Twinnies are 5 Months Old… About a Month Ago…

Eh. Once again, I’m really late. I had this written and ready a week or so after August 14th. However, I couldn’t find time to edit their monthly pictures until today. Soooo… you’ll be seeing another one of these in a few weeks… sorry… but what can ya do?

Can you believe they are 5 months as of August 14th? That’s right… they’ll be a half a year real soon… but once again, I’m rather busy, so pardon the really late post.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself this is in fact my life. I get the privilege of being a mom to gorgeous twins. Not many people get that chance, and I’m honored I was blessed with such an opportunity.









Zuri and Varah ~

There are so many similarities this past month. So much so that I decided to add a paragraph about it. You both are now sitting in bumbos, and loving it. You love to be able to sit up and watch everyone, and we parents love it because you can now sit up and watch what you two want without us having to hold you. You both are talking a ton and it’s so funny. It’s more grunts than chitter chatter, but it’s still so cute none the less. You guys are actually starting to interact with each other, almost talking back! And you’re starting to recognize each other. You both stare at each other like you can’t believe you’re looking at yourself. Sometimes it looks like a mirror, haha! You hold hands and just love to check each other out. It’s so cute and so surreal to be able to experience this first hand. You both have found your dang hands! Eh. The paci’s are not either of your favorites so it’s almost impossible to trade the paci’s for your hands. Do you guys realize that your hands will be harder to break, as you cannot remove appendages??? You both are starting to get upset if people walk away from you. You love talking with people and interacting with them, so when they walk away… neither of you are happy little campers. The play mat is starting to be your new favorite thing, as long as you guys aren’t in the mood to sit up. The toys dangle in your faces and you guys can actually grab them now and pull. One toy sings if pulled just right, and when it goes off, you both jump startled and lay there starring at this toy like it came out and bit you! The giggling is constant now! It’s soooo dang cute, and ya’ll are so close to laughing. Your tummies are your most ticklish spots, and once we hit the right spot, it’s almost a guarantee for a 2-4 second giggle. The laughing is just right around the corner, I just know it! You both have started drooling horribly… a tremendous amount… so bad I have now started putting bibs on. I can’t believe it’s actually teething since it’s been a month of constant water seeping from your mouth, but I suppose maybe. You guys just seem so young for it to be that. But really… you can stop this drooling business any time now :) My favorite time of the day is getting your two out of bed. You talk to yourselves until I come and get you. And once I walk in and interrupt your very important conversation, you both are ALL smiles. From the second you see me, all through changing diapers, and until I pick you up to take you downstairs. I love it, every morning. And I love how both of your eyes all but disappear when you do smile. You both are just so beautiful. You guys are getting bigger by the day. You’re both officially in size two diapers now that we have run out of size ones. And you have basically skipped size 3-6 months clothes and jumped right to 6! Although, some 3-6 still fit so we’re keeping them around as well! I can’t wait until your 6 month appointment to see just how much you’ve grown!










Does the above picture crack anyone else up as much as it does me? She did so great helping me babysit this past summer and I’m pretty sure she learned a loooot. She’s going to be the best damn babysitter in all of Bondurant, Altoona, and Ankeny. You are welcome future parents-who-hire-Avery.





 They were helping me shop :)


Oh Miss Zuri. oh how I love to squeeze you, and love you, and tickle you, and squish your giant cheeks together. And I mean that all in the most loving way! :) You are incredibly lazy, which is what I blame not rolling over yet on. You’re still our chunky monkey, which is why I’m guessing you’re lazy :) You sleep a ton. I’m guessing you’re growing more because you also suck down your bottles. You’re not much of a smiler anymore… we have to work to get one from you. But I think it’s because you’re so focused on watching everyone and every thing around you. You are especially angry when left alone… but it depends on your mood… Little Miss Attitude. You’re eyes are always sooo big and wide, and so blue. They are absolutely beautiful!














She can kinda roll half way over if she’s on a surface that’s inclined…



You on the other hand, smile constantly. And you smile with your entire face. With your eyes, your mouth, your cheeks, the works. And it can light up a room. You are always so happy and so relaxed. You smile at people, at toys, at the tv, and the dogs. It doesn’t matter, you smile. You can handle people walking away better than your sissy. But are just as curious as her when it comes to watching people. Your huge news this month is you are ROLLING OVER!!!!! You love sleeping on your tummy at night now. And you’ve rolled back onto your back twice now, but it may have been more of an ‘accident’. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you on the monitor, I was such a proud parent. 



















And I have a creeeeeeeeepy story involving Varah. I have told Jason numerous times I think this place is haunted. And I’ll have to keep track of the stories from here on out so I can tell them to you. Nothing serious, or huge, but little things I have been seeing or hearing… and I take notice.

