Happy Anniversary to my Handsome Husband!

Today marks our two year anniversary!

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It was such a fabulous wedding! We got married at the Lake of the Ozarks and it was one of the greatest weddings I have ever attended… and maybe I’m biased :)

It was suuuuuuper hot that day. I believe someone told me it was 107 degrees and the wedding lady said it was the first time in history there wasn’t a breeze. But regardless, everyone was champs and we had a glorious time.

We’ve actually been together 8 years next month… almost a decade!


He actually surprised me Saturday night with a date night! Just us two. He had my parents all lined up to come watch the girls about 5 and we took off. It was such a wonderful night. And so needed…

We started with the Olive Garden because we had some gift cards we finally got to use!


Then we headed downtown for the Arts Festival. I love the arts festival. Once we walked around that once, we met up with my cousin Jessica and her boyfriend, Nate. We seriously love them! Two of my favorite people ever! We always have a great time and just spend the entire night laughing. Seriously. All of us together = AWESOME SAUCE!





Anyway, once we got together with them, we decided to hit up a bar with pool and play a couple times. And can I say, I totally rocked the first game? Surprised all of us… even me!






{Haha! This one cracks me up! Sorry guys…}

Afterwards, it was time to head home to relieve the padres.

It’s been quite the ride with this handsome man. Who knew we’d end up with 4 children, 2 dogs, and purchasing the perfect house to hold us all. I love this man more than words could say. I don’t know if anyone {other than my parents} could put up with my random moodiness, my crazy ideas, my creative side that requires stuff everywhere, my lack of cooking skills, and my random thoughts of the day the way he does. He is my other half and makes me whole.


I love you Jason Paul, and here’s to many more years!

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