About Me



Hello and welcome to my little spot in the Internet atmosphere. ☺

I am an {amazing} wife to a very smart, handsome, and talented husband, and a mother to now, 4 amazing and nonstop active children.

This little blog of mine is where I dump all my family events, pictures, and unfiltered thoughts fueled by love, lack of sleep, and tipsy sippys. Maybe, with a little DIY thrown in here and there for good measure.

I love turquoise & hot pink, Mexican food, watching movies, margaritas, girls nights out, vodka/diet cokes, dates with the hubby, family outings, dancing, reading on my Kindle, & wine. I will have fake boobs & a half sleeve some day, and I must include I am a Craigslist and Pinterest addict.

We bought our house early in 2012, and as time and money permits (which is on the down-low lately), we fix it up and make it look purty. But being parents to young children, the money tends to be too tight to do everything I want to. So in turn, we’re all about the DIY, creative, & outside-the-box way of thinking to decorate on a budget; turning our house into a beautiful home.

And you know what help sparks those DIY and creative projects? Pinterest. I don’t know how I ever lived without Pinterest. I think it’s the most amazing website in the internet world. My husband hates Pinterest as much as I love it. It helps me add to my honey-do list. Although… judging by my pins, I should have the most glorious looking house, clothes, and body you have ever seen.

2015 is a fresh start, and I can’t wait to get my Kicking Fat’s Ass series started back up again. It’ll be the last time I start. We’re finishing this goal! Who’s with me?! I am adding a new series to the blog this year and I can’t wait for the premeir!

So follow me & keep updated on what crazy adventure the Haley household is up too next!