A DIY Gift for the Small Princess in Your Life

Since we are short on funds, I needed a gift for my tiny girls at my daycare on the cheap. And recently, as in, the last I-don’t-know-how-many-months, they all have been pretending to be a princess, playing dress up, and fighting over crowns and wands. So I decided to make each girl a wand of their own and found a cute little tiara/crown to go with… a little Elsa inspired.


First, I gathered all my supplies from Joanns. 2 3-ft wooden dowels for $.99 each. 2 3-ft Sparkly ribbon and 1 simple blueish/turquoise-ish ribbon. And last but not least, 1 6-ft blue boa. IMG_5639


First, I used our chop saw to cut the 3 foot dowel in to 3 1-foot pieces. I needed 4 wands, so I cut one more wand from the second 3 footer dowel.

Then I decided it was time for a drink. So my next step was to the kitchen to make myself one. Who does crafts or projects without one?

I then cut off a small piece of the sparkly ribbon to hot glue at the end of the dowel to keep the wood from showing.


Then I took the same ribbon and spiraled it all the way around to the other end of the dowel, making sure the sides were flesh with each other as shown below. You don’t want any gaps between each level. You will however have some exposed wood at the top, which is fine. The boa will hide all of it.


Afterwards, I cut the blue ribbon to approximately 11 1/2″. Each wand gets two blue wisps. So I cut 8 in all.


I took one ‘wisp’, put a dab of hot glue in the very center, and pressed it against the top of the dowel, on the exposed wood.



Then I took the second wisp, placed another dap of hot glue in the center of it, and pressed it on top of the first one, but in the opposite angle. Making a cross with both ribbons.



I then cut the boa to 5″. Again, each wand gets two. And let me forewarn you… you WILL get feathers everywhere. Luckily, I have a handheld vacuum, and I vacuumed the floor, the island, the desk, my sweatshirt, my pants, and a few other places. You have been warned….


I took the first 5″ boa and pulled the feathers back as best I could. I lined about an inch with hot glue and pressed against the top of the wand between two wisps.



I then did the exact same thing to the other end of that same 5″ boa strip: put a 1″ strip of hot glue and pressed it against the wand between two wisps right next to the first spot the other end of the boa was already glued to. It does make a tiny little loop on top of the wand – perfect!


Repeat with the second boa and the two remaining spots between the wisps. Creating another loop on top of the wand right next to the other.

After that, you are basically done. But you have one last step. Notice how the end of the blue ribbon frays? That’s just from one little snip.


So what you do, is take a lighter and move it close to the end of the blue ribbon. And what happens is it ‘melts’ the ends together to create a singe which won’t allow the ribbon to fray ever again!!



After that, you are done my tipsy friends!!


Pair it with a one dollar tiara or crown also from JoAnns, and you have a happy tiny person in your life!




Children are like Sharks in Blood Infested Water

The title of this post may sound confusing, but if you are a parent of any kind… I know you know what I’m talking about.

Let me tell you a story. I have a weakness for Reese’s. I’m not much of a candy or dessert person, but oooooh those Reese’s… they get me every time. A week or so ago, during daycare, I found one in my kiddos’s Halloween Candy bucket {don’t judge me. You know you do it too.}, so I snuck it into the front pocket of my sweatshirt to save for a later time. I can’t eat it in front of them because then I would have to explain how I am the only one to get one, they don’t get candy right now, blah, blah, blah. None of which would make much sense to a 2 to 4 year old.

So while they were watching something on tv, I snuck into the laundry room to open my peanut butter milk chocolatey snack… waiting to be devoured by me. And suddenly I hear 8 little feet running towards the laundry room.

“MOM! What are you doing?!”

“Marissa!! Where are you?!”

“ISSA! Ah you?!”

So before I could even tear the wrapper, I was shoving it back into my sweatshirt.

5 minutes later… They had just headed down the stairs to the playroom. Perfect time. Brought out my Reese’s and was in the process of ripping the plastic and the basement door swings open.

“MOM!!! I bumped my head!!”

Followed by another tiny person. “I fell on my bottom!”

Okay, okay… shoved the dumb thing back in. But took a mental note it had to be eaten soon, because the wrapper was now ripped open.

A few moments later, they were back downstairs. Okay good. They should be fine for a few minutes.

I hurried up and took it out and started working at where the rip was. I could see the chocolate and my mouth was watering. I could already taste it as I chewed the edge first… then I eat the….

“MOM!! I am soooo thirsty!”

“Me too. I’m thirsty too.”

“Me too! Me too!”

What? I didn’t even hear the basement door open! I must have seriously been daydreaming about this damn Reese’s.

They decided they wanted to watch tv again. Fine… no biggie. But I’m going to the bathroom this time. Wahahaha.

I don’t even need to go. I just put the lid down and sit down. By this point, the chocolate has melted just enough it’s starting to get on my finger tips.  I finally got the Reese’s out of the wrapper. I’m looking for the brown wrapper that cups the Reese’s when the bathroom door flys open, hitting me square on the knee bone.

While I’m holding my breath, hunched over because clearly squeezing your knee and breathing in and out helps the pain go away… I use my other hand to put that damn treat back into my sweatshirt. AGAIN!

“Mom, what are you doing in here? Why are your pants on? Why are you just sitting on the toilet?”

Eh. The curiosity of a 4 year old. So.. I make my way back to the living room. I’ll just get to this damn thing later. At this point, I’m just contemplating eating it in front of them. And making them watch me eat the gloriousness they call Reese’s. But I’m not. I’m nice…. and  decide to wait it out.

