The Rules

I decided to add some rules to the Mama’s Tipsy Sippy page. Not that I have comments on my blog yet or have received any negativity… but because I feel like it.

I don’t want negativity. This is a blog about family, fun, weight loss, and anything else my tipsy mind can think of. If you are a Negative Nancy, just leave. I’m baring my soul to you with my weight loss. It’s not easy for myself to look at the scale number, let alone, sharing it with the world. Telling all my secrets, embarrassing moments, and devastating details is incredibly hard. But it helps keep me accountable. So therefore, I need positivity from you, you, and you! This journey may very well be the hardest thing I do for myself and need all the support I can get! So please, if you’re going to be disgusted or talk shit for whatever reason, please, just leave. Adios amigo.

I can be a smart ass and I cuss more often than I’d like. I can also be inappropriate. And since this is my blog, I don’t have to have a filter. If you don’t like smart asses, cuss words, or inappropriate-ness. That’s fine, I don’t judge, and won’t be offended if you stop reading. But you’ve been warned.. so don’t be surprised when I drop an F-bomb here or there.

I like funny. {Except, I am very picky about comedy movies, weird huh?} I try to make my posts entertaining. And I love hearing that you loved a post of mine, or my blog in general. So please, comment, comment, comment! Hell, you don’t even have to comment about the post. If you just want to comment a cuss word because you feel it’s appropriate for your mood at the time, feel free!! Oooor you can tell me what you want to read about! That’ll help my creative juices flow!

So if you’re ready to laugh, read some cursin’ here and there, watch me shed some pounds, mixed in with some tipsy sippys, crazy kid stories, and who the hell knows what else I can come up with, then grab a bottle of wine {skip the glass}, have a look around, and maybe write a few comments.

And I’ll see you later.