But one morning…

I was laying there not wanting to get up so I rolled over and decided to watch the twins on the monitor. I love doing that before I go get them up. But I noticed Varah had no pants on and Jason put Varah to bed the night before. I asked him why he didn’t put pants on her because it makes them cold during the night and they often times get up in the middle of the night freezing. And he turned around and said “What? I did put pants on her. She probably somehow got them off or something.” Um, no. The pants were tight enough around the waist, they weren’t going anywhere. So I thought maybe I was not wake enough and looked again. But, she still had no pants on. Just her onesie. I could see the outline of them on her booty and the snaps. So I told Jason “Please make sure you put pants on them. She doesn’t have them on, and she did not ‘squirm’ out of them.’ And he got upset because he knows he put pants on her. Ya ya ya ya ya ya. So I got up and dressed and checked the monitor  one more time. And once again, no pants.

Well, I walked in to grab her, and SHE HAD PANTS ON!!! Black ones that would have showed up on that monitor! I stopped dead in my tracks.

As I slowly walked to her crib and begin to lift her up, Jason, walks by, sees her with her pants on, and says “Told’ga.” Oh shut it hubs. This is a whole different matter.

I still don’t know what happened… Or how it happened. But I know for a fact she can’t put her pants on. This is a picture of her rolled over, & you can see how clear the image is with night vision on. Imagine it with the sun shinning through the windows.  I soooo wish I would have took a picture of the monitor showing her pant-less and one when I walked in with them on.


I promise after my brother’s wedding on the 20th, I’ll be around much more. August and Sept are just crazy busy… so unfortunately, this blog gets put on the back burner!

And an update on Kicking Fat’s Ass soon!! :)

Love and Toodle’os!


Twinnies are 4 Months!

I have some chunkers on my hands! And I love each and every roll! And they are 4 months old now!!

They were 4 months on July 14th, and don’t ask me how many weeks that is. Because I don’t know. Sue me.

4 Months B










Seriously, do they look like they were preemies? Absolutely not! Everywhere I go, I’m told how big they are, and they’ve never seen twins that big, and look at those giant rolls! Oh I know! They weren’t always this big. But we are sure fortunate.

{And this is an extremely late post. I have been working on this post since the week of July 13th and I’m just now getting it done. That’s how busy we have been over here at the Haley household! So you’ll be getting another one of these in a few weeks…Sorry!}



See, they do cry! 

They seriously melt my heart every single day. I just can’t believe how blessed we are. It still amazes me we have TWINS! Sometimes when I look at them or think about the day I found out at that first ultrasound, my heart drops just as it did that day.

It’s just a crazy ride.

{Side note}

But ya know what I am tired of hearing?

“Ooooh! TWO babies??? Are they twins?” No dumbass, I found this baby in the parking lot and decided to keep it.

“Oh, my aunt’s brother’s wife had twins, a boy and girl!” I. Don’t. Care.

“Are they identical or fraternal? Ooooh, all the twins I know are fraternal.”  Yes, they are freaks of nature. Take a picture.

“Wow, they are identical huh? So are they two girls, two boys, boy and girl?” Well… being identical… they have to have the same private bits!

“I have a set of twins myself, they’re 15 now, I promise you’ll get thru this.”

That last one… that last one is really starting to infuriate me. Are you trying to tell me I look stressed? Or look like shit? Ooooor what? I find this journey actually pretty easy. My babes are perfect. They don’t cry {unless they are hungry, then they go from happy-go-lucky to HAngry}, they sleep about 8 pm to 8 am now, give or take an hour. They don’t need paci’s. They love to just chill with ya.

So ma’am, who feels the need to tell me your life story because we have this one small connection: I know I will make it through this. Because we’re doing just fine now and have completely enjoyed them since birth. I personally, think this is as easy as having just one baby. There isn’t much difference, except it is double the time in baths and feedings. I’m sorry you apparently lived through hell, but I am not. But thank you for your concern and assuming I have the same path as you.

Anyway… back to my sweet, sweet babes!

We had two appointments for the girls the week of July 14th. Their normal 4 month check-up and Zuri’s cardiology appointment.

Both appointments left me smiling.

The first appointment was much more relaxed. My cousin Avery came with me and was a huge help in holding a child here and there or the diaper bag. She’s kinda awesome, and I can’t wait to have her as a babysitter!!


Well, we found out Zuri is now 15 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long. She jumped from 25th percentile to 95th!!! Take that preemie status!

Varah is 13 lbs 15 oz and 24 inches long. And she also jumped from 17-20th percentile to 75th!!

