Rustic Glam: Mirror Face-Lift

Part of the Rustic Glam decorating style that I love is the Glam :)

In my last post, I told you how I came to my decision to start decorating my home Rustic Glam style. I love the decor and I love how most of it is pretty DIY-able! I’ve seen some stuff on Pinterest and mmmmmmmmm boy! I can’t wait to start this journey with mi casa!

So next up was this mirror:


I can’t remember their story of how they ended up with it or how our conversation went, but about 5 years ago, our old neighbors had this mirror hanging out in their garage, but didn’t want it, so in the end, it became ours! I was soooo thrilled! I was happy to give this bad boy a home.

I loved it black! It fit so well in our old home as you can see. And it was the perfect piece in that spot.


And it worked great in our new house. With the red and gray walls plus the black entertainment center.

But with the new wall and the face-lift our entertainment center will soon be getting after the holidays, I knew it was time for a change.

I wanted to make that room brighter because we only have one window that brought any natural light in. I also wanted to balance out the room because when looking at the TV, the white window on the right was so much brighter than the left side of the room with the brown couch, black mirror, and black & brown picture frames. So I decided to go with white to balance out the room and brighten up that side of the space.

So. Jason and I took this giant thang off the wall and drug it outside for it’s new face. My hubster’s is preeeeetty picky about his yard, driveway, and garage floor, so I was nice and put it on top of some giant cardboard boxes we had laying around.



And then I taped just the edges of the mirror. I wanted to make sure nothing squeaked by and landed itself on the mirror itself. The paint needed to stay on the frame.

After that was done, I started taping newspaper all over and re-taping over the first layer of tape.  It made me nervous painting over paper, so I kept the layers of newspaper pretty thick.



Then it was time to prime!! I didn’t even sand. Maybe I should have… but I didn’t. I used Kilz Spray Primer. I love this stuff! I love the way it coats so we always have multiple cans on hand at all times.




Once the first coat was dry, I put on a second coat. And once that was dry, I started spray painting it with Rusteoleum White in satin.

It was starting to get dark and cold & the wind was going to be picking up soon. So we brought it in and put it on the kitchen table to finish drying over night just to ensure it was dry enough.

The next day, I put on a clear coat.

But not just any clear coat. I swear by this stuff. Varathane’s Floor Finish! It’s seriously the bee’s knees.



This shit is tough as nails. We put 2 coats on for low traffic items and 3-4 coats for items that will be used often with multiple hands on it constantly. Since this is just a mirror that will be hanging up on the wall, we decided to go with two coats.

It started back when it came time to re-finish Kensli’s bed and dresser. We had used so many different kinds of poly crap on prior projects, Most were recommend by other bloggers, and I was so disappointed in all of them. The non-yellowing kinds yellowed, paint was chipping off in giant chunks with others and I was done using them. So with Kensli’s dresser and bed, I was on a mission to find anything else, I just wasn’t sure what that anything else was going to be.

And one day, I was staring at my ugly, God forsaken, stained and scratched to hell wooden floor {that hasn’t been refinished since long before we moved in}, and my train of thought went I wonder the last time this floor has had a clear coat put on it. I bet hardwood sealer is super durable considering a floor is the most traffic’d thing in a house. I wonder if one sealer can be used on all types of wood flo… WAIT!

And that’s when I googled it.

I figured someone, somewhere had to try it on some painted furniture. But I looked and looked and everyone I found only used some sort of Polyurethane. And I refused to use that crap again. Finally, I found one woman who tried it. She didn’t really mention how she liked it or anything, just wrote that she used it. Although, she did mention Holly at In the Fun Lane had recommended it. But all I could find on her page was Varathane Polyurethane. I never found anything that said she used Varathane Floor Finish. So… I decided to give it a try. If worse came to worse, I’d sand it down and redo it.

And I am hooked. I will never use anything else. It doesn’t bubble, it doesn’t yellow, it doesn’t allow the paint to chip. Nothing. And you can feel how tough this stuff is. I couldn’t believe why I hadn’t thought of this before.

So like I said previously, I gave it two good coats and let it dry over night.


It says to wait 3 days, however, since it is being hung up on the wall out of reach, I just thought it could cure there. I am an impatient woman. It dries so quickly anyway and I didn’t have the patience to wait 3 days when it already felt dry after 20 minutes.

And I couldn’t be happier with how the mirror turned out.






The space looks much better… still kinda awkward with non-matching picture frames and an awful looking couch. I’m in the process of making some cute frames, thinking of another decor in addition to the frames, and eventually we’ll get some new, matching furniture. Eventually. When I have plenty of extra money. And after Moose goes…

{That’s said all out of love old man.}


See… he has destroyed our furniture. No point in purchasing new while he’s here.




Loving my ‘new’ mirror :)

Next up is the entertainment center. But look for that post in January-February.

But I have some small projects in the mean time I can’t wait to show you!

Love and Toodle-os!

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