I sit down on the couch and my daughter jumps into my lap. Landing directly onto the reese’s in my sweatshirt pocket. Then proceeds to wiggle all over… And I just close my eyes. I just picture my amazing treat smushed into a tiny billion pieces in my sweatshirt… what it really looks like at it’s present state.

That’s it. I head to the bathroom and LOCK IT! Take that all you tiny people! Try to get to me now!!!

I pull out my poor, poor, pitiful snack. And it is smushed. And let me tell you something. Since I can remember, I eat my Reese’s a certain way. Every time. I nibble off the zig zag edge. If there is only one Reese’s, I usually eat it from there. But if there are two, then I use my teeth to peel off the chocolate top. It usually comes off in a little sheet. Repeat the process for the second one. Then I put the two peanut butter sides together… so it’s like a milk chocolate and peanut butter sandwich. Like a double cheeseburger.

Well… when it’s smushed flat, there’s no removing that zig zag edge…. or peeling off the top chocolate layer. Or no double cheeseburger.

I just, instead, placed the peanut butter pancake in my mouth.. and ate it as a whole. It was a strange… strange feeling.

Now do you know what I mean? Literally, they are like sharks that got that sense of blood somewhere in the water. And then go crazy. And that blood, my tipsy friends, was my Reese’s.

They also turn into sharks when I’m trying to read a book and have a half hour to myself. When I”m trying to take a nice warm bath.

And another blood moment? When I’m trying to eat. I will get my food gathered, get my drink ready, my silverware all set up. And as soon as I pick up my fork to stab a piece of food… one of the twins cry. And I hate eating while listening to them whine or cry. I like to eat in peace and enjoy my food. This is why I normally don’t get breakfast and lunch while running a daycare. I mean. I don’t want to eat anyway… right?

Every time Jason and I have a few minutes to smooch, Moose instantly pushes his 150 lb body in-between us while someone pulls at our shirts because they need something. It’s seriously a group effort around here.

When you’re going to the bathroom and you hear a loud crash. You know the kind. The kind that just does not sound good… no matter how hard you try to imagine it was just a stuffed animal?

I can almost guarantee when I think I have a few minutes to myself, I either hear “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! I NEED YOU TO WIPE MY BUTT!” or they come running like bats outta hell.

But that’s just one of the many joys of children. Can you wait for the stories when my twins are walking…? OH, Lord help me and may the alcohol be plentiful.

My Kensli Mae is 4 Years Old!

How on earth did this child pop outta my huhu 4 years ago?????  Look at the difference 4 years makes





It seems like just yesterday Jason was learning to change a little girls diaper for the first time…

All while I smiled from the hospital bed :)




I’m not going to boggle you down with a ton of writing. This is more of a birthday post in pictures. She is so damn smart, too smart for her own good actually! She can be so sweet, caring, and giving. But she can also be extremely stubborn, too motherly, feisty, and of course sassy!

She is absolutely beautiful and Jason and I are going to have so much trouble with boys in the future. I can see it already… {I looks up to my dream cloud and there I am cleaning my cross bow when her first boyfriend shows up….}

She loves dress up, dolls, make up, and hair just as much as she loves being outside, playing in the rain, stomping in mud, and {trying to} play sports.

The shit that comes out of her mouth is hilarious! She is incredibly smart, great negotiator, and very witty. I feel like she’s mature beyond her years. She doesn’t seem like she is just turning four. She acts like she’s 6 at the very least. Everywhere we go, I hear “Oh, How beautiful! How old is she? 6? 7?” Nope. Almost four.

I love her so much, she is literally my world.

Happy Birthday to my very beautiful Kensli Mae!

He really enjoyed holding her and watching his movie! ha










































I know they aren’t perfect, but it’s my first time with a real photo shoot and than editing.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful 4 year old!

Weekend Relaxation with Spider-Man

For the first time in a loooong time, we finally had a weekend with no plans. And it was amaze-balls. We basically did nothing. Yes, I could have cleaned, gone grocery shopping, really got organized, did some chores around here that need to be done. But damn it, we haven’t had a weekend with nothing to do in months. And I mean, long before the twins were born.

And frankly. I wanted to do tidily squat. So I did just that. I did want I wanted to.

I took Friday off to have a ‘Me’ day. Most people who work a ‘normal’ job, as in, not an in-home daycare, have the luxury of having paid sick time or vacation time and can take off at last minute for whatever reason they choose. I, on the other hand, have 5 paid days. If I’m sick or have an emergency pop up and have to close that day, my parents don’t have to pay. But if I plan a day off two weeks ahead of time, it is considered a vacation day. {Although next year, I’m changing my 5 days to 10. I think that’s fair, and I never close for any reason- heads up parents!}

But on the other hand, it’s not fair to my parents who depend on me to watch their children if I am constantly closing. I’ve had a few sitters who always had something going on or someone was always sick, plus we had to pay them for that day regardless if they closed, and we had to find a new sitter for the day at last minute and pay them. And I hated it. And I will not make my parents go through the same thing. They pay me to watch their children, and I will do just that. I literally have to be on my death bed before I’ll close.

Whoa. I just went way off topic.

Back to Friday.

I had a hair appointment at 11 until 1:30. I would normally tell you that I love it, however, I haven’t gotten ready and done my hair yet… sooooo I don’t know. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but nothing that I haven’t had before, so I’m sure it looks great! And afterwards, I met my cousin cousin’s cousin {on the other side}Katie, for Mexican and Margs. I’m pretty sure this girl loves Mexican and Margs as much as I do… and I am not over exaggerating! She is sooo hilarious, I could talk to her for hours! We just click, ya know what I mean?



