The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Well, today was weigh in day. Ugh. Will there come a day that I don’t dread that damn scale so much? Just walking past it gives me the heebie jeebies.

But I did weigh in. And the good is I went in the right direction. I didn’t stay in the same spot or go the wrong way. I was happy with that. I am proud of that.

But the bad is I only lost one pound. I’m at 213.  At the very least I wanted to lose one pound a week. At the most? I wanted two pounds a week, which would have put me at my first mini goal of 10 pounds down! Then, a picture and an updated table would have accompanied this post. But, nope. Not yet.

The ugly? I now have 7 weeks to lose 14 pounds.

However, I do only have myself to blame. In the last two weeks, we had a lot going on. My brother’s fiancé’s bachelorette party, a country concert, my dad’s birthday, my in-laws annual fish fry, a wedding, prepping all the baby clothes to sell in a huge consignment store sale, getting all said clothes to the sale, school started, and soccer started as well. Not to mention the hubster’s has now decided he wants to start running.

That doesn’t include the random grocery store trips and errands we had to run.

Seriously. We have been busy. With busy comes early mornings and late nights. I have been utterly exhausted so 4:45 am comes and then goes, all while I’m still getting more ZZZ’s. Now that school has started, my school agers are gone during nap time, who helped listen for kids cry while I worked out in the basement. I can’t hear them cry while I’m down two floors and with the treadmill running. And after work? Ya… that’s a damn joke. The twins have to be fed, supper has to be made and then eaten, and by that time it’s 7:30-8. Bed time for the two is 8:30-9. I could go at 9…. but it takes me so long to wind down after working out, it’d be 1 am before I fell asleep.

With our busy schedule, we had to eat on the run constantly. When you’re trying to change the ways you look at food… the most depressing sight on a road trip is those damn golden arches. McDonald’s is not exactly known for their weight loss menu. But. I sucked it up and ordered a grilled chicken wrap. Which is huge for me. I hate chicken at fast food restaurants. I don’t know why, it just tastes nasty. As if it’s not even real chicken… {it probably isn’t.} But at least with the veggies and such in the wrap, it helped hide the taste. But it was soooooo difficult to not order a quarter pounder with a diet coke. And by the 800th trip to a fast food, I finally gave in and ordered something shitty.

So in all honesty, how I even lost a pound, is besides me. But, I’m glad I did. I was scared shitless to step on that damn thing this morning.

I’m not proud. But it happens. Life happens. And I have two options from where I’m standing. I can say fuck it, I’ve blown everything this past two weeks, I might as well give up because it’s almost impossible to even get a half hour work out in and I’ve ate like shit. So there isn’t any point in continuing to try. And give up. Like I have done 100% of the time in the past.


Face it, suck it up, and move on. I could realize that even though the scale only said a -1, I still moved in the right direction. Realizing there are shitty hours, days, and/or weeks should motivate me to kick ass the following weeks. Those bad times are going to happen. I need to work on not letting it happen on such a large scale, but that’s part of the journey. Is figuring the journey out. I’m still struggling. But I’m making better choices now that I ever did in the past. So I can be happy with my lousy pound and go pick up a dumbbell.

I’m not trying to come up with excuses. I could have found time real early in the morning or really late at night. But it’s incredibly hard.

And it’s scary now bike riding at 5 am. The sun doesn’t come up until closer to 6… and those trails have no lights. It’s hard to see a damn thing. I need a light or two for my bike and I would feel much better. But then… that cost money, which is what we don’t have.

But after these two weeks, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve figured out some things I need to do different.

Figuring out a damn meal plan would be the start of that. Planning out on the weekend what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner would help me be prepared during the week and hopefully I could actually fit eating into my schedule on a daily basis.

Second. I want to work out at least 5 times a week, but would rather do 6, for at least an hour to two hours. So with that said, I’m going to get up at 4:30 every morning {except Friday} to run/walk or bike ride and lift weights. Saturday or Sunday morning, depending on which day is more free, I plan on going on a decent bike ride. Maybe 15-ish miles, if not 20.