Ya… you wouldn’t know they were preemies would you? And now that Varah is getting chunkier, they are starting to look much more identical. I used to be able to tell who is who the second I look at them. But there’s been a few times now that I had to do a double take {Shhh, I don’t admit that often}.

I took these at that appointment because I couldn’t believe how much they look alike! Finally! Can you tell who is who?




Zuri is on the left, Varah is on the right…. were you correct?

Then later that day I snapped this shot of Varah, she had a bubble mustache!


On Thursday, Zuri had her follow-up appointment to the cardiologist because she has a hole in her heart {murmur} that she received from the TTTS when they were still in the womb. Since she was the one taking all the nutrients and fluid from Varah, her heart had to work over time, a lot of over time. Which is what caused the hole.

But in that crazy first appointment, we found that the hole is pretty small and too small to do anything about even if it never closes. Well today, we learned the hole has closed!!! No more murmur! And he told us he doesn’t want to see us again! Fine by me, good riddance… cocky doc.

They are shooting above and beyond what any doctor has told us and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

You are something else. You have started talking and really working that mouth of yours. The smiles are constant and your eyes almost disappear sometimes. You can now do tummy time like a champ and hold your head high. You’ve become so strong when sitting up and you’re starting to love it! You just watch all the crazy kids around you with wide eyes, taking it all in. Your checks are doubling by the day. Massive and kissable! You may only weight a 1 1/2 lbs more than your sissy, but you feel like you weigh 10 lbs more when picking you up after Varah. You now wear 3 month clothing, but those are tight. 3-6 months are right around the corner. I’m still stuffing you in size 1 diapers because we have soooo many and I don’t want any to go to waste! 2’s are definitely your actual size, but 1’s will do until we run out. You are starting to actually stay awake after bottles. And your drama queen ‘tude is starting to show :) I mean that in the most loving way possible girlfriend! When you are hungry, you wanted your bottle 10 minutes ago. And you will scream bloody murder until it’s in your mouth. But you are so much fun, and everyone adores you and those chunky cheeks!

4 Months Z












You maybe slightly behind sissy developmentally, but you’re right there. You have now started moving your mouth and tongue like crazy and talking is coming real soon. I have heard a few baby talks but nothing concrete. You have the most innocent look about you, especially when you smile with your eyes and your lips widen from ear to ear. You are my relaxed twin, who can handle hanging with the padres for awhile while we make your bottle, lay you on the play mat, or chit chat with you. Your cheeks are catching up with sissy’s and are just as sweet and kissable as Zuri’s. Now that your are growing bigger, filling out, getting chubs on your arms, legs, neck, and belly, you are starting to look identical to your sister. There have been a few times I have had to do a double take!! :)  But not yet have I got you confused with her. You are your own person and I love that about you. 

4 Months V


They’ve started the pouty look… Lord help me.










And look at where they started…

First time together since birth

What a Fun Weekend!!

Did you guys have a fun weekend? We sure did! Well… the girls and I did.

The boys had to work. A lot… Ha! They helped my dad grout the tile in his new kitchen and they worked on the playground for the afternoon. {Both of are huge projects, can’t wait to show you the finished picture!}

The most work I had to do was push a stroller and sport a sunburn.

But it was well worth it. We had so much fun!

Friday was really just a chill night. We went to bed by 10:30 I believe. Booooooring.

But Saturday I decided to take the girls to the Rose Festival in State Center. It wasn’t really the plan, and honestly I decided on a whim. Because… I was going to take 3 girls to a parade by myself. That sounds like a lot of work. But I was meeting up with some friends. So I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. I was also excited to get in some adult time with the neighbs Adam and Amanda, and friends Tom and Laura whom we met through the neighbs. They are all so much fun, and we have a blast every time we get to hang out. I was really craving some adult time, so after Tom and Amanda told me we should come, I ended up wanting to go.


Looking through my phone in the bright sunlight, it looked like everyone was looking at me and smiling. Clearly… Laura was the only one ready. Gwen was a tired girl, Amanda was trying to get her to smile… and Kensli… Well Kensli was just getting her bag ready for the candy. {That bag was a huge deal before we left the house. She wasn’t letting me leave until she knew that there was a plastic bag in the diaper bag.}


This picture cracks me up! Tom looks crazy, I look weird, and Kensli looks annoyed.


After the parade {which I have never been to a parade that had that much candy! They were making it rain candy!}, we walked around the carnival. I had no clue it was such a huge weekend event! I didn’t bring cash because I thought it was just a parade… and that’s all I thought it was. That’s all my husband made it sound like. I thought he would know, he lived there growing up! But no. This is a huge deal.

Well anyways, we walked around, let the kids ride a carny ride that didn’t look or sound like it was going to crash and burn to the ground and we ended at the playground where I met up with Jason’s mom and a couple of my nieces.





