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Work Out Week Two

Well, our second week of Kicking Fat’s Ass has ended and a lot of sweat had been shed. I have already posted about the first half of the week, but let’s talk about the second half, shall we?

Last Thursday was bike day, so we got up at 5 am, met at 5:20-ish and rode for about 10 miles. But damn. I was seriously struggling. I felt like with every bike ride it was getting harder and harder. My gears weren’t shifting and hadn’t for awhile. So I was going 10 miles on gear 2 or 3. I was peddling as fast or faster than Beth, and was going half the speed. And I didn’t realize how bad my bike was until today {which I’ll explain soon} I was a giant sweat ball when I got home. As if I had ran a marathon. And I hadn’t even come close.



See what I mean? I feel like it took forever to go anywhere? I was working my ass off just trying to get to 10 mph!

Although the sun and fog were so gorgeous that morning I had to stop and take a picture!


That evening, I decided to take my bike to Beth’s house. Beth and Travis have a roomie who works at a bike shop and actually works on bicycles! So I decided to have him just take a look and see what he could do. So I rode my bike to their house and Beth brought me home. Wasn’t much of a workout like I thought it would be. Only 2.97 miles. But I suppose, I got almost 13 miles in that day.

Friday was weight-in day. Which I was so nervous for. I had put in the work. All that my schedule would allow. Literally, every free moment I could muster, I tried fitting something in. I also woke up sicker than a damn dog that day. My throat hurt so incredibly bad I couldn’t swallow or talk. So I immediately text Beth at 4:30 that I wasn’t going to the gym. I was in so much pain. And it wasn’t work out pain.

I still decided to weigh in. I went potty (need all the help I can get) and hopped on the scale. Ready…?

1 lousy pound. That’s all I lost. Which I guess is at least in the right direction. but I was at the least, hoping for a 2 or 3.

And after that weight in, I just wanted to give up. My heart dropped and I just kept saying, if this is how my weight loss journey is going to be, why am I doing all this work? I was already putting so much time into this… time that I could be spending with my family. I’m eating way better than I have ever done while trying to lose weight. And exercising almost daily, sometimes twice in a day! So why continue for a 1 lb weight loss a week?

But then something clicked. Every time I have ever tried losing weight, I never put this much effort into it and I quit after the first sign of struggle. Which is why I am as heavy as I am now. This is where quitting has gotten me. Huge.

I want to look how I used to 11 years ago. I want to be that MILF that everyone has to do a double take at. I want to feel great and comfortable in my own skin and clothes. I want to be able to play with my kids without being winded after a couple minutes, or worse, watching them from a bench off on the side. I want to be able to keep up with my kids.

And I can’t do that quitting. That’s all I have ever done. It has taken me 11 years to put on the 70 lbs… I need to face facts and realize the 60-80 lbs I want to lose won’t come off in a few short months. I don’t have the luxury of working out for 10 hours a day or even able to spend money on a ton of extra healthy food that the whole family won’t eat. I have to work out when I can and keep the meals simple and cheap.

And it is what it is. So the sooner I face that, the better off I’ll be.

After my little pep talk, I went back to sleep and slept until Jason came home. Only waking up to feed the twins. I literally left Broden in charge of Kensli. But she for the most part snuggled with me and watched movies all day. {See, she can be sweet!}

After Jason came home, I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t need medication, which thank goodness it wasn’t anything that required that. Came home, sat my ass back down on the couch, finally ate something other than saltine crackers, and went to bed shortly after that.

Saturday, I woke up feeling much better! My throat was still sore, but I could at least talk and swallow! So I woke up at 7, got ready to meet my cousin Jayme and a few of her friends for a walk around Gray’s Lake, and helped with the twinnies which caused me to be late. Still got there about 8:15 am.

