May Day! May Day!

Hello to all my peeps! Did ya’ll have a wonderful May Day on that dreary and crappy day? We had 70’s and 80’s… why did it leave and when is it coming back?!

Does anyone partake in the May Day festivities? Ya know, the basket making and the ding & ditching? Because… apparently this is a central Iowa thing? I feel sorry for those who do not know it’s a ‘thing’.

We always did May Day baskets for all our neighbors when we were little. And the one time I remember, will be the time I never forget. There was one particular neighbor who had 3 kids around my brother and I’s age, so we made 3 baskets for them, sat their baskets down and rang the door bell and rang. And their oldest, Cole, who must have been waiting for us, ran out screaming “I get to kiss you!”

I. Was. Terrified. My mom forgot to fill me in on what happens when the Ding & Ditcher gets caught! I remember looking at my mom for some kind of help {probably with the most terrified look on my face} and she was laughing at me! Laughing!! And for a first grader… who needed her mom more than ever at that moment… the world was going to end. I was going to never make it past that moment in my so short life.

Thankfully, Cole must have seen the tears coming, or maybe I was crying by that point, but he didn’t kiss me. Maybe his mom saw me and realized what was going on, and made him stop. I don’t remember. All I remember was having something just short of a heart attack.

So. With that said, this is about the funniest thing to watch your kids go through. I now, 23 years later, understand why my mom was laughing hysterically at me.

Here’s how it goes!

You create a list of those you want to make baskets for.


Then make the baskets at home. Which can be anything from popcorn and candy in a cup to a little flower in a tiny pot. Once your baskets are made, the fun really begins!




Like how Moose is reeeally trying to sneak in a bite?



You gather all those baskets and take them to your neighbors, family, and friends. But. You can’t get caught. So you put the baskets in front of the door, ring the door bell and RUN LIKE HELL!!!! Because…. if said people catch you… THEY GET TO KISS YOU!!! AHHHHH!!!!


Step One: Sneak up to front door


Step Two: Put baskets on porch or inside glass door. Then, once those are placed, ring the doorbell.


Step Three: Run like the Wind, Bullseye!

And to a 10 year old boy… that is a big freakin’ deal. But to the three year old… she was okay with kisses.


Broden knew to run like hell, and after a house or two, Kensli figured it out also. She’s not dumb, she watched her brother to really comprehend what to do. But I tell you what, her figuring it out was flippin’ hilarious!

When she saw Broden running at faster-than-normal speeds, she ran waaay faster than I have ever seen her run! But the look on her face was priceless!

Her face had the most fearful look with an accompanying gaping mouth as if she wanted to scream. Her eyes were wide and she kept looking around as if looking for the scary monster that was chasing them! When she didn’t see anyone or anything, the fearful look changed to extremely scared and super confused.  She continued looking around and behind her as she ran until she got to the vehicle.

She got back to me and screamed “I ran…!” But her sentenced kinda tapered off as if she wanted to follow with a question.. but decided against it. So I asked if she was ready to do it again at the next house.

Her scared look immediately turned to the most mischievous grin you’ve ever seen and said “Oh ya!” Thatta girl Kensli. I knew she would love this slightly-rebellious-but-approved-for-today activity.

They did get busted by our cousins Travis and Beth. {They may have been tipped off…} Travis waited around the back of the house, while Beth sat behind the front door video taping. And when the doorbell rang, Travis ran out to the truck and Beth opened the door to record the catch!

{I’ll post the video later, I have to get it from Beth}

Broden was lucky Travis forgot to kiss the caught ding & ditcher, but Beth reminded him for Kensli, who ate it up anyway.

Please tell me you know of this mini holiday game?? Because kids love the thrill of the catch!

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