Before we left we got some snow cones that tasted amazing!! Mmmmm  It’d been awhile since I had tropical sno. And it still tastes just as good as I remember!


Isn’t she beautiful?



On the 7 minute ride back to my mother-in-law’s house, I look in my review mirror and see this:



I think she had fun.


Sunday, we woke up knowing our house had to be clean.. but I just wasn’t ready to do that quite yet. So I talked the hubs into taking us to Mexican ~ YUM! And we definitely had some margs… and some fun. Kensli was getting kinda fussy, but not until the end. She did good for the most part though.


She was trying to show me how she could smile so big… but it looked more like she was going to burst into tears or was constipated…


Jason was not wearing a hat, I promise. Just a pot that was behind him that ended up being placed perfectly during the picture :)

After a few margs, we came home and cleaned the house. Not so fun… but it needed done. And it looked nice. Gets done a whole lot faster when the whole family pitches in!

Did you do anything exciting? Or worth while? Or did you spend the weekend working like the boys did? Booooooo

Well, until next time!

Love and toodle-os!



Twinnies Update ~ 3 Months

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down and talked to you. Yaaaa. Sorry about that.

My life is crazy… ya know… with 4 children and a daycare and all. There are some days I have 11 kids! {School ager’s in the number… but sometimes they are more work than the preschoolers!}

But I just wanted to tell you… The twinnies turned 3 months on the 14th. Is that not freakin bazar?!?! 3 MONTHS! I had them 90 days ago. and 62 days ago, they came home… {please don’t do the actual math… I’m estimating here.} So I thought I would give you the latest update along with their 3 month pic :)





They have been soooo wonderful. I was hoping they were going to be like Kensli when she was a baby. Cried when she were hungry and poo’y and that’s all. And literally, that’s what they do. They love to look at people. And ceiling fans. Weird obsession… but must be somewhat normal because I remember Kensli doing the same thing.

They are drinking 5-6 ounces, and have been for a good month or two. They started drinking 4 ounces the week they came home from NICU. Shocked? I wasn’t. Kensli did the same thing. She just wasn’t a NICU graduate.


Varah holding her bottle like a champ!


Wanna know something else? They are sleeping through the night!!!  Literally, 9-10 pm-ish is when they have their last bottle and they wake up between 5 and 6 am. And it would only be more glorious if I actually went to bed when they fall asleep so I could get the full 8-ish hours of sleep also. But I don’t. When I go to bed it’s like giving into Life and being okay with tomorrow coming. And I’m not okay with tomorrow morning coming. So that’s my rebellion. Take that biotch! Wahahaha {Evil Laugh}


They seriously are so great though. I was so worried, because every time I heard of colicky babies, or acid reflux babies, they were all tiny. {Obviously there are exceptions. I’m not saying every small baby cries a lot.} But it sure seems more often than not. And I was nervous since both my babies were tiny. 4 lbs and 5 lbs.  And luckily, neither one cry. Ever. Unless, it’s time to eat. Then, they were ready to eat 5 minutes ago. But, they are part Campbell. And booooooooy…. us Campbell’s like our food. {Seriously. Come to a BBQ. You’ll understand then.}

I wish you all could meet and get to know them. When you hold them chest to chest, they love to lay their head on your mouth. I sit there and kiss them over and over on their temple and they just ‘lean’ into my mouth as if they crave the kisses. They are starting to watch things so much more and stay awake! They are staying awake after bottles for the most part {although, sometimes they are exhausted and fall asleep immediately}, but mostly, they love to look around. Once their bottles are done, their little tummies are full, they’re tootin’ up a storm… starting to smile after said toots… and they just want to look at you. 

These preemies are now wearing 3 month clothes and in size 1 diapers! They are doing spectacular! I was told in NICU they’d be small for a long time. But they are 3 months old wearing 3 month clothing? I’ll take it. They are exceeding mine and the doctor’s expectations! Seriously, they are kicking ass.



They also have the most beautiful eyes. And their smiles just melt your heart. Their hair always had a red tint {that you could only see in certain light} but now it’s really becoming red! I can’t believe it… but I found out today that Jason’s Great Grandpa had red hair. And my Great Grandpa Heaberlin had really red hair as well! I had strawberry blonde hair as a child and a lot of Jason’s aunts have red shades… so it’s very possible. Just odd considering Kensli was white blonde when she was little and now has more of a regular blonde color. So many similarities but multiple differences between the twinnies and Kensli.

