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Happy Anniversary to my Handsome Husband!

Today marks our two year anniversary!

cover photo

It was such a fabulous wedding! We got married at the Lake of the Ozarks and it was one of the greatest weddings I have ever attended… and maybe I’m biased :)

It was suuuuuuper hot that day. I believe someone told me it was 107 degrees and the wedding lady said it was the first time in history there wasn’t a breeze. But regardless, everyone was champs and we had a glorious time.

We’ve actually been together 8 years next month… almost a decade!


He actually surprised me Saturday night with a date night! Just us two. He had my parents all lined up to come watch the girls about 5 and we took off. It was such a wonderful night. And so needed…

We started with the Olive Garden because we had some gift cards we finally got to use!


Then we headed downtown for the Arts Festival. I love the arts festival. Once we walked around that once, we met up with my cousin Jessica and her boyfriend, Nate. We seriously love them! Two of my favorite people ever! We always have a great time and just spend the entire night laughing. Seriously. All of us together = AWESOME SAUCE!





Anyway, once we got together with them, we decided to hit up a bar with pool and play a couple times. And can I say, I totally rocked the first game? Surprised all of us… even me!






{Haha! This one cracks me up! Sorry guys…}

Afterwards, it was time to head home to relieve the padres.

It’s been quite the ride with this handsome man. Who knew we’d end up with 4 children, 2 dogs, and purchasing the perfect house to hold us all. I love this man more than words could say. I don’t know if anyone {other than my parents} could put up with my random moodiness, my crazy ideas, my creative side that requires stuff everywhere, my lack of cooking skills, and my random thoughts of the day the way he does. He is my other half and makes me whole.


I love you Jason Paul, and here’s to many more years!

What a Fun Weekend!!

Did you guys have a fun weekend? We sure did! Well… the girls and I did.

The boys had to work. A lot… Ha! They helped my dad grout the tile in his new kitchen and they worked on the playground for the afternoon. {Both of are huge projects, can’t wait to show you the finished picture!}

The most work I had to do was push a stroller and sport a sunburn.

But it was well worth it. We had so much fun!

Friday was really just a chill night. We went to bed by 10:30 I believe. Booooooring.

But Saturday I decided to take the girls to the Rose Festival in State Center. It wasn’t really the plan, and honestly I decided on a whim. Because… I was going to take 3 girls to a parade by myself. That sounds like a lot of work. But I was meeting up with some friends. So I knew I wasn’t going to be alone. I was also excited to get in some adult time with the neighbs Adam and Amanda, and friends Tom and Laura whom we met through the neighbs. They are all so much fun, and we have a blast every time we get to hang out. I was really craving some adult time, so after Tom and Amanda told me we should come, I ended up wanting to go.


Looking through my phone in the bright sunlight, it looked like everyone was looking at me and smiling. Clearly… Laura was the only one ready. Gwen was a tired girl, Amanda was trying to get her to smile… and Kensli… Well Kensli was just getting her bag ready for the candy. {That bag was a huge deal before we left the house. She wasn’t letting me leave until she knew that there was a plastic bag in the diaper bag.}


This picture cracks me up! Tom looks crazy, I look weird, and Kensli looks annoyed.


After the parade {which I have never been to a parade that had that much candy! They were making it rain candy!}, we walked around the carnival. I had no clue it was such a huge weekend event! I didn’t bring cash because I thought it was just a parade… and that’s all I thought it was. That’s all my husband made it sound like. I thought he would know, he lived there growing up! But no. This is a huge deal.

Well anyways, we walked around, let the kids ride a carny ride that didn’t look or sound like it was going to crash and burn to the ground and we ended at the playground where I met up with Jason’s mom and a couple of my nieces.





Before we left we got some snow cones that tasted amazing!! Mmmmm  It’d been awhile since I had tropical sno. And it still tastes just as good as I remember!


Isn’t she beautiful?



On the 7 minute ride back to my mother-in-law’s house, I look in my review mirror and see this:



I think she had fun.


Sunday, we woke up knowing our house had to be clean.. but I just wasn’t ready to do that quite yet. So I talked the hubs into taking us to Mexican ~ YUM! And we definitely had some margs… and some fun. Kensli was getting kinda fussy, but not until the end. She did good for the most part though.


She was trying to show me how she could smile so big… but it looked more like she was going to burst into tears or was constipated…


Jason was not wearing a hat, I promise. Just a pot that was behind him that ended up being placed perfectly during the picture :)

After a few margs, we came home and cleaned the house. Not so fun… but it needed done. And it looked nice. Gets done a whole lot faster when the whole family pitches in!

Did you do anything exciting? Or worth while? Or did you spend the weekend working like the boys did? Booooooo

Well, until next time!

Love and toodle-os!



Not sure if I’m Kicking Fat’s Ass….

Or if it’s kicking mine.

This is tough. I forgot how tough it is. My biggest challenge isn’t the actual working out. It’s the getting up early and getting dressed to start the work out. Yes, I can get up for the twinnies, but after an hour of sitting there and feeding them… I just want to crawl back into bed. And I have. And I do.

