Not sure if I’m Kicking Fat’s Ass….

Or if it’s kicking mine.

This is tough. I forgot how tough it is. My biggest challenge isn’t the actual working out. It’s the getting up early and getting dressed to start the work out. Yes, I can get up for the twinnies, but after an hour of sitting there and feeding them… I just want to crawl back into bed. And I have. And I do.

It’s getting into the workout clothes and actually starting… once I’ve started my work out, it’s great. Like I said, it’s just getting started.

I attempted the P90x 30 minute videos. Holy F buckets! Talk about incredibly hard! I think I jack up my form because every time I ‘attempt’ it and actually live through it, my back kills me for days on end. To the point I can’t lift my daycare kids. So I decided, I’m just going to slow down and do the form right. I’m not going to be able to go as fast as the buff-y pants they have on the TV. So I may start off extremely slow, but at least I’ll have good form. I can only get faster right? Then there is a move at the end of one of the videos called Donkey Kicks. I watched the demonstration on how to do it; politely said “Fuck you” and sat my sweat-drippin’ ass down. They are impossible for someone like me. And it was the last move of the half hour video. I MIGHT have had a chance if it were at the beginning and I wasn’t already barely breathing… barely alive… hanging onto my life by a thread. But at the end?! They are out of their damn minds.

We just got a tire pump for our bicycles so I just now can ride. And to be honest, I’m kinda nervous. I have one pair of bike pants that help cushy the tushy and they barely fit before I got pregnant with twins. Now two babies and 4+ gallons of fluid later… I am scared to put them on. I don’t know if they are going to fit. And if they do fit, I need a huge shirt to cover all that, that hangs over.

It’s so depressing to start this journey. Hell, your workout clothes don’t fit. Everything jiggles when you exercise. You feel like you just can’t physically do anything that happens in that gym. Not to mention time away from family or social events. Or just finding the time to squeeze in a workout amongst 4 children, a husband, 52.5 hr work weeks, and then miscellaneous stuff that comes out of the blue! Then don’t even get me started on trying to change your eating habits. What to buy at the grocery store? Holy hell. It’s so overwhelming. No wonder it’s difficult for people to jump into being healthy.

So I’m starting simple. Move and eat better. No out to eat except once in awhile. {Well let’s get serious… I don’t get ‘out to eat’ unless it has a drive through~ and I’m done with that shit!} And healthy meals with lots of veggies and greens. I know I need to eat 6 times a day… and I’m going to attempt to work on that…. But I have 3 children under the age of 1 that are at my daycare, two of which are 3 month old preemies. I don’t get a lot of time to just sit and eat all my meals and snacks. Hell, I don’t even get my lunch until at least 2:15-2:30, and that’s on a good day!

But at least I’m starting. Kicking Fat’s Ass is starting. Did you hear that Fat? You’re going down!!!!

I just calculated out my calories and to lose the 79 lbs I need gone, I must eat between 1500 and 1700 calories a day. That seems like a lot, especially if you’re eating a lot of veggies that have no calories!

But no excuses anymore. I’m starting and keeping with it. I’ll fall off the wagon here and there. It’s inevitable. But no more not getting back up and just watching the wagon roll away without me. I’ll chase that damn thing down. {Which may take awhile, I don’t run very fast. In fact, I hope my friends and I never get chased by a bear… because I’ll be the first bear meal!}

Now my question is, do you weigh yourself every week, or every other? Or once a month? I refuse to do it daily, so don’t even say that. But I need to weight in to see what direction I’m going. How often is too often? How often is not often enough?

And just because I can… I’m leaving you with my future me picture. Memorize it. You’ll see it often.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Ahhh… can’t wait! Shall we name her? Let’s name her Mila. That’s her name going forward. Hello Mila. I’m Marissa. I will be you………………………….

Love and Toodle’os!

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