Last Week’s Family Walk

Well… as the title says, last week, we decided to go on a walk. All of us.

And we can’t do anything normal.

It was fun and I was exhausted. So. I’d say it was a successful trip!

I steered the twins i the stroller.

Broden rode his scooter… thing.

And Jason pulled the red wagon with Princess Kensli inside.





Aren’t they too cute?

Then Broden and Jason started playing a game. Jason would chase Broden and try to catch him; Broden would start running with his scooter {because it was faster than the fancy move he had to do to maneuver the scooter}; and Kensli would scream “Weeeeeeeeee! This is awesome! This is cool!” And all I could think was pleeeeeease don’t let one of those wagon wheels pop off and send Kensli flying.

I certainly was not going to run to keep up with them, trip and go flying with the twins…. so I walked fast.

But they still had to wait for me here and there. And when they did, they would play tag and once one was caught, they’d wrestle to the ground… and then Princess Kensli would jump on top. And for some reason, they always waited for me at the busiest intersections.

So. The wagon and scooter were left by the sidewalk while the three humans were wrestling in someone’s yard… it was so weird.

I can only imagine the looks they were getting and how confused drivers must have been!

I never could get a decent picture of any of the happenings. They all turned out super blurry :(

Then Jason wanted a turn on the fancy scooter so Broden pulled Princess Kensli.



Meanwhile, my girls still looked super content.



We found a park and decided to stop and let the kids play. And of course… by kids I mean, Broden, Kensli, and Jason.







Are you excited for July 4th??? Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t wait! I have family coming into town who finally gets to meet the twins, we go to fireworks on the 3rd with friends, and then we go to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott’s for the 4th. It’s going to be sooooo awesome!

So stay tuned after the 4th for a giant camera dump!

Loves and Toodle-o!

{Eh. This was supposed to post on the 2nd, but for some reason, didn’t. So this is a few days late! Sorry :)}

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