Broden’s Kid’s Triathlon

Recently, my step son Broden was in his first kids triathlon! And he did amazing! For being only 9 years old, he really kicked ass out there. And his family couldn’t have been more proud! His mom and siblings on her side was there, and then obviously Jason and I, Jason’s mom and Aunt, my cousin Beth and his cousin Travis, and my dad! He had quite the cheering section! The downfall to triathlons? It’s impossible to watch the entire thing. But you can bet we watched him take off in the beginning and finish! His dad and I are so proud of him. Here’s a few pictures to give you an idea of how hard he worked!

Waiting to Start


And he starts!

And he’s off!



Leaving the pool, headed to the bikes



Crossing the finish line!


Broden with his medal! Clearly… I didn’t stand in the correct spot to get a decent picture.  I shouldn’t have had him staring into the sun! Silly me…

We are so proud of him!  I’m hoping now that he knows what it takes, he’ll work a tad harder at it next year in preparation.  Triathlons are hard and takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  And there were definitely some kids who had done these quite a few times. They had the entire get up! And barely out of breathe when they finished… geez o peez! I don’t think I could even do this!

Way to go Broden! Love you!

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