Then that evening, Brother and his fiancé, Megan, came over! I may have already been somewhat tipsy from Mexican prior! We had so much fun! We hung out, watched movies, and played games! I feel like I didn’t do so well at the games buuuut…. Oh well!

Saturday, we were going to go to the parade here in Ankeny, however, we realized we left all our stuff in the Yukon at the In-laws house. *Rewind* See, we went to their house last Wednesday and they looked at the Yukon because I knew something was wrong, and I was pretty sure it was a wheel bearing going out. {For the record, I was right!!} So he kept it so he could fix it for us and we took their vehicle home that day. But when we were switching stuff out, we forgot to take out the stroller, blankets, and the lounge chairs… basically all the parade stuff we own. So instead, we didn’t say anything to Kensli and went to the in-laws since the Yukon was fixed.

And we literally lounged all day there. Took naps. Cuddled babies. Chit chatted with Marge and Aunt Jean. Came home and lounged some more.

{Varah snoooooooozing away!}


It was awesome-sauce!

Then there was today… a quite interesting day. Jason let me sleep in and even though I had woken up about 8, I just laid in bed. Kensli didn’t bother me… Jason had the twiners downstairs. And I just enjoyed my alone time scrolling my phone under the covers.

Finally, I came down and Jason had made some awesome egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches.

I saw this at some point in the morning and just wanted to squeeze them! But I settled for a picture instead.


And then Kensli asked me where her Halloween costume was. Her Spiderman costume. And boy she was not going to drop it either.

So, from about 9:30 am to 11 at night… Kensli was either Spider-Woman or Spider-Man Kensli.



At first, she was happy with just the mask. So she looked quite interesting with her Spider-Man mask and Ariel PJs. And she was showing me how Spider-Man shoots the web. Oh this child.




Then she wanted to hold Zuri because she wanted to show how strong she was. Zuri looks less than impressed.

Then she wanted to help me move all the boxes up to the twins room and help me re-organize the clothes and box up the too-small outfits.



I’m not really sure she ‘helped’ much. Luckily she had to eat during that time, which gave me some time to really get stuff done.

Then after that was done she was all about Spider-Man giving mommy hugs. I was a-ok with that!


I made her clean her room afterwards, and boy was she not wanting to do that. She was doing anything and everything to stall. Including wanting to take pictures with mommy and some awesome dance moves. Haha!





{I’m going to have to figure out how to post movies on here… it won’t show when I load it on here :(}

After cleaning her room, it was nap time. And yes, she wore that to bed. But just before nap time, she said “Mommy, I am hot.” Well duh child. You are wearing a fall costume. With fake muscles. Even warmer.

During nap time, my mom and dad stopped by to take a break from their kitchen remodel and to see all of us kids… mostly the grand kids, but really all of us. :)

And let me tell you, they were very impressed with how Spider-Man saves the day!



Then once they left, we just sat around some more waiting for the fireworks to start… at 10 Pm.

Let me tell you, when she was sitting still watching movies on the couch.. I had to constantly do a double take looking at her because I kept thinking it was a toy! Ha, then I would remember, “Oh ya, she’s in her costume…”



Then, Jason decided to water the garden. And Kensli loves the garden. It’s dirt. That’s why she loves it. Because it gives her an okay to play in it. So when Jason said he was going out to water the garden, she leaped off the couch and went flying to the back door! Spider-Man was super pumped to save the garden’s day!





She’s definitely putting those Spider-Man muscles to good use!


Oh this Spider-Man thing just cracked me up all day long!

Then finally it was time to leave for the Fireworks. My phone died there but got a before pic!


Yes, we walked there and back! It felt good! And it wasn’t hot at all, but boy were the bugs out… Eck!

We made it back about 11, and by the time we got four kids ready for bed and in bed, it was about 11:30-11:45. We were slightly tired.

And that was our very non-busy weekend that we all loved!

Tonight, I’m hoping to do my C25K workout, maybe a walk with the family, and then headed to the gym at about 8. Somehow, we’ll get supper in there somewhere…

July 4th Weekend

Happy {late} Birthday America!


How did you celebrate the most famous birthday of all? I tell you what, I need a day just to recover from the 3 day weekend… phew. But July 4th is my favorite holiday of all! No stress from purchasing presents for people and guessing what they really want that’s in your extremely small budget. No running to 8000 houses in a matter of two days. No figuring out how to fit the 100 new toys your children got into their already over-stuffed bedroom. Just fun, family, and fireworks. And alcohol.

IMG_3584 IMG_3583

{Proof my twins aren’t always sleeping and smiles}

I love fireworks, always have. But what I love even more now, is watching my children watch the fireworks. And seeing their love for the show is as much as what mine is. I. Love. It.

Although, we had 3 late nights in a row. Literally, the kids were up tip at least midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We finally got home Sunday around 8:30 and finally got to just sit down.

{And PS. Some of these pics are with my cell phone… so clearly not near as good of pictures. Buuuuut still cute enough to share :)}

It started Thursday night for us. My Grandma, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Todd, Jacob, and Jordan all stopped by at the daycare to come say hello since they were finally in town, and they wanted to see the twins for the first time! Well, they gave Kensli a new 4th of July dress and she was super stoked to wear it for fireworks! She looked so adorable.. like a little big person!


