29 Weeks Preggo Picture!

Are you ready for this bad mamma jamma?!? I know I am over a week late on posting this, but better late than never… seriously, that IS my motto.

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

I mean really… I block doorways. Not cool twinnies. Not cool.

I feel like a bloated cow all of a sudden. A bloated cow with back aches. A bloated cow with back aches that can’t sleep at night. Ya… that about sums it up.

How does one’s body come back from this? Have you ever watched Click? With Adam Sandler? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

The tummy flap... Wanna tummy flap fight?

The tummy flap… Wanna tummy flap fight?

This is what I’m going to have. A tummy flap. Or do you call it a giant tongue? We could have tongue wars! Haha! {That sounds kinda bad… but hilarious!}

If this is what my body is destined to look like, I’m going to be the first mom in line at the plastic surgeon when he opens, with a margarita {heavy on the tequila} in both hands.

This Mama is NOT going to have a tummy tongue.

Instead, I have a better image in mind. My neighbor man is going to to be my ‘personal trainer’. {He may or may not really know how dead serious I am about this}

We’re going to use things I have around the house because this mama of 4 can’t afford a gym membership. I have some pre-tty cool things ya know. Like a semi tire. I can flip that baby a couple dozen hundred times.

I also really want a tattoo. {Sorry mom} But I really do. I really want a half sleeve with something relative to my 4 children. Still working on what I want… but I think that would be so cool. But that’s one of my rewards once I drop so much weight. :)

So essentially, I want to look like this:IMG_2661

Totally doable… totally doable… totally doable… don’t mind me while I try to mentally stay positive about this massive transformation.

My husband is certainly happy about my huge goals. Especially since he has a pretty clear image of where I want to be…

This isn’t impossible………….. is it?

Loves & Toodle-o!

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