Rustic Glam: Mirror Face-Lift


Part of the Rustic Glam decorating style that I love is the Glam :) In my last post, I told you how I came to my decision to start decorating my home Rustic Glam style. I love the decor and I love how most of it is pretty DIY-able! I've seen some stuff on Pinterest and mmmmmmmmm boy! I can't wait to start this journey with mi casa! So next up was this mirror: I can't remember their story of how they ended up with it or how our conversation went, but about 5 years ago, our old … [Continue Reading...]

Rustic Glam: Wall Paint


Back when we moved into our house in 2012, it was stuck in 1990. The year it was built. Everything was added in when it was originally installed and never changed again. And I knew that when we bought the house. It has built in blow dryers for crying out loud.... ya. It was that awesome. But we loved the bones of the place. The giant kitchen, bedroom suite, and the almost acre was what sold us on this place. But we knew we would have to update most everything eventually. The good news? It was … [Continue Reading...]

Children are like Sharks in Blood Infested Water

The title of this post may sound confusing, but if you are a parent of any kind... I know you know what I'm talking about. Let me tell you a story. I have a weakness for Reese's. I'm not much of a candy or dessert person, but oooooh those Reese's... they get me every time. A week or so ago, during daycare, I found one in my kiddos's Halloween Candy bucket {don't judge me. You know you do it too.}, so I snuck it into the front pocket of my sweatshirt to save for a later time. I can't eat it in … [Continue Reading...]

Happy Belated to my {Not So} Little Brother!

The fam

          Happy {Belated} Birthday to my not so little brother! Im so proud of who've you grown up to be and couldn't be happier to have you as my bro! Can't wait to celebrate on Sunday with you! {LOVES} … [Continue Reading...]

I’m Back with a Photo Dump


Hey, do you remember me? My name is Marissa and my husband and I have a herd of children in which we take over wherever we go. Remember? Ya... it's been awhile. I've been pretty crappy. But I really am starting to make an effort to post more frequently. I would really love to post at least twice a week. That's my goal... but how many goals have I kept recently? Oh ya. Not many. So we'll see. So a lot has happened in the last couple months. My brother got married back in September, a cowboy … [Continue Reading...]

My Family Whirlwind of a Weekend and Week!


Hello my Tipsy Sippy Friends!! Jason and I have needed a day/night out for a long time, and it's just difficult asking anyone because watching one baby and a 4 year old is hard enough, but my situation has two babies and a 4 year old. It's hard for some days for us, let alone anyone not used to it. But my in-laws are pretty awesome. My mother in law, Marge, now has 8 grandkids {7 girls, 1 lonesome boy} and is a nurse, and just has that gift with her grandkids. So while Jason and I, and his … [Continue Reading...]

First Quarter in Kicking Fat’s Ass


Well where do I begin. I fought with myself over and over on how to write this post. Why can't weight just melt off as easy as it is to pack on? I failed. I failed miserably. I actually got down to 210 on Friday, Sept 19th, and I was soooo happy with myself. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a picture and fill out the chart because it was the day before my brother's wedding, and us ladies were doing bridesmaid stuff!  Then life happened and I gained some back. Really... just a lot … [Continue Reading...]

My Kensli Mae is 4 Years Old!


How on earth did this child pop outta my huhu 4 years ago?????  Look at the difference 4 years makes     It seems like just yesterday Jason was learning to change a little girls diaper for the first time... All while I smiled from the hospital bed :) I'm not going to boggle you down with a ton of writing. This is more of a birthday post in pictures. She is so damn smart, too smart for her own good actually! She can be so sweet, caring, and giving. But … [Continue Reading...]

Photo Dump!


I feel like I am finally a free woman! Our weekends {for the most part} are free again. My little bro got married on the 20th plus family was in town for that. This past weekend was Kensli's 4th birthday party {bday post tomorrow!} and the Color-A-Thon fundraiser walk was yesterday. I didn't get many pictures of the wedding. Since I was a bridesmaid, my husband was the best man, and I also had to make sure the flower girl was dressed and ready to go {not to mention the twins...} my phone … [Continue Reading...]

Twinnies are 5 Months Old… About a Month Ago…


Eh. Once again, I'm really late. I had this written and ready a week or so after August 14th. However, I couldn't find time to edit their monthly pictures until today. Soooo... you'll be seeing another one of these in a few weeks... sorry... but what can ya do? Can you believe they are 5 months as of August 14th? That's right... they'll be a half a year real soon... but once again, I'm rather busy, so pardon the really late post. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself this is in … [Continue Reading...]