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Well.. I s’pose it’s time I can share with you why I had to put my new blog on hold. I promise, it’s a good reason!  

14 Weeks!

14 Weeks!


We are expanding our family….

But that’s not all the news folks… Actually, the ‘expanding the family’ is kind of the boring part. We already have Broden and Kensli… Everyone knew it was coming eventually.

I mean… yes, it’s exciting… but not as exciting as…



Now… how is that for news?

We were blown away… But we were so confused. Twins do not run in our family nor was I on any medication to help me get pregnant.

But none of that matters when one is pregnant with identical twins! Did you know only fraternal twins are genetic??  Basically what happened in my case, the egg split in two when the sperm penetrated the egg. Causing two of the same organism. Hence the identical part.

I blame Jason. I said that he was soooo powerful it split was my egg in two. He doesn’t really buy it… What? You don’t either?

Hmmm. Odd. I thought it sounded very believable.

17 Weeks

17 Weeks

Here I am today at 17 weeks. I feel so big already… and I feel I’m not that far along to be this big. But it is my second pregnancy… and it is with twins.

However, I found this picture.. and it scares the living daylights out of me!


I could not find the original owner. If you know, please fill me in so I can give credit where credit is due.

Look at her. 37 Weeks. And she looks like a torpedo! That cannot be comfortable! All I can say is… Lord help me not fall over when I stand up or walk.

On another note, Jason and I are feeling so blessed and all the planning and hustle and bustle has started. Now that the huge shock has worn off, we couldn’t be more thrilled!


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