We briskly walked around the lake, which was just over 2 miles. We ran a little… but damn. I am just not a runner. No matter how hard I try. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still attempting the Couch to 5k training. But it’s going to be a long haul.  Afterwards, we all met at Smokey Row coffee house, had a healthy breakfast sandwich which consisted of wheat toast, egg, ham, and a slice of cheese with an iced tea. We chit chatted a bit and headed on our merry way. It was nice to get some exercise in on a Saturday morning and get it out of the way.

But today. TODAY was the grand daddy of my exercising this week. Uncle Steve, Aunt Missy, Bethy, and I went on a 26 mile bike ride from Johnston to Gray’s Lake and back! And let me tell you, after Travis and Beth’s roomie fixed my gears and Uncle Steve aired up my tires… it was like a whole new bike!!!! I was more exhausted after our 10 mile bike rides in the morning than I was today after 26 miles. So thank you to Shaun and Uncle Steve for fixing my bicycle :)greatly appreciate it!

There were some tough spots, and the hills kicked my ass as you can imagine, but all in all, I feel like I did really well! I didn’t die, so that was a good start.

Although, my phone died with just a little over 4 miles left, but here were my stats at the point my phone died.



But since my phone died, I wanted a screen shot of Uncle Steve’s phone since it had the full bike ride mapped out with the full mileage that we biked for. So this is the screen shot of his:



We did stop on our way back downtown to have a small lunch where I had a grilled chicken salad and ice tea. It was quite delicious.

So I feel good about today. I think next weekend, since Jason is leaving for a week on vaca, Beth and I are going to take the girls to Gray’s Lake again… or somewhere… and walk it. But until then, we’ll be busting our asses all week.

Until next time Tipsy Sippy friends!

Love and Toodle’os!

Kicking Fat’s Ass Start of Week 2

Oh where to begin…?

We’ll just start with the honest truth… I failed some and I rocked some since Saturday.

I didn’t work out thru the weekend and had Taco Johns…. That’s my epic fail. BUT, I was headed to Subway when it started pouring!! And as someone who is addicted to food, decided that I didn’t want to get out in the rain, get soaked, come back out to the vehicle and get more soaked, including my food. So… instead of taking a left to Subway, I took a right to good ol’ TJ’s.

And the kicker is it didn’t even taste as good and I always picture it will. And that happens every time. So why I fight myself with food is just stupid. I just came up with any good reason to head to TJ’s because I was already arguing with myself which to get.

And I’m done with that. If I go anywhere for fast food, I am going to walk in to Subway and get a sandwich. Won’t be easy because we always seem to be running late everywhere we go, so the fastest idea is to run through a drive-thru somewhere. But, I’m done with greasy shit.

Monday, Beth and I went to the gym that evening. Again, we did the elliptical for warm up and then legs and abs workout. And I did better than the time before! That’s ultimately the every day goal right? To do better than the day before?

Then Tuesday, we cancelled our bike ride in the morning. Neither one of us slept well. She couldn’t sleep all night, and I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight or so. So, 4:45 in the morning comes pretty quickly… and makes the 10 1/2 hour work day seem like 20 hours. I meant to go bike riding after work, but my schedule just doesn’t allow for much extra stuff. And then… Extreme Weight Loss was on, and I told myself I’d go when it’s half over. Buuuut…  I completely forgot. I must have really got into the show.

Did anyone else watch it? I wasn’t impressed with her. I don’t know why… but I think it had something to do with when she got caught not exercising for days at a time, she got all defensive. She acted like she didn’t know if she could continue taping this show because her and Chris’s trust was gone since he hired a private investigator to spy on her. Buuuuut, she lied the entire 3rd quarter to him, and Chris caught on. So he hired the PI. And she got mad at him for breaking their trust? But it was okay for her to lie right to his face? So that kinda made me mad.

She looked fantastic at the finale, she just seemed to be one with a lot of excuses during the show. Which looking back.. I tend to have them as well. That is something I seriously need to work on.

But I started fresh today! I’m pretty proud of myself today.

