My Little Princess in Pictures

Oh my little girl… she isn’t so little anymore. She’s 3 1/2.

She is my little princess. Seriously. When she wears her Sophia the First costume, she insists on being called Princess Kensli.

What happened to my little tom boy? Who played in dirt and liked the feeling of my dog’s giant poo mines squished between her fingers? Although. she still loves being outside and loves sports. So as long as she keeps those traits, I’ll manage :)


She’s really into her Baby Poo Bear also. She feeds him, burps him, changes his diaper, puts him down for naps, and disciplines him. It’s fun to watch her interpretation of mommy and daddy.


I even gave her, her own bottle and put her name on it. So she would know it’s hers and to help her keep it separate from the other bottles. And when it’s feeding time for the twinnies, she goes and gets her bottle and puts it next to the others. Too cute Princess Kensli!


She loves her little sisters and loves helping us with them. And I must add she’s an excellent little helper! She does amazing at fetching diapers and throwing dirty ones away! Awesome-sauce!


She loves Elsa hair. {What toddler girl doesn’t right now?} Everytime I say it’s time to do her hair, she begs for Elsa hair… but I am not good at french braiding… but I suppose practice makes perfect huh? The only thing that matters is how much she loves it. So if it’s not super important that her hair is out of her face, I attempt the Elsa do!



Along with Elsa hair, she just loves her hair getting done in general. When I curled her hair, she thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. And shouldn’t all little girls think that daily? Which is why I tell her that multiple times a day, every day.


She is just so happy all the time and always brings us smiles and laughter. The shit that comes out of her mouth is just down-right hilarious and I can’t believe how grown up she is.


It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 1/2 years I was holding this beautiful baby:


And going back thru baby pictures of her, I do see some similarities with her and the twinnies! I didn’t think they looked like Kensli at all. But now I see it :)

Love my girls

Toodle-o and Loves!

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