Time for a Little Time Out

I hate to do this so early in my blogging hobby, but I have to take a little time out. We have had a very interesting last few weeks to a month, and it has kept me from blogging as much as I wanted to.  I can’t tell you at this very moment what it is. But I assure you, when I can, I wil inform you of what’s been going on in our household. We are still overwhelmed and in shock and currently just trying to deal with it. Please, do not worry!

My computer also bit the dust, so I’m currently awaiting a new one to arrive at my house soon! It’s my first new apple computer in a long time. I’ve always bought used. And it hasn’t gotten me very far. But I love the product (as much as my husband despises them!) and can’t switch to PC for two reasons. A) I don’t want to.  Even though financially speaking, I should. The PC’s are significantly cheaper. But I’d have to buy a new one every few years, so it’d add up quickly to what I spend in one Apple computer. B) My external hard drive is formatted to Apple. This hard drive has ALL my pictures (all 15,000 of them), all my documents, everything I own is on it. And I don’t want to lose out on all of that stuff. And if I re-format it, I lose everything. No. Thank. You. I just thank God that I decided to purchase an external hard drive and back up my computer when I did, which wasn’t but a month or so ago! I would have been one distraught woman… and no one likes an upset wife or mother! :)

Well for now this is toodle-o’s. But not good bye. You’ll probably hear from me in another month or so. Which then I will update you on our lives.

Thank you and I’ll talk with you soon!


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