Woke up at 4:45
Ate a banana
Got to gym at 5:15
Left gym at 6:15
Ate 3 {scrambled} egg whites and 1 whole egg with 24 oz of water
Picked up the house before Daycare starts
Daycare started at 7
Ate a bagel at 10:45
Made lunch for daycare kiddos
Picked up after lunch at 11:55.
Beth came over to do some work
Got kids down for nap at 12:30
Fed twins
Did C25K again :) {Never would have done a second workout in the same day before}
Ate a piece of chicken, cottage cheese, carrots, and some edamame
Kids woke up
Played and had snack
Parents picked up their kiddos
Mom came over
Went to Pizza Ranch where I had only the salad bar, plus one dessert pizza {and a 1/4 cup of tortilla chicken soup}
Came home {feel like I should go biking now}
It’s 8:40 pm, our kids are now in bed.

And I finally get to relax with my husband… for maybe an hour because I have to get up at 4:45 and do it all over again!

MILF status here I come! And yes. I mean that as in the derogatory definition. That’s where I’m headed.


Clearly, Zuri was soooo excited about Bethy’s work :)

Weekend Relaxation with Spider-Man

For the first time in a loooong time, we finally had a weekend with no plans. And it was amaze-balls. We basically did nothing. Yes, I could have cleaned, gone grocery shopping, really got organized, did some chores around here that need to be done. But damn it, we haven’t had a weekend with nothing to do in months. And I mean, long before the twins were born.

And frankly. I wanted to do tidily squat. So I did just that. I did want I wanted to.

I took Friday off to have a ‘Me’ day. Most people who work a ‘normal’ job, as in, not an in-home daycare, have the luxury of having paid sick time or vacation time and can take off at last minute for whatever reason they choose. I, on the other hand, have 5 paid days. If I’m sick or have an emergency pop up and have to close that day, my parents don’t have to pay. But if I plan a day off two weeks ahead of time, it is considered a vacation day. {Although next year, I’m changing my 5 days to 10. I think that’s fair, and I never close for any reason- heads up parents!}

But on the other hand, it’s not fair to my parents who depend on me to watch their children if I am constantly closing. I’ve had a few sitters who always had something going on or someone was always sick, plus we had to pay them for that day regardless if they closed, and we had to find a new sitter for the day at last minute and pay them. And I hated it. And I will not make my parents go through the same thing. They pay me to watch their children, and I will do just that. I literally have to be on my death bed before I’ll close.

Whoa. I just went way off topic.

Back to Friday.

I had a hair appointment at 11 until 1:30. I would normally tell you that I love it, however, I haven’t gotten ready and done my hair yet… sooooo I don’t know. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but nothing that I haven’t had before, so I’m sure it looks great! And afterwards, I met my cousin cousin’s cousin {on the other side}Katie, for Mexican and Margs. I’m pretty sure this girl loves Mexican and Margs as much as I do… and I am not over exaggerating! She is sooo hilarious, I could talk to her for hours! We just click, ya know what I mean?



Then that evening, Brother and his fiancé, Megan, came over! I may have already been somewhat tipsy from Mexican prior! We had so much fun! We hung out, watched movies, and played games! I feel like I didn’t do so well at the games buuuut…. Oh well!

Saturday, we were going to go to the parade here in Ankeny, however, we realized we left all our stuff in the Yukon at the In-laws house. *Rewind* See, we went to their house last Wednesday and they looked at the Yukon because I knew something was wrong, and I was pretty sure it was a wheel bearing going out. {For the record, I was right!!} So he kept it so he could fix it for us and we took their vehicle home that day. But when we were switching stuff out, we forgot to take out the stroller, blankets, and the lounge chairs… basically all the parade stuff we own. So instead, we didn’t say anything to Kensli and went to the in-laws since the Yukon was fixed.

And we literally lounged all day there. Took naps. Cuddled babies. Chit chatted with Marge and Aunt Jean. Came home and lounged some more.

{Varah snoooooooozing away!}


It was awesome-sauce!

