Just a FYI

I am frustrated. With many things. But mostly, my situation with my external hard drive.

It won’t turn on. While this may not  seem like a big deal to most, I however, am trying not to cry just thinking about it. My whole life is on there. All my pictures, all my documents, everything. I tried backing up my computer with the online ‘cloud’ things… a couple of them, and the damn thing timed out before it got a tenth of my computer backed up.  I got fed up because I don’t have the patience to deal with that crap. And therefore decided to purchase an external hard drive. This was last June… so 10 months ago. Not even a year old yet.

Well. It suddenly won’t turn on. And when I’m blogging and need pictures.. this is a real inconvenience. Along with the other 15,000 documents and data it has stored on there.

So my first step I decided to take was take it into Best Buy. A) I bought it there and B) they have the Moron Geek Squad. I thought this was an excellent first step. Well, my husband took it in. They plugged it in appropriately, and then into my computer and {it didn’t turn on} and said “Well sir, it looks like the problem is it won’t turn on.” No. Shit. Shirlock. I figured that out in the comfort of my own home. Jason proceeded to say yes, we know that, but what’s the next step? “Well, we can’t fix those here, we don’t know how. You’ll have to call Seagate.” {Seagate is the name of the company of the external} Oh. Glad that was a total bust and waste of gas.

So clearly, my step 2 was to give ol’ Seagate a ring a ding ding yesterday once we got home. So I called and listen to it ring, and ring, and then the automatic answering service took over…and of course it took me 5 minutes just to get to a live person to talk to. {My patience by this point was almost mute} Finally, someone from India answered. So he had a step by step process for troubleshooting. Step One, was me to go back to Best Buy or ‘any ol’ electronic store’  and purchase this USB Tree micro USB cable… I did repeat this to him 4 times, just to make sure I heard him right… and I am still not convinced I did. So he was ready to hang up the phone at that point, and which I was not.

I went on to ask him what Step 2 was, and he said, “Oh. We’ll send you a new one.” Great trouble-shooting process there Seagate. Awesome, so I get a new one. But the entire problem with this entire situation is I need my data off my current external I have in my shaking, angry hands! Turns out there is an up charge to send it into the Recovery Team to get my data off of it… Um. No. Your product didn’t last even a year, I have my receipt, and it’s still under warranty. So since your machine faulted within the warranty time period, You, Mr. Seagate, can recover my lost data and eat the cost.

You could tell he was not prepared for my comment. He stuttered a little bit and just could not come up with something to say. So I let him off the hook, because we didn’t know if this ‘Tree Mirco USB’ cable would be the fix-it solution or not. I said, “Well no use crossing that bridge until we get there, but I will call back tomorrow if this doesn’t work.”

“Okay ma’am, have a good day.” Click.

Gee. Apparently he was ready to get off the phone? No good bye, no I’ll talk to you tomorrow, no nothing.

So Step 3. Back to Best Buy. I sent Jason. I don’t know what the hell anything is. And I certainly didn’t know they named USB cables after Trees… So to avoid a mental breakdown, I poured myself a glass of wine. It may have technically been two… but it fit in one glass. So that’s what I’m going with.

So fast forward one hour, and the hubster comes home.  Without a cable. The Best Buy moron workers told him that cable is sold solely through Seagate. What the hell!?! My blood was boiling when he told me that. And it was after customer service hours with Seagate. Which, they are lucky. I had all night and morning to cool off.

USB 3.0

So Step 4. Jason called Seagate back today. And of course they disagreed with Best Buy. Which I knew this cable wasn’t a Seagate cable. So he sent a link to my email on where to find it at Amazon AND Ebay.

Step 5. Order said Tripp Lite U326-003 USB 3.0 Super Speed cable.

So we are pausing at Step 5 until the cable comes to trouble shoot that. I’ll fill you in on the rest later… once we find out if this works… or doesn’t work.

Seriously, this is a pain in the ass. I just want my pictures back… :(  So until this is fixed or working, or replaced… I won’t have pictures. Which is sad, I love showing off my children. 

Loves and Toodle-o!

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