And third. No fast food. I’m not ready to test my will power against the call of McDonald’s or Taco Johns. If anything quick is required, Subway it is. And that’s that.

And maybe someone will look into my treadmill…? Any electricians out there?  In the middle of running, it just resets it’s self, which brings the treadmill to a complete halt… and I run straight into the dashboard thing. It feels soooo grand having a dashboard stab me in the gut. Let me tell you. I can only take so many collisions in one workout.

But I can’t afford a gym membership, so, if I don’t have a treadmill, I’m not sure what I’ll do quite yet.

But let’s cross that bridge once we get there.

Until text time,

Loves and toodle-o’s!

Kicking Fat’s Ass is Back

Hey folks! How was your weekend? Mine was awesome. Full of family. Seriously.. I feel bad for all of you who don’t get to experience my family. They are amazing and all of them know how to have a good time. I come by my party’in skills honestly :)

We had my Grandma Heaberlin’s birthday party at my house on Friday, and my entire mom’s side came. Saturday, my cousins, Jess and Brett came over with their boyfriend/girlfriend, Nate and Emily. Seriously… that was the most fun I had in a looong time. I can always count on them to have a good time. We all laughed and laughed… told jokes, played games, bullshitted, it was awesome. And just what I needed. I don’t get to see them often enough. {Maybe that’s a good thing~ I tend to be worthless the day following hanging out with them} We got some good pictures of Jess, but I’m highly doubting she wants them on here :) But I laughed for a good 5 minutes while browsing them.

Sunday was a lot of recovering from Saturday and then my Grandpa Campbell’s birthday party at their house. {Seriously.. I think I can hang with the youngsters until I have to recover… then I realize I am definitely closer to age 30 than 21. Definitely.} So we got to see most everyone from my dad’s side Sunday.

Kensli and I had fun in the sprinkler. And by we, I mean she, and I sat on a lawn chair and watched. Like I said, there wasn’t much action for me on Sunday… But I had a lot of fun watching her! I love how she entertains herself and can use her imagination when she’s playing alone. Especially outside. She can really get creative!









Well, I am excited to announce that Kicking Fat’s Ass is back! Time to lose my excess baggage that I received from being pregnant with the twins. How a woman’s body can stretch and stretch to accommodate a tiny human, or humans, is amazing… but damaging. Especially in my case. I had two human beings and 4 gallons of fluid in there… let me tell you. That can F a mama’s body up!

Last day before the Twinners arrive!

Seriously.. look at that!!! I look at that now and I’m in shock. It was normal for me at the time and I didn’t think much of it. But now… now, looking at this picture, I just shake my head in disbelief.

And all of that had to go somewhere… and it just hangs out. Seriously it’s gross. So it’s time. It’s time to kick some fat’s ass!!

I literally have been waiting for this for awhile! I am so excited to start fitting into my clothes again. I have a bridesmaid dress to also fit into {which I’m soooo close, but just not quite there} Brett, my cuz I mentioned earlier, is this giant workout buff dude, so he’s helping me with my goals and workouts.

My first goal… my first goal is…. drumroll please…

19 lbs by the end of this month.  I wanted it a short enough period that I would have to work hard to get to my goal, but long enough to still be possible.

How am I going to get there? Well. That’s a good question.

First plan of attack, I will be riding my bike in the morning, 3 or 4 days a week. The twins get up about 5 or so, and it takes about an hour to feed them. So, I thought, after they are done eating, I could go for a 45 minute bike ride {childless} before the  day & daycare starts. Jason and I alternate nights on who gets up to feed them, so literally, every other day, I will be out in the morning.

I also got P90x from Brett that I’m going to do during nap time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m starting with the 30 minute video. I don’t know if you know this, but my life is filled with kids, 24/7… squeezing in a half hour will be hard enough, let alone the hour version of P90x! But give me time folks, give me time.

My second goal & exercise is the dreaded treadmill. I honestly hate it, but, I thought if I had a goal for running, it would help me get somewhere. I really want to run a 5k in my life. Actually run, ya know, like, not walk any of it?! And then move up from there.  I want to enjoy running, and I think I just need to feel some sort of accomplishment with it. So on my off days with the bike, I’ll be doing the Couch to 5k training. It may sound like a really novice exercise… but this is for someone who has never been able to run the mile! I know… I know. It’s sad. I wasn’t lying when I said I was never a runner. But maybe this will change that. I have to start somewhere.

