Twinnies are 5 Months Old… About a Month Ago…

Eh. Once again, I’m really late. I had this written and ready a week or so after August 14th. However, I couldn’t find time to edit their monthly pictures until today. Soooo… you’ll be seeing another one of these in a few weeks… sorry… but what can ya do?

Can you believe they are 5 months as of August 14th? That’s right… they’ll be a half a year real soon… but once again, I’m rather busy, so pardon the really late post.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself this is in fact my life. I get the privilege of being a mom to gorgeous twins. Not many people get that chance, and I’m honored I was blessed with such an opportunity.









Zuri and Varah ~

There are so many similarities this past month. So much so that I decided to add a paragraph about it. You both are now sitting in bumbos, and loving it. You love to be able to sit up and watch everyone, and we parents love it because you can now sit up and watch what you two want without us having to hold you. You both are talking a ton and it’s so funny. It’s more grunts than chitter chatter, but it’s still so cute none the less. You guys are actually starting to interact with each other, almost talking back! And you’re starting to recognize each other. You both stare at each other like you can’t believe you’re looking at yourself. Sometimes it looks like a mirror, haha! You hold hands and just love to check each other out. It’s so cute and so surreal to be able to experience this first hand. You both have found your dang hands! Eh. The paci’s are not either of your favorites so it’s almost impossible to trade the paci’s for your hands. Do you guys realize that your hands will be harder to break, as you cannot remove appendages??? You both are starting to get upset if people walk away from you. You love talking with people and interacting with them, so when they walk away… neither of you are happy little campers. The play mat is starting to be your new favorite thing, as long as you guys aren’t in the mood to sit up. The toys dangle in your faces and you guys can actually grab them now and pull. One toy sings if pulled just right, and when it goes off, you both jump startled and lay there starring at this toy like it came out and bit you! The giggling is constant now! It’s soooo dang cute, and ya’ll are so close to laughing. Your tummies are your most ticklish spots, and once we hit the right spot, it’s almost a guarantee for a 2-4 second giggle. The laughing is just right around the corner, I just know it! You both have started drooling horribly… a tremendous amount… so bad I have now started putting bibs on. I can’t believe it’s actually teething since it’s been a month of constant water seeping from your mouth, but I suppose maybe. You guys just seem so young for it to be that. But really… you can stop this drooling business any time now :) My favorite time of the day is getting your two out of bed. You talk to yourselves until I come and get you. And once I walk in and interrupt your very important conversation, you both are ALL smiles. From the second you see me, all through changing diapers, and until I pick you up to take you downstairs. I love it, every morning. And I love how both of your eyes all but disappear when you do smile. You both are just so beautiful. You guys are getting bigger by the day. You’re both officially in size two diapers now that we have run out of size ones. And you have basically skipped size 3-6 months clothes and jumped right to 6! Although, some 3-6 still fit so we’re keeping them around as well! I can’t wait until your 6 month appointment to see just how much you’ve grown!










Does the above picture crack anyone else up as much as it does me? She did so great helping me babysit this past summer and I’m pretty sure she learned a loooot. She’s going to be the best damn babysitter in all of Bondurant, Altoona, and Ankeny. You are welcome future parents-who-hire-Avery.





 They were helping me shop :)


Oh Miss Zuri. oh how I love to squeeze you, and love you, and tickle you, and squish your giant cheeks together. And I mean that all in the most loving way! :) You are incredibly lazy, which is what I blame not rolling over yet on. You’re still our chunky monkey, which is why I’m guessing you’re lazy :) You sleep a ton. I’m guessing you’re growing more because you also suck down your bottles. You’re not much of a smiler anymore… we have to work to get one from you. But I think it’s because you’re so focused on watching everyone and every thing around you. You are especially angry when left alone… but it depends on your mood… Little Miss Attitude. You’re eyes are always sooo big and wide, and so blue. They are absolutely beautiful!














She can kinda roll half way over if she’s on a surface that’s inclined…



You on the other hand, smile constantly. And you smile with your entire face. With your eyes, your mouth, your cheeks, the works. And it can light up a room. You are always so happy and so relaxed. You smile at people, at toys, at the tv, and the dogs. It doesn’t matter, you smile. You can handle people walking away better than your sissy. But are just as curious as her when it comes to watching people. Your huge news this month is you are ROLLING OVER!!!!! You love sleeping on your tummy at night now. And you’ve rolled back onto your back twice now, but it may have been more of an ‘accident’. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you on the monitor, I was such a proud parent. 



















And I have a creeeeeeeeepy story involving Varah. I have told Jason numerous times I think this place is haunted. And I’ll have to keep track of the stories from here on out so I can tell them to you. Nothing serious, or huge, but little things I have been seeing or hearing… and I take notice.

But one morning…

I was laying there not wanting to get up so I rolled over and decided to watch the twins on the monitor. I love doing that before I go get them up. But I noticed Varah had no pants on and Jason put Varah to bed the night before. I asked him why he didn’t put pants on her because it makes them cold during the night and they often times get up in the middle of the night freezing. And he turned around and said “What? I did put pants on her. She probably somehow got them off or something.” Um, no. The pants were tight enough around the waist, they weren’t going anywhere. So I thought maybe I was not wake enough and looked again. But, she still had no pants on. Just her onesie. I could see the outline of them on her booty and the snaps. So I told Jason “Please make sure you put pants on them. She doesn’t have them on, and she did not ‘squirm’ out of them.’ And he got upset because he knows he put pants on her. Ya ya ya ya ya ya. So I got up and dressed and checked the monitor  one more time. And once again, no pants.

Well, I walked in to grab her, and SHE HAD PANTS ON!!! Black ones that would have showed up on that monitor! I stopped dead in my tracks.

As I slowly walked to her crib and begin to lift her up, Jason, walks by, sees her with her pants on, and says “Told’ga.” Oh shut it hubs. This is a whole different matter.

I still don’t know what happened… Or how it happened. But I know for a fact she can’t put her pants on. This is a picture of her rolled over, & you can see how clear the image is with night vision on. Imagine it with the sun shinning through the windows.  I soooo wish I would have took a picture of the monitor showing her pant-less and one when I walked in with them on.


I promise after my brother’s wedding on the 20th, I’ll be around much more. August and Sept are just crazy busy… so unfortunately, this blog gets put on the back burner!

And an update on Kicking Fat’s Ass soon!! :)

Love and Toodle’os!


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