Zuri is getting to be a chunk. Seriously, her kissable balloon-cheeks could keep her afloat. We love to squish her cheeks together to make the ‘fish’ face, and sometimes afterwards, she’ll have a big smile from ear to ear. It’s so funny! She is more squirmy at times and doesn’t like to be moved once comfy. But boy is she my snuggle bug. Lay her chest to chest and she just melts right in. Places her head under my chin, sticks her tiny little tush out, and just burrows. We’ve been working with her tummy time and she’s not so patient. Literally, 10 seconds in and she is fussin’. She wants no part of that. These kids actually have a birth mark and Zuri’s is just under her hair line in the center of the back of her head. Lucky for her, no one will see it most of the time! She’s starting to stay more awake longer after bottles. And during so, sometimes she gets fussy, but other times she’s content with just lookin’ around. She is really starting to move her tongue around over and over and I think that means she’s going to be talking soon. If she’s awake, her tongue and mouth are moving. You can tell she has something to tell us in their precious little baby language, but nothing’s poppin out yet. Hopefully soon :)


Varah on the other hand is much more calm. She loves to lay around and just look. Look at windows, people, the tv, ceiling fans. Anything that’s bright or that moves. She literally looks like she is just taking it all in, like learning useless information that may someday be handy in a future conversation. It makes me wonder what she thinks about as she watches that fan go round and round. She is much better to move while sleeping. She doesn’t wake up and fuss like her 1 minute older sissy. She just may peek with one eye for a second or two and then close it again. She sometimes moves her lips and tongue around a bit, but really doesn’t have the interest like Zuri. Tummy time lasts a lot longer with Varah. She actually works at it for a good couple minutes, once up to 5 minutes before she starts getting frustrated. Her birthmark is right between the eyes… which hopefully make up will help cover up? But it’s not as dark as Zuri’s is.  She is a good pound or two lighter than her twin sister, but damn, she can still eat! She finishes her 5+ oz bottle every time. She’s catching up. She will get there eventually! She is still a great cuddlier, but doesn’t ‘burrow’ like Zuri. She’d rather spread out. Hands especially, legs sometimes. She still likes to stick her tush out a lot if laying chest to chest. 



It’s crazy to me just how innocent children are. How much unconditional love they hold for you. When they hear my voice and turn their head to find me no matter who is holding them or where.  That first real big smile that takes up their entire face because of something you did. It is all just so priceless.

Being a parent is so much hard work. So many questionable situations that you think you always decided wrong in the end. So many sleepless nights and so much under appreciation when they are older.

But it is so rewarding. When they come to you because they fell and hurt their knee. When they tell you how much they love you that first time. When they want you to kiss their toe’s boo-boo because they stubbed it {what foot phobia did you have again?}. When you walk in the door and their face lights up because their entire world just walked in. To watch them grow and learn and experience new things for the first time. To watch the light-bulb go off above their heads when they finally understand something they worked so hard on. To watch them grow physically and mentally. To jump up and down with them when they finally figure out potty training or how to say their ABC’s. To feel so incredibly wanted it makes your heart over flow with love. No one can make you feel like your child does. No one. And there are no words to describe that incredible, unconditional feeling. None.

And I get to experience all of this three times… it just blows my mind. Why am I so lucky to be their mom? I don’t know the answer to that question, but He sure blessed me with three healthy and beautiful little girls.


We love them so much. Jason and I couldn’t feel more wonderful.


The Twinnies are Here!

Yes, I have been MIA on lots of things. Getting back to people, Facebook, here, texting… but for all good reason :)

Zuri Irene and Varah Ann were born Friday, March 14, 2014 at 7:53 and 7:54 am.  And absolutely beautiful.

{Varah is pronounced Sarah with a V}

They were born at 34 weeks, which was the furthest the doc was going to let me go due to the TTTS, but they still weighed in at 5 lbs .7 oz, 19.5 in long, and 4 lbs 5 oz 18.5 in long. I have seen some of my friends’ children shorter than that at full term! I couldn’t believe how long they were.

And for being 6 weeks early, I didn’t think 5 lbs was bad either. I believe the last 5 weeks or so, they are supposed to gain a half a pound to a pound a week… could you imagine another 5-6 lbs added onto each child. Ya, me either.

But, my thoughts are with all you past, present, and future mom’s of multiple’s who do go longer than me. Kuddos to all of you!

Well, Thursday night/Friday morning, I only got about 2 hours of sleep… and that’s a big maybe. So needless to say, once my alarm went off, I must have pushed snooze, because I woke up 15 minutes before we had to leave and my husband had just got into the shower. He is someone that needs at least an hour to get ready. Eh. I do mean that in the most lovingly way possible… {Love you honey!}

With all that, we only showed up 10 minutes late! Not so bad if I do say so myself. We’re late to everything, so why wouldn’t my twinnies arrive into the world a tad behind schedule?

We checked in and they walked us to our room ~ the room closest to the NICU ~ SCORE! We had to do some prep work, getting monitors on my belly, checking babies, getting IV started, filling out paperwork, blah, blah, blah.