Then there was today… a quite interesting day. Jason let me sleep in and even though I had woken up about 8, I just laid in bed. Kensli didn’t bother me… Jason had the twiners downstairs. And I just enjoyed my alone time scrolling my phone under the covers.

Finally, I came down and Jason had made some awesome egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches.

I saw this at some point in the morning and just wanted to squeeze them! But I settled for a picture instead.


And then Kensli asked me where her Halloween costume was. Her Spiderman costume. And boy she was not going to drop it either.

So, from about 9:30 am to 11 at night… Kensli was either Spider-Woman or Spider-Man Kensli.



At first, she was happy with just the mask. So she looked quite interesting with her Spider-Man mask and Ariel PJs. And she was showing me how Spider-Man shoots the web. Oh this child.




Then she wanted to hold Zuri because she wanted to show how strong she was. Zuri looks less than impressed.

Then she wanted to help me move all the boxes up to the twins room and help me re-organize the clothes and box up the too-small outfits.



I’m not really sure she ‘helped’ much. Luckily she had to eat during that time, which gave me some time to really get stuff done.

Then after that was done she was all about Spider-Man giving mommy hugs. I was a-ok with that!


I made her clean her room afterwards, and boy was she not wanting to do that. She was doing anything and everything to stall. Including wanting to take pictures with mommy and some awesome dance moves. Haha!





{I’m going to have to figure out how to post movies on here… it won’t show when I load it on here :(}

After cleaning her room, it was nap time. And yes, she wore that to bed. But just before nap time, she said “Mommy, I am hot.” Well duh child. You are wearing a fall costume. With fake muscles. Even warmer.

During nap time, my mom and dad stopped by to take a break from their kitchen remodel and to see all of us kids… mostly the grand kids, but really all of us. :)

And let me tell you, they were very impressed with how Spider-Man saves the day!



Then once they left, we just sat around some more waiting for the fireworks to start… at 10 Pm.

Let me tell you, when she was sitting still watching movies on the couch.. I had to constantly do a double take looking at her because I kept thinking it was a toy! Ha, then I would remember, “Oh ya, she’s in her costume…”



Then, Jason decided to water the garden. And Kensli loves the garden. It’s dirt. That’s why she loves it. Because it gives her an okay to play in it. So when Jason said he was going out to water the garden, she leaped off the couch and went flying to the back door! Spider-Man was super pumped to save the garden’s day!





She’s definitely putting those Spider-Man muscles to good use!


Oh this Spider-Man thing just cracked me up all day long!

Then finally it was time to leave for the Fireworks. My phone died there but got a before pic!


Yes, we walked there and back! It felt good! And it wasn’t hot at all, but boy were the bugs out… Eck!

We made it back about 11, and by the time we got four kids ready for bed and in bed, it was about 11:30-11:45. We were slightly tired.

And that was our very non-busy weekend that we all loved!

Tonight, I’m hoping to do my C25K workout, maybe a walk with the family, and then headed to the gym at about 8. Somehow, we’ll get supper in there somewhere…

First True Week of Kicking Fat’s Ass

Ahhhhhhh! I just got done with my bike ride and decided to sit down and start this post. My legs are all… weird. You know that feeling after you work out, and the muscles that were worked start pulsing and going spastic? Ya… it’s the weirdest feeling.

It’s time to share Kicking Fat’s Ass week 1. I had started a couple weeks ago, but schedules always got in the way. But I think I have a system down now. I’ll try to keep an update of my activities at the end of each week! :) But this week was excellent… exercise wise.

I wanted to inform you, I went biking every other morning at 5 am!!! I would go every morning, however, on my night/mornings with the babies, I was staying home incase they woke up. Beth and I are work out buddies and it has sure helped me getting my ass out of bed. We went Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings this past week. And by Friday… I was doing some serious struggling. And it was by far my worst day. Mostly because A) we went to the gym last night so I am super sore currently and B) Jason had to be in the office super early this morning and wanted to leave between 6:20 and 6:30. But I still got my ass up and went. Here are the numbers for this week.







