The Best Update Ever!

We’re Coming Home

We’re Coming Home

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We’re going home!

Yes… it’s true! The twinnies got to come home.

I am shocked! When I left the hospital Thursday morning, they were still going to be there for at least a half week. Then when I came in Friday morning, the nurse said there were a bunch of changes and they may get to come home Saturday  :)

I cried. When she said the sentence “They may get to come home this weekend”… so many emotions ran through me. We’ve been in the NICU for exactly 3 weeks, and it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. Even long before delivery.

Everything we worked so hard for, all those bed rest days, no sleeping nights due to pain, friends and family helping out, the hospital stay, all the Methodist staff… it all was so we could get to this one moment. To bring our babes home.

No more hospital schedules. No more doing things someone else’s way. No more traveling back and forth from home to the hospital to babysitters. No more wishing we were home.

Because.  My whole family is now home.


{I apologize for the late post and the lack of any pics. My external hard drive isn’t working at the moment… I have a Best Buy trip in my future, as in tomorrow. I’m having a mental freak out just thinking about it. My whole life is on there!!} 

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