{Anyone else watch NFL highlights on ESPN while running and pretend you’re the star in the clip to gain adrenaline and intensity? No… just me… okay.}

Brett also gave me a shoulder, legs, chest, and arm workout a few years ago that I will need to squeeze in some how. I am probably going to have to do it just after daycare ends. Once Jason is home to help with our kids that is. I need to fit the weights in. That’s my favorite anyway! I feel so tough lifting my 20 lb weight… haha! {I see you macho men rolling your eyeballs}

I also have a punching bag and a giant tire I plan on flipping. I need to come up with an actual schedule. Not sure how I’m going to fit all that in, but it is going to happen.

I know that’s an extreme amount of gear and exercise listed… but extreme situations call for extreme measures.

Seriously.. I’m an extreme situation. I’m done with this excess weight once and for all. Now that we are done having babies, I don’t have to worry about doing this all over again. Everyone keeps telling me “you just had twins and 4 gallons of extra fluid, you have an excuse” Which maybe the case, but do you know how hard it is to look in the mirror? That excuse doesn’t make it any easier to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes {even though I was extremely over weight before I got preggo}. I just need to change.

The other part I struggle with is food. I am not one who can eat the same thing over and over. Which I know many can… I cannot. I literally get to a point I can’t even chew the food up. It’s weird. So, if you have any great, SIMPLE, healthy meals, fill me in! Especially crock pot meals; those are easy to throw everything in during daycare and forget about.

If you think you have a great recipe, please leave it in the comments below! I would love to try it out!!  Just remember, I do not have hours to spend on a meal. I get off at 5:30, and usually have to feed the twins about that time, so by the time that’s done, it’s 6:30, and then I can start supper, unless Jason got home earlier and can get it started. But he’s been getting home later and later. So, as you can see, time is not on our side.

I’m going to need support. This is going to be so difficult. I’m going to have hard times, and plateaus, and not-so-proud moments. But I’m done throwing in the towel and giving up. This is the beginning of a new me. The start of something awesome! I just have to keep at it.

Anyone else have weight loss goals for this summer? Or any at all? Come on and join me from looking like this:

The tummy flap... Wanna tummy flap fight?

To This:



Haha! :)totally got this.

Toodle-o’s and Loves!

14 Lessons Learned from One Mama to Another

There are quite a few things that I wish someone would have filled me in on when I was pregnant for the first time and preparing for my gorgeous babe Kensli. But as most parents, we have to learn things the hard way. Which isn’t a bad thing. But… why work through all that if I can give you some advice to shed some days off of that lesson?


After having three children and running a daycare for over a year, I have learned a few tricks of the trade. Some tips for just after birth, some for later on in life. Some are just about cheaper items I have found that are just as good as the big name brands. Some are not so pleasant. Some are difficult to follow through with, and some test your patience. Either way, I just thought I would put a list together to help new or old parents who are having a hard time.

By no way does this mean “It’s the bible, follow this list!” But more so what Jason and I have learned and has helped us. So please, don’t email me with hate mail because I’m slowly killing my children or you don’t agree with some of my tactics. If you don’t like it, stop reading and change the URL.

1) Target Brand Diapers and Walmart Brand Wipes. Through my daycare, I was lucky enough to see all sorts of different wipes and diapers come into my home without having to personally buy them myself. All my parents have to bring their own diapers, and one package of wipes, per child, per month. And I personally love Huggies and Pampers for diapers and Huggies for wipes. However, that shit is expensive!!! Of course it is, it’s the name brand crap. Well, have no fear! Target Diapers are very comparable!! They hold just as much if not more than the name brands, the sticky stuff lasts longer and feels like a better grip. And they don’t disintegrate like Luvs {don’t even get me started on that pitiful brand} Parent’s Choice wipes (purple box) are super cheap and awesome!! They are not flimsy and actually stay in your hand as you wipe. They are exactly like Huggies wipes. Love them!