And Friday (today)



Beth also found a 14 day free trial pass to her gym. So we decided to start that… before Jason leaves me, with the kids, for a week in Minnesota, because I won’t be leaving the house much then, let alone going to the gym. And let me tell you, I was a hot mess. First of all, totally forgot to change before I left. I was wearing maternity ‘yoga pants’ which aren’t as tight as yoga pants… trust me. Plus a maternity pink tank, topped with spit up all over my chest, and a nursing sports bra. Which as you can imagine doesn’t have the greatest support. I’ll be making sure to give myself a good once over in the mirror before I leave next time for the gym.

Then I walk in and there are probably 8 beefy guys in there. That’s all. And by beefy, I mean huge muscles. I suddenly felt very… ridiculous. {Reason #1 why I hate the gym} We hopped on the elliptical first and whoa boy. It’s been awhile since I have been on that thing. But I felt my heart rate going crazy in our warm up which is always a good sign.

We then moved to the floor to do leg and ab workouts. I may or may not have looked ridiculous… but damn it! I did it all! And I am hurtin’ this morning! The most problem I had was the planks. Which are already hard… but then taking into account I just had my abs cut in half… made it slightly more difficult. And was actually kinda painful around the incision. But I toughed it out.

Let me tell you, if you want to look good exercising, you just come work out with me. I make anyone look like they know exactly what they are doing. Because I’m just struggling to keep going. I look like an estranged dog, pleading for someone to lift me up and carry me away, on my last breathe. Really. I’m just too glorious.

Then doing wall squats I felt like I was going to fall through the wall! I told Beth “I really don’t think this dry wall will hold me. And then I’m going to roll backwards into the work out room behind us and those boys are really going to see what all this can do.” Seriously. I’m so out of shape. But I suppose that’s why I’m doing this… to get back into shape.

In the room we did our floor exercises in, there were was all sorts of equipment. All stuff I see on Extreme Weight Loss and Biggest Loser shows. For example the row machine! And the ropes!! And the kettle bells!!! All stuff I would love to purchase to put in my home gym since I can’t afford a gym membership.

So I always thought the peeps looked sooooo cool working those damn ropes on the boob-tube! Making the giant wave that went all the way down the rope. Heck ya! So I stepped up, grabbed the handles, and immediately knew I wasn’t going to be as good as those people. Those bad boys were heavy!

So I decided to do them while Bethy looked for our workout on her pinterest page and I about died. First of all, they are so heavy duty that I was leaning clear back just trying to lift the damn things. Then trying to lift my arms high enough to make a wave… psh. It was hard!

So I decided next time.. I’ll try the kettle bells and row machine. And in the mean time, if anyone finds any of the above equipment for sale cheap, and/or an elliptical, please let me know!

What I really need to work on, is food. I need to eat more meals and healthier ones at that. And watch my portion control. So that’s my goal this week. Is to watch food like a hawk. Making a grocery list this afternoon after my hair appt and planning all my 35 meals for the next 7 days.

I’m also starting the couch to 5k workout… again. I started week one a couple weeks ago, and the following week none of my planned workout times worked out because of scheduling conflicts with either the hubsters, or the twins, or Kensli, or other things that of course popped up. I’m getting there. It’s just taking some time to really figure out a good schedule for me and leaving some flexibility in case that schedule doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

But regardless, I’m going to do this! Anyone else joining me on this work out journey? How are you doing with it?

July 4th Weekend

Happy {late} Birthday America!


How did you celebrate the most famous birthday of all? I tell you what, I need a day just to recover from the 3 day weekend… phew. But July 4th is my favorite holiday of all! No stress from purchasing presents for people and guessing what they really want that’s in your extremely small budget. No running to 8000 houses in a matter of two days. No figuring out how to fit the 100 new toys your children got into their already over-stuffed bedroom. Just fun, family, and fireworks. And alcohol.