Finally, it was time to walk to the operating room {O.R.}. Talk about an intense feeling. We finally made it and they made Jason wait outside the O.R. until it was time for the surgery to begin. Which of course, without my best friend, it was even more terrifying.

I open the door, and was welcomed with the whitest of walls, floor, and ceiling. Bright, giant lights lined up in multiple rows above me. Along the walls were trays full of different sized scalpels, scissors, and other lets-cut-someone-open tools. And smack dab in the middle of the room was a small single table in the shape of a cross. For me. It was officially time to be crucifiedcut open, placed on the table for my C-Section. 

After I got my spinal tap, they helped me lay down because I was already losing feeling in the lower half of my body. They tested me to make sure I couldn’t feel anything before they started slicing and dicing, and once I passed those tests, they rose the ‘curtain’ in front of me, and brought in the hubster’s.

He hung out at my head with the anesthesiologist who really helped keep me calm. Next thing I knew, minutes later, the  anesthesiologist said “Okay, Baby 1’s head is out, in just a few seconds, she’ll be free!” And literally, as soon as he finished the sentence, I heard crying. The most beautiful and sheep sounding cry I have ever heard. Jason ran over to the table they took Zuri to and started snapping pictures… {Or so I thought… I haven’t found them on my camera yet}

Then as soon as Zuri was taken to the table, it was all repeated for Varah. And I heard Varah crying and I so badly wanted to reach up and grab her and snuggle her next to me… but unfortunately for me, I was paralyzed. There was no moving.  It was a weird feeling. I couldn’t feel anything being done to me, but I could feel my body twitching as if trying to tell that spinal tap, “look here biotch, I’ll move if I want to!” But, my body was all talk.

Let. Me. Tell. You. It was a happenin’ Friday morning.

Then the NICU staff started rolling the twins by my head for me to look  at. They had them in those clear incubator looking things, all bundled up in a blanket, and all I could see was their faces. Then, they continued passed me and right on out the door. Varah following closely behind Zuri.

The worst part about the whole thing, is I didn’t get to see my girls until the following day, about 10:30-11 in the morning. More than 24 hours later. It was awful. I was vomiting until 1 pm on Friday, and then after that finally got under control, my blood pressure spiked super high. So they kept declining my continuous pleading request to go see the cutest little babes on earth.

As bad as that was, it was kind of also a blessing. I felt like shit all day, in and out of sleep. Trying to get my feeling back in my chest down to my toes. Projectiling into the tiniest little bowl you ever have seen. {Yes, turns out I have amaze-ball  skills when it comes to puking into small containers.} And of course, trying to get the pain from my itty bitty incision under control.

It was like a super bad hang over. But instead of a broken foot this time {yes, Cinco De Mayo last year was a biotch to me}, I had been sliced open.

BUT. Once I did get to see them in NICU the next day, Varah, was able to start being held and I was the first one who got to hold her. Saturday was a glorious day.

Anyway, here is a very small camera dump of the hospital stay for the first week. More stories to follow. :)

Getting ready for my C-Section!

Getting ready for my C-Section!


Pictures of them the day after delivery!

IMG_2735 IMG_2731 DSC_0167 IMG_2740 DSC_0194 DSC_0185 DSC_0173 DSC_0196 DSC_0199 DSC_0201 DSC_0215 DSC_0207 DSC_0204

Loves & Toodle-os!

{Sorry all the pictures are run together. I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing. If anyone can help me upload more pictures, that’d be awesome. For some reason, it won’t let me upload more than one group of pictures. It’s really starting to make me mad!}

Monday and Tuesday Appointments

I just wanted to fill you in on the twinnies since my appointments Monday and Tuesday.

So far, as of the ultrasound at the high risk doc on Monday, we’re still sitting in the same situation. We are at a difference of fluid of 13 cm. Which makes me nervous but the doctors seem to be okay. And we just have to stay positive and trust their knowledge.

I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday and that doctor doesn’t think that we’ll be going past 32 weeks. Which is next Friday!!!!! I also turned in my giant jug of pee (which was so awesome-I’ll fill you in on that story in a minute) in, and results are back~ I am preeclampsia free! Thus far anyway.

Our growth measurements will be done next Thursday and if B hasn’t grown a whole lot, I’m guessing they’ll just pull the plug and we’ll be going in for delivery. That is less than 1 1/2 weeks! It’s getting real and scary. Real quick.