We took the kids to Prairie Meadows to meet up with some friends and to watch the fireworks. We all had an amazing time. We got there about 7 pm, so we got to chill for a good 3 hours before the fireworks started. But it was worth it. Us adults got to chat and watch the babies while the big kids got to run around and do whatever big kids do.









And the fireworks were soooo awesome! It was an excellent show. Kensli sat in my lap during the light show and just was in awe. I had more fun watching her than the fireworks… and fireworks are my favorite. After each firework, she would scream “This is so cool!” or “Mom, that was butiful!” or “Mommy, I love that one”.


She did not want to take the above picture. Can you tell?


Even the twins watched! Boy were they wide eyed as they listened to the Booms and giant bright lights! It was too cute. And of course, hanging with my best bud and her fam is always a treat. Living 45 minutes apart makes it some-what difficult to get together. And she works nights and weekends and daycare during the week. With 4 children. A very busy family. So I take advantage of any oppurtunity  that presents itself that we all can hang together.




It took an hour to get out of the damn place though. Eh. Traffic sucks. And of course, on the side of the building we were parked at, they decided to have one ways only. But of course, had no signs, no traffic conductors, no cones, no nothing to let drivers know that. So it was just chaotic.  However, we did make it home at midnight….

And you can see how much fun they had:



Friday was the bomb digity! My Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott have a July 4th party every year. And we go every year. Because it’s awesome sauce!  Uncle Todd, Aunt Tammy, Jacob, and Jordan all come into town, and my whole Campbell’s side of the family get’s together.








All my family Jessica and Brett’s family on the other side also are there! {We all grew up together and just consider each other cousins. I even call their Grandma J ‘Grandma’.} Everyone loves getting together and just wants to have fun and holy cow is fun had by all. And food. Fun and food. And alcohol. Fun, food, and alcohol.


I absolutely adore this picture.




Soo close…. {cough::cough.. Brett!}


There we go! Aren’t we a good lookin’ bunch??


Then we decided to push our luck… and this was the best we got. But hey, this here group is amazing, and what you see here is us. Take it or leave it friends!




There is always a giant slip ‘n slide, baseball, water balloon games, and squirt guns. Water usually gets everywhere. But it’s cool. There are only a few rules. A) Don’t hit great grandma’s. {This was made by a great-grandma} B) Don’t hit anyone holding a baby C) No water in the house. Seems pretty fair right? Fair and simple. Easy for kids to remember… including the drunk big kids.





Jason and I {and the kids} stayed there with Scott and Pam’s kids Brett and Jess, along with their significant others Emily and Nate. As people started high tailin’ it outta there… we all kept the party going. But don’t worry… I’m sure we were super entertaining… {Sorry Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott}











Ha! I wasn’t going to put that last one in there, but it cracks me up every time I look at it… and it’s my blog. So. Sorry Jess and Nate :) Love you both!

Nate was determined to do some fire crackers and Broden was right there with him. They were like two kids waking up on Christmas Day. Hilarious!






This would have been so excellent if it weren’t blurry… but I loved it enough, I decided to post it anyway!




The kids were out as soon as we got in the car. I believe we left about 10:30-11ish. So by the time we got home and kids in bed; it turned into another midnight night. But so worth it.

Saturday, we all kinda slumped around and did nothing. Until about 3. Then we started getting around to head to Kelley and Jared’s in Indianola. Us girls got food ready and took care of the tiny humans. While the men took the two boys {Broden and her son Trenton} fishing about a mile or so away. Trenton was the only one catching anything until…. Until Broden caught a giant snapping turtle!! Saaaaay whaaaaa! How scary! Can you imagine going in to lift the ‘fish’ out of the water and then HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Something just snapped at you!!!!!!

Then they came home, we all ate some delicious steak and veggies, and started a bonfire! Seriously. We had a bonfire in July. And we were cold and sitting close to the flames. Since when are bonfires comfortable in July? Oh well, I love bonfires so it was glorious! I was extremely tired from the two nights before, and mix that with a little bit of alcohol and I may have fallen asleep at the fire.

Sunday morning, the Campbell’s had a wedding shower for my brother’s fiancé, Megan. It worked out perfect because everyone was in town! It was so nice! And I loved hearing about everyone’s first kiss :) {You can only imagine all the juicy details with all those first kisses}






After the shower, Jessica and I decided to go for some cheese dip and Margs… and just chit chat and bullshit. It was long over due! {Seriously, we need to get together more often Jessica!} But it was soooo much fun! And turns out… a waiter that used to work at Jason’s and I’s mexican restaurant here in town, now works at the one Jess took me too… ya. He asked immediately “Pitcher of margaritas?”

… Damn it…  {Hang head in shame} “Yes please.”

Then Sunday evening we headed over to my Grandma Campbell’s to say good-bye to the Rastello family and order pizza. I hate saying good-bye to them… I really wish they lived closer to us or just here in Iowa would be fantastic! But it sure makes it fun catching up and seeing them when they are here. We try to make every second count!




And that’s a wrap on my weekend! I hope you had an eventful and super fun 3 day weekend!

Love and Toodle’os!

What a Fun Weekend!!

Did you guys have a fun weekend? We sure did! Well… the girls and I did.

The boys had to work. A lot… Ha! They helped my dad grout the tile in his new kitchen and they worked on the playground for the afternoon. {Both of are huge projects, can’t wait to show you the finished picture!}

The most work I had to do was push a stroller and sport a sunburn.

But it was well worth it. We had so much fun!

Friday was really just a chill night. We went to bed by 10:30 I believe. Booooooring.

