Twinnies are 4 Months!

I have some chunkers on my hands! And I love each and every roll! And they are 4 months old now!!

They were 4 months on July 14th, and don’t ask me how many weeks that is. Because I don’t know. Sue me.

4 Months B










Seriously, do they look like they were preemies? Absolutely not! Everywhere I go, I’m told how big they are, and they’ve never seen twins that big, and look at those giant rolls! Oh I know! They weren’t always this big. But we are sure fortunate.

{And this is an extremely late post. I have been working on this post since the week of July 13th and I’m just now getting it done. That’s how busy we have been over here at the Haley household! So you’ll be getting another one of these in a few weeks…Sorry!}



See, they do cry! 

They seriously melt my heart every single day. I just can’t believe how blessed we are. It still amazes me we have TWINS! Sometimes when I look at them or think about the day I found out at that first ultrasound, my heart drops just as it did that day.

It’s just a crazy ride.

{Side note}

But ya know what I am tired of hearing?

“Ooooh! TWO babies??? Are they twins?” No dumbass, I found this baby in the parking lot and decided to keep it.

“Oh, my aunt’s brother’s wife had twins, a boy and girl!” I. Don’t. Care.

“Are they identical or fraternal? Ooooh, all the twins I know are fraternal.”  Yes, they are freaks of nature. Take a picture.

“Wow, they are identical huh? So are they two girls, two boys, boy and girl?” Well… being identical… they have to have the same private bits!

“I have a set of twins myself, they’re 15 now, I promise you’ll get thru this.”

That last one… that last one is really starting to infuriate me. Are you trying to tell me I look stressed? Or look like shit? Ooooor what? I find this journey actually pretty easy. My babes are perfect. They don’t cry {unless they are hungry, then they go from happy-go-lucky to HAngry}, they sleep about 8 pm to 8 am now, give or take an hour. They don’t need paci’s. They love to just chill with ya.

So ma’am, who feels the need to tell me your life story because we have this one small connection: I know I will make it through this. Because we’re doing just fine now and have completely enjoyed them since birth. I personally, think this is as easy as having just one baby. There isn’t much difference, except it is double the time in baths and feedings. I’m sorry you apparently lived through hell, but I am not. But thank you for your concern and assuming I have the same path as you.

Anyway… back to my sweet, sweet babes!

We had two appointments for the girls the week of July 14th. Their normal 4 month check-up and Zuri’s cardiology appointment.

Both appointments left me smiling.

The first appointment was much more relaxed. My cousin Avery came with me and was a huge help in holding a child here and there or the diaper bag. She’s kinda awesome, and I can’t wait to have her as a babysitter!!


Well, we found out Zuri is now 15 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long. She jumped from 25th percentile to 95th!!! Take that preemie status!

Varah is 13 lbs 15 oz and 24 inches long. And she also jumped from 17-20th percentile to 75th!!

Ya… you wouldn’t know they were preemies would you? And now that Varah is getting chunkier, they are starting to look much more identical. I used to be able to tell who is who the second I look at them. But there’s been a few times now that I had to do a double take {Shhh, I don’t admit that often}.

I took these at that appointment because I couldn’t believe how much they look alike! Finally! Can you tell who is who?




Zuri is on the left, Varah is on the right…. were you correct?

Then later that day I snapped this shot of Varah, she had a bubble mustache!


On Thursday, Zuri had her follow-up appointment to the cardiologist because she has a hole in her heart {murmur} that she received from the TTTS when they were still in the womb. Since she was the one taking all the nutrients and fluid from Varah, her heart had to work over time, a lot of over time. Which is what caused the hole.

But in that crazy first appointment, we found that the hole is pretty small and too small to do anything about even if it never closes. Well today, we learned the hole has closed!!! No more murmur! And he told us he doesn’t want to see us again! Fine by me, good riddance… cocky doc.

They are shooting above and beyond what any doctor has told us and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

You are something else. You have started talking and really working that mouth of yours. The smiles are constant and your eyes almost disappear sometimes. You can now do tummy time like a champ and hold your head high. You’ve become so strong when sitting up and you’re starting to love it! You just watch all the crazy kids around you with wide eyes, taking it all in. Your checks are doubling by the day. Massive and kissable! You may only weight a 1 1/2 lbs more than your sissy, but you feel like you weigh 10 lbs more when picking you up after Varah. You now wear 3 month clothing, but those are tight. 3-6 months are right around the corner. I’m still stuffing you in size 1 diapers because we have soooo many and I don’t want any to go to waste! 2’s are definitely your actual size, but 1’s will do until we run out. You are starting to actually stay awake after bottles. And your drama queen ‘tude is starting to show :) I mean that in the most loving way possible girlfriend! When you are hungry, you wanted your bottle 10 minutes ago. And you will scream bloody murder until it’s in your mouth. But you are so much fun, and everyone adores you and those chunky cheeks!

4 Months Z












You maybe slightly behind sissy developmentally, but you’re right there. You have now started moving your mouth and tongue like crazy and talking is coming real soon. I have heard a few baby talks but nothing concrete. You have the most innocent look about you, especially when you smile with your eyes and your lips widen from ear to ear. You are my relaxed twin, who can handle hanging with the padres for awhile while we make your bottle, lay you on the play mat, or chit chat with you. Your cheeks are catching up with sissy’s and are just as sweet and kissable as Zuri’s. Now that your are growing bigger, filling out, getting chubs on your arms, legs, neck, and belly, you are starting to look identical to your sister. There have been a few times I have had to do a double take!! :)  But not yet have I got you confused with her. You are your own person and I love that about you. 

4 Months V


They’ve started the pouty look… Lord help me.










And look at where they started…

First time together since birth

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