So about my jug o’pee. Before we get to sit in the waiting room, we’re supposed to leave a urine sample. Well I forgot went potty before I left, so I didn’t need to go. So, I’m just sitting in the waiting room with my brown jug, trying to conspicuously hide the giant ’24 HOUR URINE JUG’ sign pasted on the side, when the nurse comes in, loud as can be, yelling my name. Chill out lady, I’m right here. When she notices me slowly standing up, she yells, “Marissa, you haven’t peed in a cup yet?! Did you not have to pee? Or do you think you can pee now? Oh wait, I see you have 24 hours worth of pee right here in this brown jug. So maybe we won’t need your pee sample after all.” {She is a naturally, very loud person I gathered.}

{Drops head and sighs} “Yes, I have a lot of pee right here, so I really thought you’d be okay without a pee sample at this moment.”

We literally hadn’t left the waiting room before this conversation was over. So I felt great that we announced to the entire waiting room and all the other couples hanging out there, news about my lack of peeing and my giant jug.

Honestly…. good thing I’m not an uptight person, or get embarraseed easily.

Well my next appointment is tomorrow, so hopefully another update this weekend! :)

Loves & Toodle-os!

29 Weeks Preggo Picture!

Are you ready for this bad mamma jamma?!? I know I am over a week late on posting this, but better late than never… seriously, that IS my motto.

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

I mean really… I block doorways. Not cool twinnies. Not cool.

I feel like a bloated cow all of a sudden. A bloated cow with back aches. A bloated cow with back aches that can’t sleep at night. Ya… that about sums it up.

How does one’s body come back from this? Have you ever watched Click? With Adam Sandler? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

The tummy flap... Wanna tummy flap fight?

The tummy flap… Wanna tummy flap fight?

This is what I’m going to have. A tummy flap. Or do you call it a giant tongue? We could have tongue wars! Haha! {That sounds kinda bad… but hilarious!}

If this is what my body is destined to look like, I’m going to be the first mom in line at the plastic surgeon when he opens, with a margarita {heavy on the tequila} in both hands.

This Mama is NOT going to have a tummy tongue.

Instead, I have a better image in mind. My neighbor man is going to to be my ‘personal trainer’. {He may or may not really know how dead serious I am about this}

We’re going to use things I have around the house because this mama of 4 can’t afford a gym membership. I have some pre-tty cool things ya know. Like a semi tire. I can flip that baby a couple dozen hundred times.

I also really want a tattoo. {Sorry mom} But I really do. I really want a half sleeve with something relative to my 4 children. Still working on what I want… but I think that would be so cool. But that’s one of my rewards once I drop so much weight. :)

So essentially, I want to look like this:IMG_2661

Totally doable… totally doable… totally doable… don’t mind me while I try to mentally stay positive about this massive transformation.

My husband is certainly happy about my huge goals. Especially since he has a pretty clear image of where I want to be…

This isn’t impossible………….. is it?

Loves & Toodle-o!

An Update on the Twinnies!

Oh where do I begin with these two little squirts living inside of me?

Well. There has been some complications… unfortunately.

First off, with identical twins, there is a rare chance of getting Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  Let me start by explaining this syndrome. And by no means am I a doctor, this is just what we have came to figure out.

What happens with TTTS is when twins share a placenta (which every set of identical twins share a placenta), the blood flow and other things in the placenta can get off balance in regards to how everything flows to each twin through all the vessels, and ends up all in one twin, and the other twin becomes anemic and low on nutrition, blood, etc. Essentially, one twin starts ‘stealing’ from the other.

There are 5 stages of TTTS. Stage One starts when the thief starts taking amnionic fluid from the donor twin and ends up with way more than normal, and the other twin ends up with almost nothing surrounding her.  Stage two is it starts effecting the kidneys and bladder, and the weight difference between the two starts to change drastically. Stage 3 starts effecting the heart and other organs, and stage 4 & 5 are just awful outcomes…. ending in death of one or both twins.

My beautiful babes are currently at stage one. Our biggest scare was at about 22-24 weeks…. Baby A ended up with 11 cm of fluid (3-9 cm is the normal range for twins) and Baby B was only at 1.2 cm. With a difference of almost 10 cm. That was when we were given multiple options, and out of all of them, bed rest at home was the best option we could have hoped for. The others were scary and would have made the outcome of the babies very unknown. But instead of making a drastic decision of surgery, delivery or hospital bed rest, the doctors told us to wait until the following week to see how the ultrasound goes. And then we’ll discuss our options.  “Until then, bed rest at home from now until delivery, and try and relax and not stress.” Okay. Right.

Thankfully, the bed rest had worked, and the fluid had reversed. A was just under 10 cm of fluid and B was almost to 3!!! But we weren’t out of the wood works yet.  We still had to keep a close eye on the twins until they are born. But at that point, our goal was to make it to 28 weeks. 28 weeks is the Mount Everest of weeks in premature babies as after that, brain bleeds are less likely to occur.