But Saturday I decided to take the girls to the Rose Festival in State Center. It wasn’t really the plan, and honestly I decided on a whim. Because… I was going to take 3 girls to a parade by myself. That sounds like a lot of work. But I was meeting up with some friends. So I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. I was also excited to get in some adult time with the neighbs Adam and Amanda, and friends Tom and Laura whom we met through the neighbs. They are all so much fun, and we have a blast every time we get to hang out. I was really craving some adult time, so after Tom and Amanda told me we should come, I ended up wanting to go.


Looking through my phone in the bright sunlight, it looked like everyone was looking at me and smiling. Clearly… Laura was the only one ready. Gwen was a tired girl, Amanda was trying to get her to smile… and Kensli… Well Kensli was just getting her bag ready for the candy. {That bag was a huge deal before we left the house. She wasn’t letting me leave until she knew that there was a plastic bag in the diaper bag.}


This picture cracks me up! Tom looks crazy, I look weird, and Kensli looks annoyed.


After the parade {which I have never been to a parade that had that much candy! They were making it rain candy!}, we walked around the carnival. I had no clue it was such a huge weekend event! I didn’t bring cash because I thought it was just a parade… and that’s all I thought it was. That’s all my husband made it sound like. I thought he would know, he lived there growing up! But no. This is a huge deal.

Well anyways, we walked around, let the kids ride a carny ride that didn’t look or sound like it was going to crash and burn to the ground and we ended at the playground where I met up with Jason’s mom and a couple of my nieces.





Before we left we got some snow cones that tasted amazing!! Mmmmm  It’d been awhile since I had tropical sno. And it still tastes just as good as I remember!


Isn’t she beautiful?



On the 7 minute ride back to my mother-in-law’s house, I look in my review mirror and see this:



I think she had fun.


Sunday, we woke up knowing our house had to be clean.. but I just wasn’t ready to do that quite yet. So I talked the hubs into taking us to Mexican ~ YUM! And we definitely had some margs… and some fun. Kensli was getting kinda fussy, but not until the end. She did good for the most part though.


She was trying to show me how she could smile so big… but it looked more like she was going to burst into tears or was constipated…


Jason was not wearing a hat, I promise. Just a pot that was behind him that ended up being placed perfectly during the picture :)

After a few margs, we came home and cleaned the house. Not so fun… but it needed done. And it looked nice. Gets done a whole lot faster when the whole family pitches in!

Did you do anything exciting? Or worth while? Or did you spend the weekend working like the boys did? Booooooo

Well, until next time!

Love and toodle-os!



Twinnies Update ~ 3 Months

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down and talked to you. Yaaaa. Sorry about that.

My life is crazy… ya know… with 4 children and a daycare and all. There are some days I have 11 kids! {School ager’s in the number… but sometimes they are more work than the preschoolers!}

But I just wanted to tell you… The twinnies turned 3 months on the 14th. Is that not freakin bazar?!?! 3 MONTHS! I had them 90 days ago. and 62 days ago, they came home… {please don’t do the actual math… I’m estimating here.} So I thought I would give you the latest update along with their 3 month pic :)





They have been soooo wonderful. I was hoping they were going to be like Kensli when she was a baby. Cried when she were hungry and poo’y and that’s all. And literally, that’s what they do. They love to look at people. And ceiling fans. Weird obsession… but must be somewhat normal because I remember Kensli doing the same thing.

They are drinking 5-6 ounces, and have been for a good month or two. They started drinking 4 ounces the week they came home from NICU. Shocked? I wasn’t. Kensli did the same thing. She just wasn’t a NICU graduate.


Varah holding her bottle like a champ!


Wanna know something else? They are sleeping through the night!!!  Literally, 9-10 pm-ish is when they have their last bottle and they wake up between 5 and 6 am. And it would only be more glorious if I actually went to bed when they fall asleep so I could get the full 8-ish hours of sleep also. But I don’t. When I go to bed it’s like giving into Life and being okay with tomorrow coming. And I’m not okay with tomorrow morning coming. So that’s my rebellion. Take that biotch! Wahahaha {Evil Laugh}


They seriously are so great though. I was so worried, because every time I heard of colicky babies, or acid reflux babies, they were all tiny. {Obviously there are exceptions. I’m not saying every small baby cries a lot.} But it sure seems more often than not. And I was nervous since both my babies were tiny. 4 lbs and 5 lbs.  And luckily, neither one cry. Ever. Unless, it’s time to eat. Then, they were ready to eat 5 minutes ago. But, they are part Campbell. And booooooooy…. us Campbell’s like our food. {Seriously. Come to a BBQ. You’ll understand then.}

I wish you all could meet and get to know them. When you hold them chest to chest, they love to lay their head on your mouth. I sit there and kiss them over and over on their temple and they just ‘lean’ into my mouth as if they crave the kisses. They are starting to watch things so much more and stay awake! They are staying awake after bottles for the most part {although, sometimes they are exhausted and fall asleep immediately}, but mostly, they love to look around. Once their bottles are done, their little tummies are full, they’re tootin’ up a storm… starting to smile after said toots… and they just want to look at you. 

These preemies are now wearing 3 month clothes and in size 1 diapers! They are doing spectacular! I was told in NICU they’d be small for a long time. But they are 3 months old wearing 3 month clothing? I’ll take it. They are exceeding mine and the doctor’s expectations! Seriously, they are kicking ass.



