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Kicking Fat’s Ass Update

It’s about time for an update, ya think? It’s been awhile. But honestly, I have been kicking my ass. In such a good way.

Long story short for the first part of this post, I’m down 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Which is dang amazing really. 3 lbs a week! I never have been able to do that, ever in my life. Maybe a pound or two at the most, every other week or so.

I’m starting to see muscle show up on my body. I bent over to tie my shoe, and BAM! In my face was this calf muscle… it popped outta no where! “Hello there you sexy calf you. Welcome back”

Now for the long story… yet still a short version.

I did the 3 weeks of Kosoma with my cousin’s girlfriend Emily. And I really enjoyed it. It was fun, I walked out of there incredibly sweaty after each workout. However, I was still learning a lot. I didn’t loose any weight while there. But I noticed I was getting stronger.

At the beginning of the Kosoma free trial… I couldn’t do anything. Literally… burpees? HA. You’re funny. I couldn’t get from a squat to my feet jumping back & then forward… but then they wanted me to stand back up and jump again? Ya… They were lucky I could even stand back up at all.

I literally could only walk my legs back; walk them forward; somehow, got myself to stand up, and “jumped” but my toes were still on the ground. I was a mess. I was like that for every exercise we did.

Kosoma really opened my eyes on just how out of shape I was. And it was embarrassing. My three weeks was coming up and I knew I couldn’t join. It’s too expensive.

During my last week of Kosoma, my cousin Travis stopped over & mentioned he had a test run at Elite Edge Gym. I hadn’t heard of it, but the more he was telling me about it, the more it seemed pretty similar to Kosoma. Music loud and pumping throughout the gym, a coach in front telling you how or what to do, a clock running, high adrenaline. But then he mentioned, “They’re the home of the 6 Week Bootcamp Challenge”. Okaaaaay… and that is…?

Loose 20 pounds in 6 weeks and the whole thing is free. Yes. Free. $300 paid for. But if you don’t loose it… you’re stuck loosing the money. And that’s a shit load of money.

And it’s strict, they give you a food list you can choose from. No alcohol {ya’ll know how hard that is for me}, no bread, no pasta, no dairy, no recipes. Literally, just simple foods. A piece of protein, some veggies, and a little bit of fat. Luckily, you get one cheat meal every week where anything and everything is okay to eat or drink.

That. Is. It. The nutrition is determined by Macros. Girls must eat 100 grams of protein, 50 g of Net Carbs {Carbs – fiber}, & 50 g of Fat a day. Which is lower than my numbers probably should be. However, this is a 6 week body bootcamp! Not a little walk in the park… quite literally.

The only thing that makes me slightly uneasy is all women, no matter the size, had these same numbers. Women who are twice my size or half my size all had to eat the same numbers… which I feel shouldn’t be the case. But they’ve been doing this for a long while and must know what they are talking about.

But, after much deliberation, and contemplating, and chit chats with the hubs about it.. I decided to go for it. Jump in with both feet. This was an incredibly tough decision. $300 is no joke. And I’m so happy I did. {Although, the 6 weeks isn’t done yet… so we’ll see}

I was incredibly petrified at the first workout. This is an intense journey. And I’m so scared to fail. For a number of reasons.

But walking out after that first class, my spirits were lifted. I don’t know if it was because I had just got done with 3 weeks of Kosoma or what, but I didn’t leave that class dying. There were other’s who were seriously struggling and seeing them with their struggles hit home. I was just there 3 short weeks prior to that night. Although I still struggled thru the first week or so’s workouts, I know how difficult it is in the beginning. But it also made me realize while I didn’t loose any weight at Kosoma, it definitely made me stronger. It prepped me in some way, both mentally and physically. And I walked out of Elite’s first class accomplishing all the workouts. I was a hot mess, but I had done it.

And I’ve only gotten better from that day, 31/2 short weeks ago.

Like I mentioned earlier, at 3 weeks in, half way there, I’m down 9 lbs. I would have felt better being down 10, half way down at the half way mark. But 9 lbs is 9 lbs. I have never accomplished 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Not even in a month. So how can I be upset about this?

And not to mention, 1 more lb down, I get to update my graph and picture!!!

My goal is 13 lbs down by Monday. I can do this… it’ll be tough, but I can.

With that said, I decided I needed to add a little more umph to my already 5 weekly workouts at the gym. And I have decided I’m going to go for a walk every day with part or all of my family. Not anything huge, but enough to burn some calories.

Tonight was walk number one of the week. :) The hubs took the oldest two fishing, while I took the remaining peeps & pups. I loved it. And who can say they walked two great danes and twins all by themselves? This gal, that’s who. But Moose and Diesel are great walkers. They don’t tug at the leash, they stay by my side, they don’t chase after things or other dogs. I take them for a walk, they don’t walk me. And my walks are far more enjoyable for that reason alone :)

Can’t wait to update you this coming Monday!

Official weight-in day! Hopefully, I’ll be down 13 lbs!

Going for a walk