But I am happy to say, we have passed 28 weeks and currently I am 30 weeks today!! I am still on bed rest. Which really stinks, but I’m willing to do what needs to be done.

Currently, A is 3 lb. 8 oz and B is 2 lb. 9 oz. B is slowing down on the growing, which made me nervous at Thursday’s appointment. But the doctors didn’t seem to be too concerned. They think we’ll be fine until at least 32 weeks, but at 32 weeks, we’ll check their growth (growth gets checked every other week) and decide from there if another 2 weeks is doable or if delivery is the better option for the babies.

Right now, I am having problems. Just pain in the ass problems. First of all, I failed both of my glucose tests. Which means I technically have diabetes. So now… I have to go see a dietrician and take home a stupid finger poking machine. I also have to fast as soon as I wake up for two hours, and 2 hours after each meal and poke my finger at the end of each fast. Take the machine with me to each high risk appointment and each dietrician appointment to make sure my blood is okay. But what makes me most angry, is all the doctors said I would probably fail both tests because of the twins. It’s not an accurate test with multiples. I didn’t fail by much, hardly anything actually. But they still have to go through protocol and I have to follow the steps following the failed tests. Awesome.

Then at Thursday’s appointment, they found protein in my urine. Seriously… Why not? I mean really… I have so much on my plate with this pregnancy as is, let’s just throw that on top of it. Ready to hear what I have to do for this? Oh, it’s great. I have to pee in a giant jug for 24 hours, keep my lovely urine on ice for the full 24 hours, then take this said jug o’pee to the OB appointment, get more blood work done and see if I have preclampsia. But once again, the doctor said she thinks this is a fluke because I don’t have any of the other symptoms. So this jug thing is just to make sure I don’t have it, and protocol.

Seriously, you should see this thing!!  It’s disgusting! I pee in this giant measuring cup, and then pour it into this giant brown jug. Ya can’t miss it. I really can’t wait to carry in my giant brown jug o’pee into the doc’s office, walk past all the other patients in the waiting room and just hang out with my pee until my name’s called. AH!  I might as well have a giant sign that says “Hey!!! This brown jug here is my pee!!! 24 hours worth of it!!!”

Jealous? I figured. So that’s the things I’m dealing with right now. Along with my bed rest, twice a week appointments with my high risk doctor and my once a week appointments with the OB, the once or twice a week appointments with my dietrician, I now get to pee in a jug for 24 hours.

As much as I love seeing that my twins are still growing well on the inside, I am ready for this pregnancy to be over. It has been nothing but an emotional roller coasters and crappy luck.

But I will say, we got to avoid the fetal surgery, which is better than all the ‘bad lucks’ combined.

On the positive side, I can’t wait to meet them. My girls are fighters, especially B. And I can’t wait to let everyone know the names we have chosen for them. :)  It’s killing me not telling, but I have to have some surprise at the end! Although, we still need A’s first name. We have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

Hopefully the next post regarding the Twinnies or this pregnancy in general, will be a positive one! I’ll try to update once or twice a week to keep you all filled in.

Twin Pregnancy in Pictures

One of the regrets I had when I was pregnant with Kensli was I didn’t take any preggo self pictures in the bathroom mirror. Not so much for showing off purposes, but to be able to compare that pregnancy with future ones. Well I honestly can’t stand the weekly self pics a lot of people post on Facebook. So I decided to take a picture every 3 weeks. I also decided to start using the same shirt, so you can really see the difference between the 3 week period.

But I didn’t decide this until 14 weeks…. so from 7 weeks to 13… you’ll have to use your imagination.  And I didn’t decide to use the same shirt until 17 weeks… so I guess, deal with it. I’ll create a few more posts showing all the updated pictures in the future.  So without further ado…

14 Weeks!
Don’t mind the dirty mirror…. but my first picture with twins!

17 Weeks

17 Weeks

20 Weeks!

20 Weeks!


23 Weeks!

23 Weeks!

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins


32 Weeks Preggo!
32 Weeks Preggo.

I tried to have a nice picture as well. :)

Night Before Surgery. Wow.

Last day before the Twinners arrive!

We Made It!

As you can see, just before 32 weeks, I couldn’t get ready. My back hurt, my stomach hurt, my everything hurt. So sitting down to put make up on was extremely difficult as is… let alone doing my hair as well. Sooooo, you are lucky there was even make-up on my face! :)

I am so happy I did this. And I love the way I did it. I just wish I had thought of it earlier in the pregnancy. But I suppose you get the idea.

I look back at some of the beginning pictures and remember thinking it was going to feel like years before they got here… and now I’m sitting here, writing this, after spending a week with my beautiful twinnies and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Loves & Toodle-os!