They also have the most beautiful eyes. And their smiles just melt your heart. Their hair always had a red tint {that you could only see in certain light} but now it’s really becoming red! I can’t believe it… but I found out today that Jason’s Great Grandpa had red hair. And my Great Grandpa Heaberlin had really red hair as well! I had strawberry blonde hair as a child and a lot of Jason’s aunts have red shades… so it’s very possible. Just odd considering Kensli was white blonde when she was little and now has more of a regular blonde color. So many similarities but multiple differences between the twinnies and Kensli.

Zuri is getting to be a chunk. Seriously, her kissable balloon-cheeks could keep her afloat. We love to squish her cheeks together to make the ‘fish’ face, and sometimes afterwards, she’ll have a big smile from ear to ear. It’s so funny! She is more squirmy at times and doesn’t like to be moved once comfy. But boy is she my snuggle bug. Lay her chest to chest and she just melts right in. Places her head under my chin, sticks her tiny little tush out, and just burrows. We’ve been working with her tummy time and she’s not so patient. Literally, 10 seconds in and she is fussin’. She wants no part of that. These kids actually have a birth mark and Zuri’s is just under her hair line in the center of the back of her head. Lucky for her, no one will see it most of the time! She’s starting to stay more awake longer after bottles. And during so, sometimes she gets fussy, but other times she’s content with just lookin’ around. She is really starting to move her tongue around over and over and I think that means she’s going to be talking soon. If she’s awake, her tongue and mouth are moving. You can tell she has something to tell us in their precious little baby language, but nothing’s poppin out yet. Hopefully soon :)


Varah on the other hand is much more calm. She loves to lay around and just look. Look at windows, people, the tv, ceiling fans. Anything that’s bright or that moves. She literally looks like she is just taking it all in, like learning useless information that may someday be handy in a future conversation. It makes me wonder what she thinks about as she watches that fan go round and round. She is much better to move while sleeping. She doesn’t wake up and fuss like her 1 minute older sissy. She just may peek with one eye for a second or two and then close it again. She sometimes moves her lips and tongue around a bit, but really doesn’t have the interest like Zuri. Tummy time lasts a lot longer with Varah. She actually works at it for a good couple minutes, once up to 5 minutes before she starts getting frustrated. Her birthmark is right between the eyes… which hopefully make up will help cover up? But it’s not as dark as Zuri’s is.  She is a good pound or two lighter than her twin sister, but damn, she can still eat! She finishes her 5+ oz bottle every time. She’s catching up. She will get there eventually! She is still a great cuddlier, but doesn’t ‘burrow’ like Zuri. She’d rather spread out. Hands especially, legs sometimes. She still likes to stick her tush out a lot if laying chest to chest. 



It’s crazy to me just how innocent children are. How much unconditional love they hold for you. When they hear my voice and turn their head to find me no matter who is holding them or where.  That first real big smile that takes up their entire face because of something you did. It is all just so priceless.

Being a parent is so much hard work. So many questionable situations that you think you always decided wrong in the end. So many sleepless nights and so much under appreciation when they are older.

But it is so rewarding. When they come to you because they fell and hurt their knee. When they tell you how much they love you that first time. When they want you to kiss their toe’s boo-boo because they stubbed it {what foot phobia did you have again?}. When you walk in the door and their face lights up because their entire world just walked in. To watch them grow and learn and experience new things for the first time. To watch the light-bulb go off above their heads when they finally understand something they worked so hard on. To watch them grow physically and mentally. To jump up and down with them when they finally figure out potty training or how to say their ABC’s. To feel so incredibly wanted it makes your heart over flow with love. No one can make you feel like your child does. No one. And there are no words to describe that incredible, unconditional feeling. None.

And I get to experience all of this three times… it just blows my mind. Why am I so lucky to be their mom? I don’t know the answer to that question, but He sure blessed me with three healthy and beautiful little girls.


We love them so much. Jason and I couldn’t feel more wonderful.


Kensli’s Room Part 2

Hello my peeps! I know I kept promising this post… but! There’s good reason it took so long! First of all- the twinnies. Duh! It takes awhile to get them both changed and fed. Then during nap time when I do all my projects/chores that get done faster without children, Kensli is napping… in her room, where I needed to paint. So. It didn’t happen as fast as I needed. I just needed a couple hours to finish, but just didn’t have that all at the same time.

So then I realized, I could move her to my bed during nap time and then I’m golden. So while I was painting, this was going on in my bed:


Isn’t she so precious? Especially when she’s sleeping :)

Do you remember this post showing the paint job we did? Well I thought I would touch base on that a little and show the update thus far. It’s still not done completely, there will be a part 3… but knowing how long it took between part 1 to part 2.. know it may be awhile.

Well, we have finally moved on from just paint on the walls. But I wanted to show you what the before looked like. Are you ready? It’s glorious and you maybe overly jealous. Try to contain your envy.




Do you see why it was hard to give this room a makeover?

But we fought the urge and did something to it when we decided to move Kensli into it.

And this was step one. Removing the ugly wall paper border and painting:



My cool cat cousin helped :) Along with my handsome husband! It’s nice having handy helpingtons.

Anyway. Moving on.

So that was the first part.

The second part was actually getting her bed and dresser redone so she had somewhere to sleep. Yes, I know. Most kids are in a big girl bed by the time they are 2 anymore…

But A) I wasn’t pushing it. I enjoyed her living in a jail cell crib because she stayed there and couldn’t get up and wonder the house or her room when she wasn’t supposed to. I also knew there wasn’t going to be any toddler eye balls looking me in the eyeballs that very moment I woke up in the morning. That can give a lady a heart attack! Yes, she could climb out the last few months of being in the crib… but just never did. And for that very selfish reason, I kept her there until she was 3 1/2. And it brought her no harm.