IMG_3584 IMG_3583

{Proof my twins aren’t always sleeping and smiles}

I love fireworks, always have. But what I love even more now, is watching my children watch the fireworks. And seeing their love for the show is as much as what mine is. I. Love. It.

Although, we had 3 late nights in a row. Literally, the kids were up tip at least midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We finally got home Sunday around 8:30 and finally got to just sit down.

{And PS. Some of these pics are with my cell phone… so clearly not near as good of pictures. Buuuuut still cute enough to share :)}

It started Thursday night for us. My Grandma, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Todd, Jacob, and Jordan all stopped by at the daycare to come say hello since they were finally in town, and they wanted to see the twins for the first time! Well, they gave Kensli a new 4th of July dress and she was super stoked to wear it for fireworks! She looked so adorable.. like a little big person!


We took the kids to Prairie Meadows to meet up with some friends and to watch the fireworks. We all had an amazing time. We got there about 7 pm, so we got to chill for a good 3 hours before the fireworks started. But it was worth it. Us adults got to chat and watch the babies while the big kids got to run around and do whatever big kids do.









And the fireworks were soooo awesome! It was an excellent show. Kensli sat in my lap during the light show and just was in awe. I had more fun watching her than the fireworks… and fireworks are my favorite. After each firework, she would scream “This is so cool!” or “Mom, that was butiful!” or “Mommy, I love that one”.


She did not want to take the above picture. Can you tell?


Even the twins watched! Boy were they wide eyed as they listened to the Booms and giant bright lights! It was too cute. And of course, hanging with my best bud and her fam is always a treat. Living 45 minutes apart makes it some-what difficult to get together. And she works nights and weekends and daycare during the week. With 4 children. A very busy family. So I take advantage of any oppurtunity  that presents itself that we all can hang together.




It took an hour to get out of the damn place though. Eh. Traffic sucks. And of course, on the side of the building we were parked at, they decided to have one ways only. But of course, had no signs, no traffic conductors, no cones, no nothing to let drivers know that. So it was just chaotic.  However, we did make it home at midnight….

And you can see how much fun they had:



Friday was the bomb digity! My Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott have a July 4th party every year. And we go every year. Because it’s awesome sauce!  Uncle Todd, Aunt Tammy, Jacob, and Jordan all come into town, and my whole Campbell’s side of the family get’s together.








All my family Jessica and Brett’s family on the other side also are there! {We all grew up together and just consider each other cousins. I even call their Grandma J ‘Grandma’.} Everyone loves getting together and just wants to have fun and holy cow is fun had by all. And food. Fun and food. And alcohol. Fun, food, and alcohol.


I absolutely adore this picture.




Soo close…. {cough::cough.. Brett!}


There we go! Aren’t we a good lookin’ bunch??


Then we decided to push our luck… and this was the best we got. But hey, this here group is amazing, and what you see here is us. Take it or leave it friends!




There is always a giant slip ‘n slide, baseball, water balloon games, and squirt guns. Water usually gets everywhere. But it’s cool. There are only a few rules. A) Don’t hit great grandma’s. {This was made by a great-grandma} B) Don’t hit anyone holding a baby C) No water in the house. Seems pretty fair right? Fair and simple. Easy for kids to remember… including the drunk big kids.





Jason and I {and the kids} stayed there with Scott and Pam’s kids Brett and Jess, along with their significant others Emily and Nate. As people started high tailin’ it outta there… we all kept the party going. But don’t worry… I’m sure we were super entertaining… {Sorry Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott}











Ha! I wasn’t going to put that last one in there, but it cracks me up every time I look at it… and it’s my blog. So. Sorry Jess and Nate :) Love you both!

Nate was determined to do some fire crackers and Broden was right there with him. They were like two kids waking up on Christmas Day. Hilarious!






This would have been so excellent if it weren’t blurry… but I loved it enough, I decided to post it anyway!




