My Kensli Mae is 4 Years Old!

How on earth did this child pop outta my huhu 4 years ago?????  Look at the difference 4 years makes





It seems like just yesterday Jason was learning to change a little girls diaper for the first time…

All while I smiled from the hospital bed :)




I’m not going to boggle you down with a ton of writing. This is more of a birthday post in pictures. She is so damn smart, too smart for her own good actually! She can be so sweet, caring, and giving. But she can also be extremely stubborn, too motherly, feisty, and of course sassy!

She is absolutely beautiful and Jason and I are going to have so much trouble with boys in the future. I can see it already… {I looks up to my dream cloud and there I am cleaning my cross bow when her first boyfriend shows up….}

She loves dress up, dolls, make up, and hair just as much as she loves being outside, playing in the rain, stomping in mud, and {trying to} play sports.

The shit that comes out of her mouth is hilarious! She is incredibly smart, great negotiator, and very witty. I feel like she’s mature beyond her years. She doesn’t seem like she is just turning four. She acts like she’s 6 at the very least. Everywhere we go, I hear “Oh, How beautiful! How old is she? 6? 7?” Nope. Almost four.

I love her so much, she is literally my world.

Happy Birthday to my very beautiful Kensli Mae!

He really enjoyed holding her and watching his movie! ha










































I know they aren’t perfect, but it’s my first time with a real photo shoot and than editing.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful 4 year old!

What a Fun Weekend!!

Did you guys have a fun weekend? We sure did! Well… the girls and I did.

The boys had to work. A lot… Ha! They helped my dad grout the tile in his new kitchen and they worked on the playground for the afternoon. {Both of are huge projects, can’t wait to show you the finished picture!}

The most work I had to do was push a stroller and sport a sunburn.

But it was well worth it. We had so much fun!

Friday was really just a chill night. We went to bed by 10:30 I believe. Booooooring.

But Saturday I decided to take the girls to the Rose Festival in State Center. It wasn’t really the plan, and honestly I decided on a whim. Because… I was going to take 3 girls to a parade by myself. That sounds like a lot of work. But I was meeting up with some friends. So I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. I was also excited to get in some adult time with the neighbs Adam and Amanda, and friends Tom and Laura whom we met through the neighbs. They are all so much fun, and we have a blast every time we get to hang out. I was really craving some adult time, so after Tom and Amanda told me we should come, I ended up wanting to go.


Looking through my phone in the bright sunlight, it looked like everyone was looking at me and smiling. Clearly… Laura was the only one ready. Gwen was a tired girl, Amanda was trying to get her to smile… and Kensli… Well Kensli was just getting her bag ready for the candy. {That bag was a huge deal before we left the house. She wasn’t letting me leave until she knew that there was a plastic bag in the diaper bag.}


This picture cracks me up! Tom looks crazy, I look weird, and Kensli looks annoyed.


After the parade {which I have never been to a parade that had that much candy! They were making it rain candy!}, we walked around the carnival. I had no clue it was such a huge weekend event! I didn’t bring cash because I thought it was just a parade… and that’s all I thought it was. That’s all my husband made it sound like. I thought he would know, he lived there growing up! But no. This is a huge deal.

Well anyways, we walked around, let the kids ride a carny ride that didn’t look or sound like it was going to crash and burn to the ground and we ended at the playground where I met up with Jason’s mom and a couple of my nieces.





Before we left we got some snow cones that tasted amazing!! Mmmmm  It’d been awhile since I had tropical sno. And it still tastes just as good as I remember!


Isn’t she beautiful?



On the 7 minute ride back to my mother-in-law’s house, I look in my review mirror and see this:



I think she had fun.


Sunday, we woke up knowing our house had to be clean.. but I just wasn’t ready to do that quite yet. So I talked the hubs into taking us to Mexican ~ YUM! And we definitely had some margs… and some fun. Kensli was getting kinda fussy, but not until the end. She did good for the most part though.


She was trying to show me how she could smile so big… but it looked more like she was going to burst into tears or was constipated…


Jason was not wearing a hat, I promise. Just a pot that was behind him that ended up being placed perfectly during the picture :)

After a few margs, we came home and cleaned the house. Not so fun… but it needed done. And it looked nice. Gets done a whole lot faster when the whole family pitches in!

Did you do anything exciting? Or worth while? Or did you spend the weekend working like the boys did? Booooooo

Well, until next time!

Love and toodle-os!



Kensli’s Room Makeover Peep Show!

We moved into our house in March of 2012 and almost nothing has been done to it but some paint. And the paint is kind of a half ass job. Anywhere you look… there maybe painters tape still on the wall, or an accidental swish of paint on the ceiling that we never fixed. But never mind that. We’ll eventually get into fixing all our little disasters we trailed all over the house.

But Kensli’s room was never decorated, painted, put together nice, nothing. She was just thrown in there with not much thought. I didn’t even unpack all her boxes. And by all her boxes, I mean, literally,  most of them. How sad huh? I unpacked her clothes, her fitted sheets to her bed, and shoes. Her toys went down to the toy room. Most of them anyway. Her toys she most loves stays up in her room.

But that was it. White and boring walls. Random crap I had to pull out of an unpacked box stayed on the floor once I didn’t need it anymore. Her clothes didn’t even make it to her hamper…. And to no fault to my 3 year old. It was all out of laziness on my end.

For crying out loud, she’s still in a crib! Yes. You read that correctly. A crib. But she never learned to climb out. She just talks to her self while patiently  waiting for mom or dad to come get her out of jail. We put a pull up on her, and she’s good to go for the night!

I have been letting her sleep on the couch during nap times to get a feel for how she’ll do in in the near future with a big kid bed. And for the most part, not too bad. I just like the toddler jail. For selfish reasons only. I like love not waking up at 6 am to a wide eyed little girl looking me straight in the eyes next to me when I roll over. The crib forces her to go back to sleep until a more appropriate time. She can’t get out and run when she’s not ready to go to bed… which has been quite frequently. And she can’t get up and play with toys at midnight. It’s glorious. And to be honest… I’m still not sure if I’m ready for this step.

But for her third birthday… we decided to make the grown up decision that she will have a new and improved room! It might have been a tad late… but she does have an actual room she can be excited about. So of course, it wasn’t done for her third birthday, but it was certainly started. And quite frankly… I’m pretty impressed with it so far! Still have a ways to go, but it’s started and she is excited every time she steps in the room!

Let me show you the progress thus far! Just a small little peep! I’ll show more detailed before and afters later when the room is closer to being completed! I have a grand plan for her room that I will show you when it’s all completed.  :)




Isn’t it glorious? I wanted gray and pink, but the pink I wanted was just too much for an entire wall. So this works. But that’s all for now! I don’t want to spoil the surprise! :)