A Little Face Lift Inspiration

Howdy Tipsy Sippy Friends!! Are you still patiently waiting for the second half of the pallet project?? I am too… I promise, I’ll post it asap. I’m hoping this next week I will have it completed!

But moving onto another project.. because who doesn’t like to have 5-10 unfinished things going on at once?

Remember our wonderfully built entertainment center?


I designed it initially thinking we wanted modern. Black, sleek, & shiny. Black= Dust magnet. Sleek= too many sharp edges and straight lines. Shiny= shows every finger print, scratch, dirt, and any imperfections in the construction.


This is one beast of a display and while there’s some major setbacks, there are some major pro’s as well.

I love the storage. It hides movies behind the top portion to keep it out of eyesight. Jason and I both don’t enjoy having movies out and seen by everyone… it’s an eye sore. So I designed a way for it to not be seen.


The bottom portion just under the TV space has three spaces for components. We have our Blu-ray player, Direct TV box, Receiver, Wii, XBox, and internet modem. In the beginning, we wanted tinted glass to cover those spaces because I have children here. All. The. Time. And I don’t know if you know this, but all those little components have a lot of fun buttons that make noises and light up… Every fresh walking toddlers’ dream. So I knew something needed to cover those areas. And glass it was because it was clear to allow the remotes signals to pass and looked modern enough.

But I really think glass would have been just a tad too dangerous… and not to mention expensive. Which is why we never ordered it.

The two big bottom drawers were just an epic fail on my end. I wanted them to be huge to hold all the giant Wii crap we have that’s bigger than any bin we could have bought… and so I designed it that way. But what I didn’t think about was how heavy that was going to be… and how impossible it would be to move those drawers in and out {especially for little kids} to get anything in those drawers. Yes, there is hardware to help it move, but the drawers are so heavy… it doesn’t really work well.

So with the help of a few others, I have come up with a new design. Here is the rough draft of the face lift:


Now work with me here… I didn’t even bother with straight lines as you can clearly see.

So for the top half, the wall behind the TV. I decided I wanted color, pretty, & rustic. I didn’t just want plank boards that looked old. Because I love the  Rustic Glam… not plain ol’ Rustic. So in my search for inspiration, I found this:



{Please click the above picture for the source}

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? So I decided to give it a whirl on some scrap wood and it’s not as bright as the sample, but I’m still loving it!



Don’t mind the dust… I’m getting to dusting soon!

For the base of the entertainment center, I’m repainting all the black that will be visible to the guests’ eyes, white.

For the three long, skinny component spaces, I plan on making a door that swings open towards the floor complete with a perforated aluminum in the middle to let remote signals pass and a knob for opening and pulling.



{Please click the above picture for the source}

All my hardware will be oil rubbed bronze and I think it’ll be the perfect touch to the three component drawers & the new giant doors to replace the drawers at the bottom! {Was that not a lot of D words towards the end of that sentence??}

I want to take the face off of the bottom drawers and reuse them. I will cut both directly down the middle to form two of the same sized doors. I’ll be adding trim pieces in the middle of each door similar to these pictures I found:



 {Please click the above picture for the source}

In addition to the trim work, I will also be adding oil bronzed handles as well. All doors will also have a magnetic closure {I don’t want too easy of an access to tiny grubby hands!} to help keep them closed.

I also have decided to paint my back wall with the window and back door this color:


{Please click the above picture for the source}

With all this said, my plan is to have at least the back wall painted and 60% of the face lift done by Saturday.

Why by Saturday you ask? Because my husband is out of town on business {again} and gets back Saturday

…And while the husband’s away… the wife will play {with power tools and paint}

So stay tuned for my post following his return :) I can’t wait to show you the finished projects!