Welcome to Makeover Momma!

Welcome to Makeover Momma!

This has been quite the adventure getting thus far in the blogging world and to say I’m excited about this is quite an understatement. {I only wish my hubs shared the same excitement!} I thank Sour Apple Studios for designing my blog. I love it and couldn’t be happier! What do ya’ll think? Simple, yet elegant, yet very creative and it’s perfect! Thank you Lindsey for all your hard work!

I decided I wanted a little place of my own to document and organize all my crafts and projects and to also help keep my family and friends updated in my crazy whirlwind of a life! Although, I am new to this blogging thing, so please bear with me. I’m learning a lot and trying to understand even more.

Thanks to Pinterest, {we have a love/hate relationship – I love it’s guts, and my husband hates it} I have plans and ideas just needing to be released from my head… and Pinterest either helps as a starting point for my creative mind or helps me tweaks my ideas.

Since our house is stuck in 1990, and needs all sorts of new everything, all of which we can’t afford brand new. We decided to give our house a major makeover one 5 projects at a time. With that comes all sorts of DIY, sewing projects, furniture makeovers, and who knows what else! I just love getting my artsy juices flowing!

I promise to try to remember to take lots of pictures and show you all the steps so maybe you can make your very own… of whatever we are working on. ☺

I’m sure I will also have some epic failures to share. Feel free to laugh and maybe tell me what we did wrong?? That would be most helpful on your part. My husband and I are no pro’s but we try and learn from our mistakes! That’s all you can ask of us right?

Along with all my furniture and house projects, I have also decided I personally need a new makeover. All around. I need to lose weight and thought this was the perfect place for documenting my weight loss journey. Why you ask? For two reasons: A) I have to hold myself accountable for everything that goes into my mouth and to actually exercise and B) Maybe to inspire others to take the challenge. I know I am not the only one on this earth having trouble shedding some unwanted pounds and by bearing it all, maybe it will help you get out there and move it, move it! Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

Is there anything that you are wanting to accomplish by fall or end of year? Big or small? Spill the beans folks! And lets do some makeovers!