First True Week of Kicking Fat’s Ass

Ahhhhhhh! I just got done with my bike ride and decided to sit down and start this post. My legs are all… weird. You know that feeling after you work out, and the muscles that were worked start pulsing and going spastic? Ya… it’s the weirdest feeling.

It’s time to share Kicking Fat’s Ass week 1. I had started a couple weeks ago, but schedules always got in the way. But I think I have a system down now. I’ll try to keep an update of my activities at the end of each week! :) But this week was excellent… exercise wise.

I wanted to inform you, I went biking every other morning at 5 am!!! I would go every morning, however, on my night/mornings with the babies, I was staying home incase they woke up. Beth and I are work out buddies and it has sure helped me getting my ass out of bed. We went Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings this past week. And by Friday… I was doing some serious struggling. And it was by far my worst day. Mostly because A) we went to the gym last night so I am super sore currently and B) Jason had to be in the office super early this morning and wanted to leave between 6:20 and 6:30. But I still got my ass up and went. Here are the numbers for this week.







And Friday (today)



Beth also found a 14 day free trial pass to her gym. So we decided to start that… before Jason leaves me, with the kids, for a week in Minnesota, because I won’t be leaving the house much then, let alone going to the gym. And let me tell you, I was a hot mess. First of all, totally forgot to change before I left. I was wearing maternity ‘yoga pants’ which aren’t as tight as yoga pants… trust me. Plus a maternity pink tank, topped with spit up all over my chest, and a nursing sports bra. Which as you can imagine doesn’t have the greatest support. I’ll be making sure to give myself a good once over in the mirror before I leave next time for the gym.

Then I walk in and there are probably 8 beefy guys in there. That’s all. And by beefy, I mean huge muscles. I suddenly felt very… ridiculous. {Reason #1 why I hate the gym} We hopped on the elliptical first and whoa boy. It’s been awhile since I have been on that thing. But I felt my heart rate going crazy in our warm up which is always a good sign.

We then moved to the floor to do leg and ab workouts. I may or may not have looked ridiculous… but damn it! I did it all! And I am hurtin’ this morning! The most problem I had was the planks. Which are already hard… but then taking into account I just had my abs cut in half… made it slightly more difficult. And was actually kinda painful around the incision. But I toughed it out.

Let me tell you, if you want to look good exercising, you just come work out with me. I make anyone look like they know exactly what they are doing. Because I’m just struggling to keep going. I look like an estranged dog, pleading for someone to lift me up and carry me away, on my last breathe. Really. I’m just too glorious.

Then doing wall squats I felt like I was going to fall through the wall! I told Beth “I really don’t think this dry wall will hold me. And then I’m going to roll backwards into the work out room behind us and those boys are really going to see what all this can do.” Seriously. I’m so out of shape. But I suppose that’s why I’m doing this… to get back into shape.

In the room we did our floor exercises in, there were was all sorts of equipment. All stuff I see on Extreme Weight Loss and Biggest Loser shows. For example the row machine! And the ropes!! And the kettle bells!!! All stuff I would love to purchase to put in my home gym since I can’t afford a gym membership.

So I always thought the peeps looked sooooo cool working those damn ropes on the boob-tube! Making the giant wave that went all the way down the rope. Heck ya! So I stepped up, grabbed the handles, and immediately knew I wasn’t going to be as good as those people. Those bad boys were heavy!

So I decided to do them while Bethy looked for our workout on her pinterest page and I about died. First of all, they are so heavy duty that I was leaning clear back just trying to lift the damn things. Then trying to lift my arms high enough to make a wave… psh. It was hard!

So I decided next time.. I’ll try the kettle bells and row machine. And in the mean time, if anyone finds any of the above equipment for sale cheap, and/or an elliptical, please let me know!

What I really need to work on, is food. I need to eat more meals and healthier ones at that. And watch my portion control. So that’s my goal this week. Is to watch food like a hawk. Making a grocery list this afternoon after my hair appt and planning all my 35 meals for the next 7 days.

I’m also starting the couch to 5k workout… again. I started week one a couple weeks ago, and the following week none of my planned workout times worked out because of scheduling conflicts with either the hubsters, or the twins, or Kensli, or other things that of course popped up. I’m getting there. It’s just taking some time to really figure out a good schedule for me and leaving some flexibility in case that schedule doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

But regardless, I’m going to do this! Anyone else joining me on this work out journey? How are you doing with it?

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