My Family Whirlwind of a Weekend and Week!

Hello my Tipsy Sippy Friends!!

Jason and I have needed a day/night out for a long time, and it’s just difficult asking anyone because watching one baby and a 4 year old is hard enough, but my situation has two babies and a 4 year old. It’s hard for some days for us, let alone anyone not used to it.

But my in-laws are pretty awesome. My mother in law, Marge, now has 8 grandkids {7 girls, 1 lonesome boy} and is a nurse, and just has that gift with her grandkids. So while Jason and I, and his sister and hubby planned a tailgating weekend in Iowa City back in August… we decided to see if Marge would be ready to watch the Haley herd…. and our 150 lb dog Diesel. Right? I know… it’s a lot.

She actually seemed excited! So, the plans were official and went on the calendar.

And this past weekend was the weekend. And Jason and I were sooooo incredibly excited. It’d been months since we had a night without kids. And it was really starting to wear on us.

It started with Friday and my parents came and got the two big kids right at 3 pm, when Broden got home from school. And they went to the Pumpkin Patch. I was trying to pack all day, but it’s hard to pack when there are kids running around everywhere. During nap time, all those said daycare kids sleep in all the rooms I needed in. So I didn’t get much done during all those sleeping hours. I was hoping Jason and I, plus the twins could meet them there before the farm closed, but there was just too much to do. And it was borderline too cold for the twins anyway so maybe it was a good thing I wasn’t done packing. Luckily, they sent me a few pictures!




I know there were more, but for some reason, they didn’t save onto my phone.

Then after they returned from the pumpkin patch and supper at the Pizza Ranch, mom and dad took Mr. Moose, our other 150 lb dog, & we headed to the in-laws so we could stay the night and leave early in the morning without having to wake up kids.


We never thought we’d see the day we didn’t have enough storage in our Yukon XL. Seriously. There wasn’t enough room. Poor ol’ Diesel was crammed back there with crap. Traveling with 2 babies and 2 big kids and a giant dog the size of a small pony doesn’t leave much comfort traveling room.

Bedtime was early for all of us, and Jason and I were up at 5 to get ready. It’s reeeeeally ironic how easy it is to get up at 5 am for a weekend without kids vs. working out huh?

We were on the road on time! You put that on your calendar. We showered and got ready and were out the door on time.

The day was so much fun! It was so nice to just be care-free again. Not worry about time. Go where the wind took us! haha! It was supposed to be a crappy weather day, but it turned into a gorgeous day for tailgating, football, bars, and alcohol. Fun had by all.

Very interesting to people watch… very interesting.

Charity and I perfected our skills in flagging taxi’s down. And Jason and Kaleb perfected their skills in carrying broken coolers full of ice, a 30 pack, and 3 liquor bottles. IMG_4707

One wheel fell off & both straps for the backpack broke. All within hours of using it for the first time.





























That last bar was odd- the lights were red… I feel like all was missing was devil horn headbands and it’d would have made the pictures complete. But, it was fun playing pool and picking songs from the jukebox. That’s my favorite thing to do at a bar! I could drop an entire paycheck on the jukebox… not the alcohol!

We ate at The Vine downtown in Iowa City for lunch, and Old Chicago that night for supper, both were amazing! Very good food!

And stayed in quite the hotel. It was actually pretty decent and came with two beds. There was just an odd knocking noise that only went off at night after you turned the lights off. To get it to stop, you had to re-turn the lights on, and turn them off again. And it stopped every time… except for Kaleb. Poor Kaleb was just not meant to sleep that night.

It was so much fun. So. Much. Fun. I had to get up in the middle of the night and drink a gallon of water. Literally. It may have even been more than a gallon. But I felt great the next morning! It does help we were in bed by 10 pm.

My mom sent me this picture of Moose chill-axin’ in the living room, waiting for his walk with Grandpa.


Then Jason had his appendix removed Tuesday.

Yup, you read that right. It was a crazy ass day.

All I remember Monday night was Jason waking me up about 2 AM asking if we had any tums or something for stomach pain. And I knew we didn’t. So I slightly opened my eyes.. moaned what I think was a ‘no’, and fell back to sleep before I could listen to his response. Then I woke up that morning and Jason was pacing the bedroom.

He notices I finally wake up and says “Marissa, I couldn’t sleep all night. This pain started at about 11-ish last night and only got worse from then on out. It hurts so incredibly bad. I literally paced the entire house all night because it’s the only that made it somewhat bearable.”

My thoughts were okay.. so he has to shit pretty bad. And so I told him. Go shit. You’ll feel much better I’m sure. Typical men problems right? Always something with their asses and/or stomachs.

He continued to tell me no, no, no, no, that’s not it. He knew that wasn’t it. Uh huh. Still not entirely convinced. And neither one of us are good with sympathy, or babying’ the other when one feels under the weather.

Then suddenly, he screamed “I’m gonna get sick!” And RUNS to the bathroom. One minute he was standing in front me, hunched over, and the next second he was gone. Just like that. And I hear him violently puking in the bathroom. For a good 5-10 minutes.