2) Food. This is probably something a lot of parents are very strict about… but we’re not. Unfortunately, I couldn’t breast feed…. I wanted to, but was only producing half of one child’s feeding, and I had two babies to feed. Even with Kensli… I couldn’t do it, although with her, I didn’t try as hard. This time, however, I tried, and I tried, and I tried. Formula was going to stretch us thin financially, and I really wanted to be able to provide for my children in that special way. And I couldn’t. And it was hard to finally just throw in the towel. But that’s for another post. This is for formula fed babes. Put one more ounce of formula in the bottle then they are eating. Whatever they don’t drink, put back in the fridge and use within 24 hours. This way, you know they are filling their little bellies completely, and once they are ready to move up in quantities, you’ll know… and are prepared that very moment. It avoids learning the hard way. Wondering why they are now only sleeping 1 ½ – 2 hours, instead of the 3-4 they were just doing last week. And wondering about this deb ogle for a week straight. You’ll notice immediately there’s less and less formula left in the bottle, know to up the quantity an ounce, and they will continue to be a happy babe for 3-4 hours.



3) Speaking of quantities of food, here is a little tip for you. Their soft spot on top of their head indicates if a baby is getting enough food or not. If the skin is sunken into the soft spot, they are dehydrated. If the skin is level with the soft spot, they are perfect, and if it’s swollen over the soft spot, they’re getting too much food. More than they can handle. My pediatrician informed me of that, and it makes total sense now that I think of it.

4) If you know you are going somewhere for a while, or have newborn pictures coming up. Bathe and then feed your child before you go. It. Wipes. Them. Out. And they are out for hours. Wanna go to Applebee’s? Perfect! You don’t have to be there by a certain time, so bath them and feed them and you’ll have a dinner without a peep! Really, don’t be afraid to get out there with your babies~ it’s good for them to grow up going out in public. It teaches them how to act when they are out in society as they grow.


This was Kensli getting a bath when she was just a wee little one

5) One place you don’t want to take them- Your bed! Don’t start it. Don’t even think it. At our house, our bed is my husband and I’s time. We don’t even let the dogs up there. In fact, Kensli wasn’t even allowed in our bed for months, then as she got older and understood more, we skimmed down to only when it was dark outside or if we, or one of us, were laying in bed relaxing. We didn’t want her to ever get the idea that she could sleep there. We bit the bullet and got out of bed to tend to our babies needs. Yeeees, even with the twins. I agree with the argument that it’s just easier, they fall asleep faster, which in turns mean you can go back to sleep. But, if you start that when they are young, it will continue until they’re 5. It’s incredibly hard to break once they are used to sleeping with mom and dad. Incredibly hard. So don’t ever start. Put the work and effort in when they are new, and you can sleep like a baby can be lazy later. They won’t know what they are missing if they never get the opportunity to know.

6) Skip the bassinet. No, I’m not kidding. We came home with the twins, and they started out in their cribs by themselves at 37 weeks gestational age. (They were 6 weeks early.) So trust me when I say, it can be done. We did the bassinet thing with Kensli, and I made it 6 days before I said F this. I couldn’t sleep. Every single sound I heard from her, I woke up making sure she wasn’t crawling and falling out of her bassinet and to ensure no one had broke in to kidnap her. I got no sleep. And for what? She couldn’t move. She couldn’t physically crawl, or rollover at that matter. And turns out, babies make a lot of noise when they sleep. So we weren’t making that same mistake twice. When the twins came home, they went straight to their cribs, in their own room. And I slept great that night. Aside from the hour I was up to feed them.

