Hello and Goodbye Methodist Hospital

Unfortunately, but at the same time, fortunately, no babies yet. Might as well get that out of the way.

It started at the High Risk appt yesterday. Jason and I were first sent to the ultrasound room, with lots of good news. A grew to 4 lbs even and B grew to 3 lbs 2 oz. A decent jump for B. I was so happy for her. But, A’s fluid went up from 14 to 18.5… that was not so good… but with everything else that did turn out okay, the docs are okay with the fluids.

That has been what is so hard about this TTTS. We’re told in the beginning, that more than 10 cm of fluid difference is bad, 25% weight difference is bad along with numerous other things. But the catch is, if just a couple of those ‘things’ happen, it’s still okay as long as the big picture is great!

So yes, the fluid is more than 10 cm difference, but the babies are no longer more than 25% in weight, dopplers (blood flow in the umbilical cord, brain, and the bladder) are good, they are taking perfect breathes, they are moving great, their heart beats are wonderful, and literally everything is great, except for the fluid.

So before, I thought if one thing was in the not-so-great range, they would get pulled and sent to NICU. But they look at the big picture. Which has what kept them inside and cooking this long! This is the bad part about all this ‘stuff’… I know enough to just freak myself if I think something is wrong. Not cool when your pregnancy is everything but normal.

Anyway. yesterday’s appointment was going great! Until I had to get my blood pressure checked. And it was super high. Eh. Which is a sign of pre-eclampsia. Among other symptoms of which I was not having. So since this is the second time around they have thought pre-eclampsia, I was sent to the hospital yesterday for 24 hour monitoring. For myself. Not for the babies ~ they are great! But they wanted to get my blood pressure under control, check my ‘diabetes’, that I am pretty sure I don’t have. But I am just having so many issues they decided not to risk it. And away I went.

It. Was. Miserable. The staff was wonderful, the doctors were awesome, I loved everyone I had to deal with. It just sucked sleeping in another place, another bed, getting poked and prodded over and over, peeing for 24 hours again into a giant jug, laying in super uncomfortable positions to get blood pressure checked every 5 minutes!! {Which by the way, that machine turns my hand blue from it squeezing so tight!}

{I may have even had a minor melt down in front of the lab technician and nurse at 6 in the morning. We won’t discuss that though.}

But I am happy to report that all my tests came back great, and I do not have anything that could jeopardize this pregnancy. And because I’m still able to carry just fine, and the twins are doing great on their own, we get to go a week  or two more!!! How amazing is that!?!

The latest we’ll go is March 14 for sure. I spoke to my OB last Tuesday, and she said if we make it past this weekend (yippee!) we’ll schedule the Caesarean for March 14 for sure. I will be 34 weeks that day, and with all that’s going on in this pregnancy, she doesn’t want me going past that date either.

So if we make it another two weeks, my twinny-babies will be born 3~14~2014. How crazy to think in just a few short weeks, I will have two beautiful baby girls who will shit and eat twice as much as Kensli did and make me work twice as much at night. :)

But I am getting so anxious to meet them, as is my friends and family. Do you think they will look like me or Jason? Will they have the temperament Kensli had as baby? Will they be athletic or a math-lete? There are so many possibilities out there for them! Oh little Haley Babies… I can’t wait to meet you both and watch you girlies blossom.

Loves & Toodle-os!

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