Hmmm…. okay, this is worse than a stomach ache or gas build up. But probably the stomach flu. But I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach about the whole thing. I started texting my bestie Kelley, who said it was either A) food poisoning or B) appendicitis. Well I knew A was out, we all ate the same thing the night before and no one else felt like that. B? Well, that seemed a little far fetched.

He came out and looked like hell.  {Well, who doesn’t after puking. But this was real bad} I decided to close that day, because if the stomach flu was that bad with him, I didn’t want any daycare kids taking a chance on getting it. But I still had that itch that something more serious was wrong.

When he came down and told me he was going to the Urgent Care a half hour before they opened so he could be first in line… I knew it was bad. Jason and I both, refuse to go to the doctor unless we are on our death bed. I remember hearing my dad say “I know it’s not good when Marissa calls me at work, begging me to come home and take her to the doctor.” Jason is the same way. But to show up before they even open? Yaaa. I had a bad feeling in the gut of my stomach.

But as he was walking out the door, he turned around, ran to the bathroom and started violently puking again. For another 5-10 minutes. I told him to hold tight, because I’m going to go get the girls up and pack them in the bus to take you to urgent care. I know he shouldn’t drive. But my hard-headed husband denied it all and before I knew it, he was out the door and gone.

The next thing I knew, he called me just shortly after the urgent care opened, and said “Hey, I’m on my way to ER, it is my appendix and they told me to get there asap. But I have to go, I need to concentrate on the road.” Click

Gee, thanks husband. That doesn’t put me in a panic attack or anything.

So I called my mom, made arrangements for her to watch the girls and headed to the hospital.

He was down in the CT Scan when I arrived. And when I told the nurses station who I was and whom I was there for, they made a point to tell me… “Your husband is in pain, he circled this tiny room over and over when he was in here.” Finally, they brought him back, gave him some more pain meds and were finally prepping him for surgery. And he was in so much pain. And nothing I could do would help. I hate that feeling. I hate having that feeling with my kids, my husband, or anyone at that matter. So I helplessly watched from the chair next to him. But it all hit kinda close to home. Driving to the hospital, the same one the twins spent the first month of their lives in. The hospital gowns, the iv’s, the nurses rushing in and out. And the bed… the transportation bed. You know the kind, the one that whisks you away into surgery with some sort of make-shift ladder that keeps you from rolling off the bed? It kinda all hit home for me. But instead of me and the twins being the patients, it was now my husband’s turn. Geez, Kensli and Broden are all we have left who haven’t been in Methodist hospital for whatever reason… hopefully we can keep them out of Methodist in the year 2014 and maybe even 2015….

But regardless of how much pain he was in, he still had a great attitude. I asked one of the nurses how would we know if the appendix burst? And she said, well the pain stops. It’s not an organ that’s used, so once it’s burst, it’s done causing pain. Well that makes sense when explained that way. But then my husband chimes in “Well, what are we waiting for, lets burst this fucker!” I immediately die laughing. The nurse, however, could not think of a single come back or response for that. She would open her mouth to start to talk, and then close it. Probably 5 or 6 times. Finally, she just started laughing and shaking her head.

Yup. I choose that man. I can always count on him trying to bring some sort of smart-ass-ness into a serious conversation.

I took a few pics… of course, one before, and one after.


See, always keeping the mood light :)


As you can see, surgery was successful, and we were sent home same day! Which made it so nice.  I really dreaded having to leave a family member in the hospital again. The doctor did say, of all surgeries, this is one of the best ones to have to do. I can agree with that.

During my stay in the waiting room. I got this cute little picture. My dad has a gift of putting the twins to sleep. Every. Time. Not that they are difficult. But they have had their difficult moments, and when dad is there, I just hand them off. “Here dad, do your magic.”  Shall we call him the baby whisperer??????? I bet my mom would have loved these skills when we were tiny babes! :)


Is my dad not the cutest?

Jason’s still re-coopin’ but doing much better. We’re exactly the same in regards to healing though: We don’t have the patience. We don’t have patience for laying around for days at a time. I hurried my c-section and regretted it… I really thought I could be super mom just days after surgery… turns out… I am not invincible. But, Jason has been up and walking around the evening of surgery. Stopped taking his pain meds after a day and refuses to let me ‘help’ him. Eh. We are both so stubborn.

But. He is doing great now. He went back to work yesterday (Monday) and is helping his daddy-o today and tomorrow. Still sore if he stays in the same position for a long time. But doing fantastic otherwise.

Seriously… I had no idea such a surgery that seems so invasive (appendix is the same area as my c-section from how I understand it) can only have 3 teeny tiny little incisions.

I don’t know if you know this… but my family is tough as nails. No matter what is thrown our way… we fight back. My twins have fought the near impossible and my husband with an emergency surgery due to his appendix. That’s three of the 6 of us in one 6 month period.

Although we are tough… we cannot financially afford all of this.. so if this could be the end of our hospital stays… that’s be fantastic! So mother nature, God, Budha, or to whomever you look up to, let them know, they will not defeat our family.. but if they could please stop testing us… that’d be great.


The Haley Herd.


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