Kicking Fat’s Ass Start of Week 2

Oh where to begin…?

We’ll just start with the honest truth… I failed some and I rocked some since Saturday.

I didn’t work out thru the weekend and had Taco Johns…. That’s my epic fail. BUT, I was headed to Subway when it started pouring!! And as someone who is addicted to food, decided that I didn’t want to get out in the rain, get soaked, come back out to the vehicle and get more soaked, including my food. So… instead of taking a left to Subway, I took a right to good ol’ TJ’s.

And the kicker is it didn’t even taste as good and I always picture it will. And that happens every time. So why I fight myself with food is just stupid. I just came up with any good reason to head to TJ’s because I was already arguing with myself which to get.

And I’m done with that. If I go anywhere for fast food, I am going to walk in to Subway and get a sandwich. Won’t be easy because we always seem to be running late everywhere we go, so the fastest idea is to run through a drive-thru somewhere. But, I’m done with greasy shit.

Monday, Beth and I went to the gym that evening. Again, we did the elliptical for warm up and then legs and abs workout. And I did better than the time before! That’s ultimately the every day goal right? To do better than the day before?

Then Tuesday, we cancelled our bike ride in the morning. Neither one of us slept well. She couldn’t sleep all night, and I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight or so. So, 4:45 in the morning comes pretty quickly… and makes the 10 1/2 hour work day seem like 20 hours. I meant to go bike riding after work, but my schedule just doesn’t allow for much extra stuff. And then… Extreme Weight Loss was on, and I told myself I’d go when it’s half over. Buuuut…  I completely forgot. I must have really got into the show.

Did anyone else watch it? I wasn’t impressed with her. I don’t know why… but I think it had something to do with when she got caught not exercising for days at a time, she got all defensive. She acted like she didn’t know if she could continue taping this show because her and Chris’s trust was gone since he hired a private investigator to spy on her. Buuuuut, she lied the entire 3rd quarter to him, and Chris caught on. So he hired the PI. And she got mad at him for breaking their trust? But it was okay for her to lie right to his face? So that kinda made me mad.

She looked fantastic at the finale, she just seemed to be one with a lot of excuses during the show. Which looking back.. I tend to have them as well. That is something I seriously need to work on.

But I started fresh today! I’m pretty proud of myself today.

Woke up at 4:45
Ate a banana
Got to gym at 5:15
Left gym at 6:15
Ate 3 {scrambled} egg whites and 1 whole egg with 24 oz of water
Picked up the house before Daycare starts
Daycare started at 7
Ate a bagel at 10:45
Made lunch for daycare kiddos
Picked up after lunch at 11:55.
Beth came over to do some work
Got kids down for nap at 12:30
Fed twins
Did C25K again :) {Never would have done a second workout in the same day before}
Ate a piece of chicken, cottage cheese, carrots, and some edamame
Kids woke up
Played and had snack
Parents picked up their kiddos
Mom came over
Went to Pizza Ranch where I had only the salad bar, plus one dessert pizza {and a 1/4 cup of tortilla chicken soup}
Came home {feel like I should go biking now}
It’s 8:40 pm, our kids are now in bed.

And I finally get to relax with my husband… for maybe an hour because I have to get up at 4:45 and do it all over again!

MILF status here I come! And yes. I mean that as in the derogatory definition. That’s where I’m headed.


Clearly, Zuri was soooo excited about Bethy’s work :)