Monday and Tuesday Appointments

I just wanted to fill you in on the twinnies since my appointments Monday and Tuesday.

So far, as of the ultrasound at the high risk doc on Monday, we’re still sitting in the same situation. We are at a difference of fluid of 13 cm. Which makes me nervous but the doctors seem to be okay. And we just have to stay positive and trust their knowledge.

I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday and that doctor doesn’t think that we’ll be going past 32 weeks. Which is next Friday!!!!! I also turned in my giant jug of pee (which was so awesome-I’ll fill you in on that story in a minute) in, and results are back~ I am preeclampsia free! Thus far anyway.

Our growth measurements will be done next Thursday and if B hasn’t grown a whole lot, I’m guessing they’ll just pull the plug and we’ll be going in for delivery. That is less than 1 1/2 weeks! It’s getting real and scary. Real quick.

So about my jug o’pee. Before we get to sit in the waiting room, we’re supposed to leave a urine sample. Well I forgot went potty before I left, so I didn’t need to go. So, I’m just sitting in the waiting room with my brown jug, trying to conspicuously hide the giant ’24 HOUR URINE JUG’ sign pasted on the side, when the nurse comes in, loud as can be, yelling my name. Chill out lady, I’m right here. When she notices me slowly standing up, she yells, “Marissa, you haven’t peed in a cup yet?! Did you not have to pee? Or do you think you can pee now? Oh wait, I see you have 24 hours worth of pee right here in this brown jug. So maybe we won’t need your pee sample after all.” {She is a naturally, very loud person I gathered.}

{Drops head and sighs} “Yes, I have a lot of pee right here, so I really thought you’d be okay without a pee sample at this moment.”

We literally hadn’t left the waiting room before this conversation was over. So I felt great that we announced to the entire waiting room and all the other couples hanging out there, news about my lack of peeing and my giant jug.

Honestly…. good thing I’m not an uptight person, or get embarraseed easily.

Well my next appointment is tomorrow, so hopefully another update this weekend! :)

Loves & Toodle-os!

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