chunk. Seriously, her kissable balloon-cheeks could keep her afloat. We love to squish her cheeks together to make the ‘fish’ face, and sometimes afterwards, she’ll have a big smile from ear to ear. It’s so funny! She is more squirmy at times and doesn’t like to be moved once comfy. But boy is she my snuggle bug. Lay her chest to chest and she just melts right in. Places her head under my chin, sticks her tiny little tush out, and just burrows. We’ve been working with her tummy time and she’s not so patient. Literally, 10 seconds in and she is fussin’. She wants no part of that. These kids actually have a birth mark and Zuri’s is just under her hair line in the center of the back of her head. Lucky for her, no one will see it most of the time! She’s starting to stay more awake longer after bottles. And during so, sometimes she gets fussy, but other times she’s content with just lookin’ around. She is really starting to move her tongue around over and over and I think that means she’s going to be talking soon. If she’s awake, her tongue and mouth are moving. You can tell she has something to tell us in their precious little baby language, but nothing’s poppin out yet. Hopefully soon :)


Varah on the other hand is much more calm. She loves to lay around and just look. Look at windows, people, the tv, ceiling fans. Anything that’s bright or that moves. She literally looks like she is just taking it all in, like learning useless information that may someday be handy in a future conversation. It makes me wonder what she thinks about as she watches that fan go round and round. She is much better to move while sleeping. She doesn’t wake up and fuss like her 1 minute older sissy. She just may peek with one eye for a second or two and then close it again. She sometimes moves her lips and tongue around a bit, but really doesn’t have the interest like Zuri. Tummy time lasts a lot longer with Varah. She actually works at it for a good couple minutes, once up to 5 minutes before she starts getting frustrated. Her birthmark is right between the eyes… which hopefully make up will help cover up? But it’s not as dark as Zuri’s is.  She is a good pound or two lighter than her twin sister, but damn, she can still eat! She finishes her 5+ oz bottle every time. She’s catching up. She will get there eventually! She is still a great cuddlier, but doesn’t ‘burrow’ like Zuri. She’d rather spread out. Hands especially, legs sometimes. She still likes to stick her tush out a lot if laying chest to chest. 



It’s crazy to me just how innocent children are. How much unconditional love they hold for you. When they hear my voice and turn their head to find me no matter who is holding them or where.  That first real big smile that takes up their entire face because of something you did. It is all just so priceless.

Being a parent is so much hard work. So many questionable situations that you think you always decided wrong in the end. So many sleepless nights and so much under appreciation when they are older.

But it is so rewarding. When they come to you because they fell and hurt their knee. When they tell you how much they love you that first time. When they want you to kiss their toe’s boo-boo because they stubbed it {what foot phobia did you have again?}. When you walk in the door and their face lights up because their entire world just walked in. To watch them grow and learn and experience new things for the first time. To watch the light-bulb go off above their heads when they finally understand something they worked so hard on. To watch them grow physically and mentally. To jump up and down with them when they finally figure out potty training or how to say their ABC’s. To feel so incredibly wanted it makes your heart over flow with love. No one can make you feel like your child does. No one. And there are no words to describe that incredible, unconditional feeling. None.

And I get to experience all of this three times… it just blows my mind. Why am I so lucky to be their mom? I don’t know the answer to that question, but He sure blessed me with three healthy and beautiful little girls.


We love them so much. Jason and I couldn’t feel more wonderful.


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