B) We re-did her dresser and bed so it would match and look like a set. I just never got it done in a timely manner. So until at least her bed was done, she had no where to sleep if I moved her out of the crib, except for the floor.


But she was so incredibly happy on that cold December day we moved her. She actually had bed sheets and a comforter. Much warmer. :)

The next step was to get her closet done. Seriously… it was needed. The spare room was the smallest bedroom in the house and also had the smallest closet.  Which made for no storage. So we went from this:



To This:



See, much better.

{I’m posting a follow-up post to this one on where I got all the supplies and the how-to’s on the bed. Sometime… So look for that post hopefully in the near future.}

Then my final surprise. The reveal that I was making you all wait for!


I love to paint murals. They take a lot of time so I don’t do very many often, but I still love painting them. It’s kinda therapeutic for me. I love just painting away on a wall or a canvas and letting my thoughts run wild. I have done a few in my day… and decided my children should have some in their rooms to make their room different from anyone else! And since Kensli’s mom loves animal print.. that’s the theme of her room.


I found this picture on Pinterest from this webpage and it was my inspiration. I love it, everything about it. And I decided I wanted Kensli to have something similar on her walls.

cheetah spots


Do you want a cheetah print wall? Well, let me fill you in on the how-to!


First, I started out by drawing cheetah prints on the wall in the pattern I wanted. If you look closely, you can see the pencil drawings. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all. Once it’s painted, I promise, it’ll look like cheetah spots.


Then, you fill in the spots with black paint.



I loved the look, however, I wanted it to look more ‘furry’ if that’s possible. So I decided to blur out the edges. All I did was took a round sponge brush and tapped that ass wall.

Unfortunately, I was put on bed rest just after I stenciled half the room out. So my amazing brother and future-sister-in-law {September Cowboy wedding-can’t wait!} helped out and got what was stenciled painted in black! It was a huge start to the room and I couldn’t have been happier with the work they did! Thank you both!!!

Once you’re done painting in the lines and blurring out the edges with the black paint, it should look something like this. I love it! Exactly what I was going for… except I just didn’t feel it was finished. I felt it was missing something.


So I decide to make it real girly. I went and grabbed my silver glitter and mod podge and headed back to her room. I bought both at JoAnn’s, and I’m pretty sure any glitter will work for this project.


I mix about 1 part mod podge to 2 parts glitter in a bowl. And I use it as my glitter bowl. This isn’t my first rodeo at glittering things up!


It looks kinda ‘glue-y’ but you want it to look like that. That means it’s mixed in pretty well. You do not want any lose glitter. Trust me when I say that, and for good measure. I’m going to repeat it. You DO NOT want any lose glitter. Or it will be everywhere for weeks following your project.

Once it’s mixed, I took another round sponge brush, dipped it in the bowl, and patted away in the middle of random spots.



Once I was satisfied with the glitter spots, I decided to add splashes of pink. And that was exactly what was missing. I poured a little bit of pink on a plate and this time just painted pink in the middle of other random spots. So as you can see, there was a hard line with the pink where it met the black. And that was what I didn’t want.


So back to the black, I took the round sponge brush I was using before, and went around the spots where the pink met the black. And I realized I forgot to blur a few spots completely , like the spot on the right in the above picture, so I went back and did some touch ups.



And that was exactly what I wanted! I loved the outcome as did Kensli. She kept telling me “This is so beautiful mommy!” “I love this paint, it’s so pretty!” “The glitter is gorgeous, mommy!”

So easy to impress her!





My Aunt Tammy sent her this cute sticker and a frame to add to her new room and it goes perfectly! So I put the sticker on some white paper, and then cut the paper to fit in the frame. Smacked that bad boy on the wall, and voila!




I love how it turned out, and it matches her personality to a T. I can’t wait to show you the completely finished room. I have a few more decorations to add and it will finally be completely completed! Sooooo close I can almost taste it!!

I’ll be done… only to move on to finishing the next two kiddos’ rooms.

Loves and Toodle-os!

A Great Ending, to a Great Week

Last week, my mom took off work to come stay with me during the day and help out where needed. And where I needed the most help was deep cleaning my house and reorganizing certain things.  It was hard for me to keep the place clean with 3 girls, one of which is a walking tornado, and so deep cleaning is almost impossible when I was starting with an extremely dirty slate.

So each day, we picked a room or two and got started. Even Kensli helped when she could. {And even when she couldn’t.} That room got revamped! Everything got put in it’s place, random things found homes, windows got squeaky clean, and carpets got vacuumed.

We literally took every room by storm. And then it was Broden’s rooms turn. I wish I would have gotten before pictures. It was a disaster. We did not want to work on it nor had motivation to clean it, but knew out of the entire house, that was the room that needed it the most.

We first went through every piece of clothing in that boys room. We got rid of almost 50% of his clothes because they were too small, and some so big it’ll be years before he fits into them. His drawers wouldn’t close before.. and worse, he just shoved every top he owned into the same two drawers, so he had no clue what he had in there, because he only wore the top few shirts anyway. It was too much work to dig through the rest.

We started by sorting out all clothes by sizes, and winter or summer clothes. Everything that was smaller than his current size he’s wearing, got tossed to the donate pile. All tops that fit got hung up into two sections. Short sleeves and long sleeves. All bottoms, pjs, and socks/undies went in his dresser. Separated by shorts, jeans, pjs, and of course, socks and undies.