7) Keep your night routine different from your day routine. And stay consistant! Again, this is easy to fold and throw the cards in, but don’t. During the day, we cuddle, I feed them and play with them, they sleep in their swings without being swaddled, I talk to them, the lights are on, it’s noisy, and I love on them. Night time, on the contrary, I mean business. And that business is how fast I can get back to bed. I already have bottles with the water in them, that I made before going to bed, with the container of formula next to it. When I hear one is ready to eat, I get up, dump the appopriate formula in both bottles, get the wide awake one in position, and then go get the other and slide her next to the first one. I feed them, burp them, change them, and re-swaddle them tight and put them back down. I keep it dark in the room and only turn the hallway light on for a tiny bit of light to be able to see. They get swaddled at night time only. I do not talk to them. I don’t ooooo and ahhhh over them. It’s a slam, bam, thank you mom, type of situation. It helps them to grow up associating one routine for sleepy time and the other routine for wide awake time. And the more they realize night time is for sleep… the more they sleep. And the more they sleep, the more you sleep!! In fact, the twinnies have already slept thru the night twice… and their due date was 4 weeks ago. I say that’s pretty damn good. And it’s only going to get better!


Ready for their first night home in their own cribs.

8) Schedules are so important. I can’t stress to you enough, keeping the same schedule makes your life sooooo much easier. This is another one that is easy to jump off that band wagon, but having 4 children and running a daycare, scheduling is what’s kept me sane. And trust me when I say, I don’t venture far from that schedule. Ask any of my daycare parents. They aren’t even there during the day, and they know. It helps babies and toddlers know what to expect. Which keeps them from wanting something and whining about it throughout the day, because they know they aren’t going to get it until X point in time. It also helps when leaving your kiddos with a sitter. It keeps that child reassured that everything is alright when the sitter follows the routine. Although all pediatricians differ on when it’s time to start a routine… I think 6-10 weeks after term date, is a pretty decent time to start. Will it be exact at that point? No. But at least starting is 3/4 of the battle. And as you mold them into the routine that fits both your needs and the child’s, you’ll notice a difference. A child’s sleeping and feeding habits become more consistent starting at about 6 weeks post due date and you might as well jump on that opportunity while they are opening the door for it. Now in no way am I telling you, “Don’t feed your baby if it’s not time!” If your child is rooting around and fussy, and you can clearly tell she’s hungry, give her a bottle! For crying out loud she’s growing like a little weed! And eventually, you’ll up her quantity and she’ll be back on her schedule. But you’ll figure all that out. It’s a trial and error, learn-as-you-go thing. Just keep at it!

9) Let your babies cry. Please, please, please calm down…. I don’t neglect any of my children. However, babies learn at a real young age, real young, that they can start to manipulate you. And it starts with seeing how fast you run to their aid when they cry. (The only time, I don’t recommend this, only because I don’t know these types of situations, is if you have an acid reflux or colicky baby) No one wants to think they were outsmarted by their 10 week old. But believe me, it happens. If you have fed them all they can take, change their diaper, burp them, make sure they are warm, and put in a safe place {such as their crib}, and they are still crying; that is them trying to manipulate you. Let them cry. They are fine. They have every need taken care of. And at this point, they are testing you. And if they are still crying after X amount of time, check their diaper to make sure nothing explosive happened in there. See if they are still rooting around or acting hungry. If either one of those options seem to be the issue, you know how to fix them. Yes, sometimes we parents want to snuggle- fine, I’m not saying you can never hold your baby! But try to pick them up when they are not crying. ‘Reward’ them for their content-ness with some snuggles. The problem is, as they grow, they start to put 2 and 2 together that if “I cry, they will come”. And it only gets worse from there. Well, I want more cheerios; if I cry, they will come. I want that forbidden item on the counter; if I cry, they will come. I don’t want to go to bed yet; if I cry, they will come. Then next thing you know, they are two, and you spend half your night rocking them to sleep. Hold your ground! You are the boss, not them. Teach them that as soon as they exit the womb.

10) Do not hold them all the time. And I am speaking for every single Daycare provider out there. The two weeks before you go back to work, start working with them on being left alone. Start training them to be content with being by themselves. Because no provider loves listening to your baby cry the entire day because they just ‘need’ to be held for 10 hours. It will not happen. Your baby is not the only child in their care. And you are not the only parent paying for child care to have your child get special one on one attention. It will make life so much easier for both you and your provider if your child can hang out by themselves for longer than 20 minutes. As they grow, it also teaches them to play by themselves. Which means better imaginations for your future 3, 4, or 5+ year old. Nothing is more sweet, more precious, and more innocent than to watch your child pretend she is fighting off pirates on her couch-ship and trying not to fall into the alligator pillow’d infested carpet water.

