Murals Painted by Muah

Hello my fellow peeps! I hope you had an awesome-sauce weekend. Ours was busy. Broden had a soccer tournament all weekend and we fit other things in between the games. He kicked ass. Scored goals all over the place, blocked numerous shots when he played goalie… even though he was the little guy on the team, followed through with shots, just kicked ass. He is an awesome player.. and I’m not just saying that because he’s my step-son.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I love painting murals. On the contrary, I hate painting walls. Hate painting them. In fact, I usually recruit someone to help so I don’t have to go at it alone. But nursery murals are great! They are so fun and I love giving expectant moms something no one else has. I am not capable of doing the real life stuff, which is what makes nursery murals so perfect. Most stuff is somewhat animated and much easier for me to do!

So I’ll start first with Kensli’s first mural at our old house. I love animals and decided I wanted a jungle baby animals theme. I had two prints picked out, depending on whether she was a girl or boy. And once we found out she was going to be a beautiful girl, I got to work. And this was the outcome:




The animals were actually on the bedding. So that’s how I came up with them.




And as you saw previously, her new room at the new house:




One of my old and great friends, Holly, and her husband, Virason, were expecting a little boy and their theme was monkeys. So I looked at the pattern of the bedding and worked this out on their wall:



They look like such fun little monkeys that cause all sorts of mischief!

One of my favorite murals I have ever painted was for a girl I danced with in high school on our drill team, Heather, and her high school sweetheart, Cory! Sweetest couple ever, honestly! They also did a jungle theme, but there’s turned out waaay better than my real animated baby jungle animals!








I love this monkey. If I could have cut him out of their dry wall and take him home with me, I would have. I would have kept him. Really… I surprised myself with that banana flingin’ little guy.




Another friend of mine, Mandi, whom I actually met thru Holly {the monkey mural} years ago because they are cousins, asked for a beautiful tree with owls. It was so simple, but elegant. And her husband, Ben, is such a hoot! {hehe} They are such a fun couple and it was a blast bullshittin’ with both of them when I painted.



Another painting I did was actually on a dresser that Jason and I got to give new life too. Actually, I would have totally kept the dresser~ I loved it! However, it was passed down and had been in the family, so I thought maybe it was a bad idea to steal it.

But my friend Anna was moving and asked to keep it and the bedside table that made up the set, in our garage until she’s moved into her new place. Then she would come work on restoring it at our place since she didn’t have a garage. Well she had been going through a real bad time, so Jason and I decided to surprise her with the set already done. I fished around for what she wanted and went from there. However, I decided to add her favorite flower on top… I found this design that was so gorgeous, almost tattoo worthy! And since she loves lilies, I decided to add my own twist to things.





The flower was painted white, but the lighting made the pics turn out yellow. Sorry bout that.

I am also working on a few canvases for another friend Jillian, that I am really excited about as well! And if I ever finish the two murals in my living room, I’ll throw those in a post as well.

I love doing them for people, but my fault is I’m incredibly slow. I think it will take X amount of time, but multiply that times two and that’s how long it actually takes. I don’t mean too, but I haven’t done enough to know my speed or to get faster. So I apologize to my past friends for the lengthy work!

Hope you enjoy! I just thought I would put all my work into one post.

Love and Toodle-os!



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