We figured that made it super easy for a 10 year old boy. Tops = hung up in closet. Bottoms = dresser.

After that, we hit his toys. There was so much junk. He’s not one to use his imagination, so therefore, action figures and anything that requires an imagination doesn’t get played with. Put all those in a pile. All those stupid McDonald happy meal toys got tossed. Anything broken or missing pieces went straight to the garbage.

Everything left found a home somewhere other than the floor in that room. We finished by making his bed with fresh clean sheets, and vacuuming the floor.

It’s a completely different room. When he got home from school that day, we sat him down, explained where everything went, clothes included, and explained there is no reason this can’t stay this way, every day. His excuse before was he had no where to put it, or he wasn’t done playing with his legos and didn’t want to move the almost finished project, or he was ‘charging’ his video game system… but forgot to plug it into the wall… nice try Mr.

No more. His lego container is pretty big and can hold all his finished lego projects at once. So I explained those can still all be put away, even if he’s not done. The ‘charging’ video game must be put away before he goes anywhere or goes to bed that night. Clean clothes must be put away correctly as soon as he gets home from school, or when I’m done doing laundry.

His room looks nice damn it, and it’s going to stay that way. We worked on it for almost a full day.

Anyway. We got the entire house done by Thursday afternoon and decided since it had been so gloomy out all week, and Kensli had been so wonderful all week, that we would take her to The Playground on Friday. No, not the park playground. But a bouncy house playground. She loves it. And it’s literally a place they can burn energy for as many hours as the parents want to stay there.


We worked so hard all week that we just wanted one day to relax and let Kensli have fun. So The Playground was our first trip. Kensli had a blast! As do all kids. It’s great! You should really look into it! Kinda pricey, but worth it considering they are worn out in 1-2 hours!









We then went to Applebees to enjoy a sit down meal that wasn’t fast food, because I can’t eat that crap anymore!! I am so sick of that stuff! All of them!



We gave baths to the twinnies just before we left, so they were out like a light the entire time we were gone! Awesome-sauce!

Friday was ended with our cousins Travis and Beth coming over, BBQ’in and having a bonfire! It was so relaxing! And what BBQ and bonfire isn’t complete without drinks?

Saturday we kept pretty low. Jason left for the Netherlands today, so we wanted to hang out with our giant family and relax. We walked to the park and it was so much fun watching her. And we had the playground to ourselves, which was kind of nice.







To get her home we said we were going to eat lunch on the deck outside like a picnic! She was on board with that!

IMG_3040There is an apple under there!

Then she helped dad do some outside work which of course she had a blast with. She tried hand picking all the weeks herself… but that lasted a whoopin’ 30 seconds.


She followed him around as he picked up the dog poo. And her favorite was mowing the lawn. She loves riding the mower. Which is good, I’m sure it’ll be her job one day!




We ended the day with super with his family at the Machine Shed. Which is usually pretty awesome for us. However, last night we got there at 7:20 and left at almost 10… it was pretty bad. And for a 3 year old… that’s a long time. She was pretty restless by the time we left. Everything took forever… from getting seated to drinks, to leaving. But at least the food was good?

This following week is going to be pretty bitter sweet. As I said earlier, Jason left for the Netherlands today, and won’t get back until next Saturday. But that means shits getting done around here. I always plan for a surprise home project for him while he’s away. But you’ll have to wait until next weekend to see… just incase he decides to take a peek on here before he returns! I also am revealing Kensli’s room Part 2 this week! It’s going to be awesome!

In case you don’t follow me on Facebook, here is the sneak peek to her reveal!



My Little Princess in Pictures

Oh my little girl… she isn’t so little anymore. She’s 3 1/2.

She is my little princess. Seriously. When she wears her Sophia the First costume, she insists on being called Princess Kensli.

What happened to my little tom boy? Who played in dirt and liked the feeling of my dog’s giant poo mines squished between her fingers? Although. she still loves being outside and loves sports. So as long as she keeps those traits, I’ll manage :)


She’s really into her Baby Poo Bear also. She feeds him, burps him, changes his diaper, puts him down for naps, and disciplines him. It’s fun to watch her interpretation of mommy and daddy.


I even gave her, her own bottle and put her name on it. So she would know it’s hers and to help her keep it separate from the other bottles. And when it’s feeding time for the twinnies, she goes and gets her bottle and puts it next to the others. Too cute Princess Kensli!


She loves her little sisters and loves helping us with them. And I must add she’s an excellent little helper! She does amazing at fetching diapers and throwing dirty ones away! Awesome-sauce!


She loves Elsa hair. {What toddler girl doesn’t right now?} Everytime I say it’s time to do her hair, she begs for Elsa hair… but I am not good at french braiding… but I suppose practice makes perfect huh? The only thing that matters is how much she loves it. So if it’s not super important that her hair is out of her face, I attempt the Elsa do!



Along with Elsa hair, she just loves her hair getting done in general. When I curled her hair, she thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. And shouldn’t all little girls think that daily? Which is why I tell her that multiple times a day, every day.


She is just so happy all the time and always brings us smiles and laughter. The shit that comes out of her mouth is just down-right hilarious and I can’t believe how grown up she is.


It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 1/2 years I was holding this beautiful baby:


And going back thru baby pictures of her, I do see some similarities with her and the twinnies! I didn’t think they looked like Kensli at all. But now I see it :)

Love my girls

Toodle-o and Loves!