11) Do not hold them every single time they fall asleep. Let them fall asleep in their crib or the swing on their own. Don’t hold them and rock them to fall asleep every time it’s time for a nap. Because guess what, they’ll require it 24/7 and your daycare provider’s skin will crawl every time you walk in the door. {Thankfully, I have not had to deal with that at my daycare. But even if I did, they wouldn’t be getting special treatment and they would learn real quick they have to fall asleep on their on.} Seriously… guess where you’ll be at night if your child depends on you to fall asleep, and for some reason that night, can’t fall asleep for hours. You won’t be in your own bed… that’s for damn sure.

12) Don’t depend on that damn paci. My daycare parents know how much I hate them. I would get so angry if a child grows to depend on them and then I couldn’t find one, and then listen to a child scream for hours on end because all they want is a damn paci. Not in my house hold. That does not happen. I, maybe unlike most, can listen to a child cry for a long while. And I will only insert a paci unless they truly need it or if they’re putting their thumb in their mouth. Naptime, I am more relaxed about. But if they are not sleeping, I’m pretty tough. I don’t let my kids get used to having it all day long. But I do replace a thumb with a paci, because it’s easier to break an object in a child’s mouth than a body part that’s attached to their hand! As your child gets older, it’s harder to break them of the paci, and not to mention it is horrible for their teeth! And once a certain age is reached, and they still have a paci, lets be honest, it’s for the parents at that point. It’s easier to shove that in there than listen to them cry. Be tough. I highly recommend throwing it out cold turkey, but I know a lot of parents like to keep it around for nap time. With Kensli, the paci’s and bottle’s were shipped out the day she turned one. She never saw them again… well, eventually she did when I started daycare. But I’m hoping you’re catching what I’m throwing. I didn’t bring them out if she was having a terrible tantrum, or just… would… not… fall… asleep…without… that… damn… paci. Too bad, so sad. We dealt with it. If you only give the paci when truly necessary, breaking them of the habit is a breeze. I’m seriously tempted to create a rule for the daycare: no paci after 18 or 24 months. But… I’m still playing around with the idea.

The only time I don’t follow that rule is with preemies. It actually helps and teaches them to suck, which helps with the bottle and/or breastfeeding. NICU nurses actually put them in every chance they got. And if you think about it, it makes sense.



13) Let your kids get dirty. Just because she’s splashing around in a mud puddle doesn’t mean you need to rush her inside and bath her immediately. Let her continue to play outside. It doesn’t hurt them. And it actually builds their immune system to be much stronger. If you let your children be messy and dirty children, then their immune system learns how to attack bacteria, thus making it stronger. Didn’t you ever notice in high school growing up, that the same city kids were sick all the time, while the farmers kids never missed a day?



14) Use ‘No’ as early as 6 months. I have read that babies can start to understand very simple words such as no, yes, their name, mom, and dad as early as 6 months old. Maybe that’s not true, but I wasn’t going to chance it. Obviously it’s nothing to freak out on your babe for if they do something wrong. But if she grabs your hair and pulls, kindly say “Kensli, no”. And as you say it, take her hand off your hair. Not only does it help her vocabulary, but it’s a good start to the process of ‘right and wrong’, and ‘I’m the boss, and you’re not’ lessons. It eventually teaches her in a non-abusive/screaming manner that pulling hair is a no-no.

As my pediatrician told me, as long as they are fed, diaper changed, and not dropped, you can’t go too wrong. You know your child better than any pediatrician, survey, or professional guideline out there.. Do what you feel is right. And just because you are supposed to do this at this time, doesn’t mean your child is ready for it at that time. Go with your gut. It’s usually right. And hang in there. You are doing great, even if you feel like you’re failing miserably. Hold your ground and I promise you, it’ll get easier.

I’m sure I’ll do a second part to this post as I think of more items.  So ya never know, you may see another post similar to this! Full of priceless information!