External Hard Drive Update

Eh… This has been quite the process.

But a little has changed since my previous post on the situation. One of my daycare parents, Scott, was reading my post about this unfortunate mishap, and he just so happens to know just about everything when it comes to technical items! He text me after reading and told me he thinks he can help.

Well, turns out, it’s the base they use for their external hard drive that craps out. The external hard drive part is fine. Thank goodness! I felt a huge burden lift off my shoulders when I heard that. Scott actually sold Seagate at one point, so he knew exactly what he was talking about. {Take that Seagate and Geek Squad!}

He brought it back to our house after working his magic on it. He also brought a new portable external with him so we could transfer my data from my old one to the new one! How awesome was that?! {Seriously, my daycare parents take care of me!}


This new external I have is called WD {Western Digital} My Passport Ultra. It’s sold just about anywhere, but you can buy it here at Best Buy. So far, I love it. Granted… it’s only been a day. But Scott uses this same external at work, and hasn’t had a problem with it for 3 years! So I’m hoping this will be the same case. But I love the portable aspect. I don’t have to plug it into an outlet to use it every time. Which I found was such a huge pain in the ass when I was transporting it back and forth from the hospital . And it’s so cute! So itty bitty and slim. It’s nice I can just slip it into my purse or computer bag {if I had one} and go. Although, i’m thinking I should invest in a case for it. Just to be on the safe side!


See? Tiny! And I am in love!

So now I’m trying to decide what to do with the other P.O.S. I called Seagate and tried to just get a refund, but they claimed Seagate doesn’t do refunds… Okay… Sure. So they are sending me a new base to plug into the external. Best Buy’s return policy is it has to be unopened and returned within 15 days. Well, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t working if it wasn’t opened. And I bought it last June… clearly more than 15 days.

I obviously don’t trust it as my main back up and I have the new one anyway. Do I try to sell it for as much as I can get for it? I feel kinda bad handing over my headache to someone else though. Or just use it as a second back up. We were discussing getting cloud storage on the internet as a second back up, but maybe I’ll use this instead?

Decisions, decisions.

Toodle-o and Loves!


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