New MacBook Air? Hell Yes.

I know I just wrote that I’d be taking a break. And I still am. But I had to let you in on some great news today!

I received my new computer in the mail today… which I was not so patiently waiting for. And when I saw the UPS truck park in front of our house… it was like the heavens came down, opened up… and this truck with wings had flown onto my street. Seriously. It. Was. Beautiful.

Then, the UPS man hopped out of his truck with this semi-big white box that seemed to glow… It was glowing. And with each step, you could see the wind blow his short hair and everything around him was just a blur… like a beauty queen stepping out of the pool in that string bikini in front of a row of high school horn dogs.

You think I’m joking.

I signed for my package and brought it in. Unfortunately, I was working on other things and couldn’t open up my computer for another few hours… but let me tell you how awesome it was when I did get to rip the tape off the white box.

Glorious. Absolute awesome-ness. The keyboard is amazing, and fits my hands perfect! My fingers just glide over the keys, and I swear I’m typing faster all because of this computer.

Looking Down

My last computer was monstrous and heavy. A 2009 MacBook Pro is a heavy beast. Worked fine {until recently} and I still loved it. But this! This takes the cake! I purchased a refurbished MacBook Air, and while significantly smaller, it’s perfect for me and my blogging hobby I hope will be taking off soon. It is sooooo light I couldn’t believe it. I almost threw it when I picked it up because I wasn’t ready for how light this computer was.

side view

But I must say. It’s awesome. The only downfall for me is the lack of a CD-ROM drive. So I’ll just have to purchase a cheap external and call it a day. I don’t use CD’s/DVD’s very much on a computer, except for  my wedding pictures. So it is important I can still access them.

But the reason for this post is only because I wanted to type on this keyboard because it’s awesome. What else would I do?

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