The kids were out as soon as we got in the car. I believe we left about 10:30-11ish. So by the time we got home and kids in bed; it turned into another midnight night. But so worth it.

Saturday, we all kinda slumped around and did nothing. Until about 3. Then we started getting around to head to Kelley and Jared’s in Indianola. Us girls got food ready and took care of the tiny humans. While the men took the two boys {Broden and her son Trenton} fishing about a mile or so away. Trenton was the only one catching anything until…. Until Broden caught a giant snapping turtle!! Saaaaay whaaaaa! How scary! Can you imagine going in to lift the ‘fish’ out of the water and then HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! Something just snapped at you!!!!!!

Then they came home, we all ate some delicious steak and veggies, and started a bonfire! Seriously. We had a bonfire in July. And we were cold and sitting close to the flames. Since when are bonfires comfortable in July? Oh well, I love bonfires so it was glorious! I was extremely tired from the two nights before, and mix that with a little bit of alcohol and I may have fallen asleep at the fire.

Sunday morning, the Campbell’s had a wedding shower for my brother’s fiancé, Megan. It worked out perfect because everyone was in town! It was so nice! And I loved hearing about everyone’s first kiss :) {You can only imagine all the juicy details with all those first kisses}






After the shower, Jessica and I decided to go for some cheese dip and Margs… and just chit chat and bullshit. It was long over due! {Seriously, we need to get together more often Jessica!} But it was soooo much fun! And turns out… a waiter that used to work at Jason’s and I’s mexican restaurant here in town, now works at the one Jess took me too… ya. He asked immediately “Pitcher of margaritas?”

… Damn it…  {Hang head in shame} “Yes please.”

Then Sunday evening we headed over to my Grandma Campbell’s to say good-bye to the Rastello family and order pizza. I hate saying good-bye to them… I really wish they lived closer to us or just here in Iowa would be fantastic! But it sure makes it fun catching up and seeing them when they are here. We try to make every second count!




And that’s a wrap on my weekend! I hope you had an eventful and super fun 3 day weekend!

Love and Toodle’os!

Last Week’s Family Walk

Well… as the title says, last week, we decided to go on a walk. All of us.

And we can’t do anything normal.

It was fun and I was exhausted. So. I’d say it was a successful trip!

I steered the twins i the stroller.

Broden rode his scooter… thing.

And Jason pulled the red wagon with Princess Kensli inside.





Aren’t they too cute?

Then Broden and Jason started playing a game. Jason would chase Broden and try to catch him; Broden would start running with his scooter {because it was faster than the fancy move he had to do to maneuver the scooter}; and Kensli would scream “Weeeeeeeeee! This is awesome! This is cool!” And all I could think was pleeeeeease don’t let one of those wagon wheels pop off and send Kensli flying.

I certainly was not going to run to keep up with them, trip and go flying with the twins…. so I walked fast.

But they still had to wait for me here and there. And when they did, they would play tag and once one was caught, they’d wrestle to the ground… and then Princess Kensli would jump on top. And for some reason, they always waited for me at the busiest intersections.

So. The wagon and scooter were left by the sidewalk while the three humans were wrestling in someone’s yard… it was so weird.

I can only imagine the looks they were getting and how confused drivers must have been!

I never could get a decent picture of any of the happenings. They all turned out super blurry :(

Then Jason wanted a turn on the fancy scooter so Broden pulled Princess Kensli.



Meanwhile, my girls still looked super content.



We found a park and decided to stop and let the kids play. And of course… by kids I mean, Broden, Kensli, and Jason.







Are you excited for July 4th??? Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t wait! I have family coming into town who finally gets to meet the twins, we go to fireworks on the 3rd with friends, and then we go to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Scott’s for the 4th. It’s going to be sooooo awesome!

So stay tuned after the 4th for a giant camera dump!

Loves and Toodle-o!

{Eh. This was supposed to post on the 2nd, but for some reason, didn’t. So this is a few days late! Sorry :)}