Confused? Let me explain!

Confused about the new domain? Don’t be. Let me explain.

I got an email thru my Facebook account for Makeover Momma from a gal named Bailey. She is actually the owner of Makeover Momma. For the past 7 years. She was super sweet about the whole thing and I just couldn’t believe my stupid luck.

I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before. Although our websites were about completely different things, I still didn’t feel right keeping Makeover Momma. She is very established and has been on TV a couple times and has quite the following and well… I do not. Ha! I’m still new and learning, and I knew if the roles were reversed, I would be upset as well. So I just decided to get a new domain for $10 and get my website transferred.

I was starting to realize that all the projects and makeovers I had planned weren’t moving near as fast as I thought they would be. {Especially while on bed rest ~ details on that coming soon in a new post.} Which kinda defeated the purpose of being Makeover Momma.

I found this blog is more about my family and myself. So I decided to go more that route. If anyone knows my hubs and I, they know, we like to have a drink with everything we do. Not necessarily getting sloshed… we’re kinda past those days most of the time. But we like to have a drink to wind down the day, or with a project we are working on, or just about anything. We don’t need a reason really.

So I decided Mama’s Tipsy Sippy suites myself and my family just fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting on here all our projects and other things I was originally planning on. But it won’t be all about DIY this time around.

Hopefully soon, I’ll find a designer to change my header to reflect the new name. But until then, you’ll have to deal. Sorry peeps.


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