Happy New Year and One Last Piece of Advice

Well I hope 2013 has treated you well! I know it has for me! Lots of memories to take with me for sure! Ringing in the new year, I hope you are safe and have safe travels!

And second, I would like to discuss some parking lot etiquette.

After my OB appointment today, I had to run to Hy-Vee for a few items to take to the neighb’s tonight. First of all, it was packed.. which no one can help. I knew it would be. It’s the ‘new’ Hy-Vee first and foremost, and second it’s New Years Eve. Everyone is needing last minute things… food, napkins, silverware… alcohol!!!! Duh.

So I needed 7 things. I knew it wouldn’t be a ‘quick’ trip. But I went into it with that mind set.


With that said, come on people!!!!!!!  

Does no one have any mannerism when it comes to parking lots anymore? Or is everyone looking out for themselves, and themselves only? News flash, you are NOT the only person in this world.

Truth hurt? Sorry about your bad luck and years of thinking how awesome you are when really you are no one in this great big world.

*Please, for the love of everything holy, put your damn carts back in the spots specifically for your no-longer-needed cart. Do not leave them in the parking spot next to you, or in the middle of the ‘road’…. Honestly! How pissed would you be, {and have been as I’m assuming this has happened to everyone at least once} if you finally see a parking spot remotely close to the store, pull in and only to find a damn shopping cart sitting there. It’s pretty damn ridiculous, and pure laziness on your part. The cart racks are placed conveniently around the parking lot, it takes maybe 90 seconds to put them back, just do it.

*If you value your life… please don’t walk down the middle of the aisle when walking to the store or back to your car. There are vehicles that have to drive down those said aisles looking for parking spots, and believe me when I say, you do not walk as fast as a slow moving car looking for a spot to park does. What’s even better is when I see entire families of 3-6, mostly children, just leisurely strolling down the middle of the ‘road’!!!  Seriously!!!! A) What are you teaching your kids? To get hit by a car? And B) What is so hard about walking off to the side to let vehicles pass?

My favorite is when they can see the headlights shinning on them… and they still refuse to move. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? I would seriously feel awkward knowing I’m holding up a line of cars who are just wanting to leave the store or trying to find a parking spot.

* Please, when just exiting the store, look both ways before crossing the road to get to the parking lot. Really… I mean this is preschool/kindergarten shit we’re talking here folks! Yes, vehicles must yield… but when you step 1 foot in front of a moving vehicle that has already stopped at the stop sign and is crawling forward… just missing the front of said vehicle… it causes the driver to have a mini heart attack, because you are probably the same person that would sue every penny they are worth if you bumped them. Just look. It’s common sense.

{Looking both ways} Oh, here comes a giant Suburban… already passed the stop sign they had to stop at, looking to turn into the parking lot.. maybe I should wait for them to pass me before I walk to the parking lot, especially since I’m standing at their front tire as we speak.

Good call, person with common sense. Good call.

I’m sure there are a few other things that drive me bonkers about parking lots… but those 3 are my top pet peeves. If you could all just listen to this one post whenever you’re in a parking lot… the world would be a much happier place. And others around you would appreciate it.

Especially the wonderful workers who have to go around dragging the carts {you decided to NOT put away} around the parking lot to bring them all back inside the store. 10 degrees below, snowing, slush, etc. You get the idea.

Anyway! Have a great New Years! Stay safe! Have fun! Get crazy if you’re allowed!


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