I Hate Blog Giveaways.

Does anyone else follow a huge number of blogs and immediately turn the website channel when their most current post is a blog giveaway? I hate them. First of all, I never win anything.  I am not that lucky. In fact, if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

But. If you’re like me, you see the prize, and it’s an awesome DSLR camera, and I think of all the possibilities! Then, what?! There’s TWO cameras? One for me and one for a friend?! Double boom! So I scroll through the post to see what I have to do. If it’s just leave a comment, I can do that easy enough!

But. No. You have to do all of the following to even be considered for the drawing: A) Leave a comment B) Like them on Facebook C) Follow them on Twitter D) Follow them on Instagram E) Follow them on Pinterest F) then go to their friends’ blogs and do all of the above for them.

Really? What happened to leaving a comment and drawing a number on who’s comment won? I can understand liking on Facebook, but they have to remember, a lot of people don’t use all of those things! It makes it so much work, especially when you don’t want to follow all of those people on all your social networking sites.

I understand it’s all about getting a big following of people, but why not make things awesomely super easy for your followers, instead of making them have a part time job to try to win one of your giveaways?

I don’t mean to be mean with this post, but it’s just an opinion I’ve had for a long time, and it’s time for me to get it off my chest. You want to make your readers happy? Then make things simple.

That is all.


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