It’s getting into the workout clothes and actually starting… once I’ve started my work out, it’s great. Like I said, it’s just getting started.

I attempted the P90x 30 minute videos. Holy F buckets! Talk about incredibly hard! I think I jack up my form because every time I ‘attempt’ it and actually live through it, my back kills me for days on end. To the point I can’t lift my daycare kids. So I decided, I’m just going to slow down and do the form right. I’m not going to be able to go as fast as the buff-y pants they have on the TV. So I may start off extremely slow, but at least I’ll have good form. I can only get faster right? Then there is a move at the end of one of the videos called Donkey Kicks. I watched the demonstration on how to do it; politely said “Fuck you” and sat my sweat-drippin’ ass down. They are impossible for someone like me. And it was the last move of the half hour video. I MIGHT have had a chance if it were at the beginning and I wasn’t already barely breathing… barely alive… hanging onto my life by a thread. But at the end?! They are out of their damn minds.

We just got a tire pump for our bicycles so I just now can ride. And to be honest, I’m kinda nervous. I have one pair of bike pants that help cushy the tushy and they barely fit before I got pregnant with twins. Now two babies and 4+ gallons of fluid later… I am scared to put them on. I don’t know if they are going to fit. And if they do fit, I need a huge shirt to cover all that, that hangs over.

It’s so depressing to start this journey. Hell, your workout clothes don’t fit. Everything jiggles when you exercise. You feel like you just can’t physically do anything that happens in that gym. Not to mention time away from family or social events. Or just finding the time to squeeze in a workout amongst 4 children, a husband, 52.5 hr work weeks, and then miscellaneous stuff that comes out of the blue! Then don’t even get me started on trying to change your eating habits. What to buy at the grocery store? Holy hell. It’s so overwhelming. No wonder it’s difficult for people to jump into being healthy.

So I’m starting simple. Move and eat better. No out to eat except once in awhile. {Well let’s get serious… I don’t get ‘out to eat’ unless it has a drive through~ and I’m done with that shit!} And healthy meals with lots of veggies and greens. I know I need to eat 6 times a day… and I’m going to attempt to work on that…. But I have 3 children under the age of 1 that are at my daycare, two of which are 3 month old preemies. I don’t get a lot of time to just sit and eat all my meals and snacks. Hell, I don’t even get my lunch until at least 2:15-2:30, and that’s on a good day!

But at least I’m starting. Kicking Fat’s Ass is starting. Did you hear that Fat? You’re going down!!!!

I just calculated out my calories and to lose the 79 lbs I need gone, I must eat between 1500 and 1700 calories a day. That seems like a lot, especially if you’re eating a lot of veggies that have no calories!

But no excuses anymore. I’m starting and keeping with it. I’ll fall off the wagon here and there. It’s inevitable. But no more not getting back up and just watching the wagon roll away without me. I’ll chase that damn thing down. {Which may take awhile, I don’t run very fast. In fact, I hope my friends and I never get chased by a bear… because I’ll be the first bear meal!}

Now my question is, do you weigh yourself every week, or every other? Or once a month? I refuse to do it daily, so don’t even say that. But I need to weight in to see what direction I’m going. How often is too often? How often is not often enough?

And just because I can… I’m leaving you with my future me picture. Memorize it. You’ll see it often.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Ahhh… can’t wait! Shall we name her? Let’s name her Mila. That’s her name going forward. Hello Mila. I’m Marissa. I will be you………………………….

Love and Toodle’os!

Twinnies Update ~ 3 Months

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down and talked to you. Yaaaa. Sorry about that.

My life is crazy… ya know… with 4 children and a daycare and all. There are some days I have 11 kids! {School ager’s in the number… but sometimes they are more work than the preschoolers!}

But I just wanted to tell you… The twinnies turned 3 months on the 14th. Is that not freakin bazar?!?! 3 MONTHS! I had them 90 days ago. and 62 days ago, they came home… {please don’t do the actual math… I’m estimating here.} So I thought I would give you the latest update along with their 3 month pic :)





They have been soooo wonderful. I was hoping they were going to be like Kensli when she was a baby. Cried when she were hungry and poo’y and that’s all. And literally, that’s what they do. They love to look at people. And ceiling fans. Weird obsession… but must be somewhat normal because I remember Kensli doing the same thing.

They are drinking 5-6 ounces, and have been for a good month or two. They started drinking 4 ounces the week they came home from NICU. Shocked? I wasn’t. Kensli did the same thing. She just wasn’t a NICU graduate.


Varah holding her bottle like a champ!


Wanna know something else? They are sleeping through the night!!!  Literally, 9-10 pm-ish is when they have their last bottle and they wake up between 5 and 6 am. And it would only be more glorious if I actually went to bed when they fall asleep so I could get the full 8-ish hours of sleep also. But I don’t. When I go to bed it’s like giving into Life and being okay with tomorrow coming. And I’m not okay with tomorrow morning coming. So that’s my rebellion. Take that biotch! Wahahaha {Evil Laugh}


They seriously are so great though. I was so worried, because every time I heard of colicky babies, or acid reflux babies, they were all tiny. {Obviously there are exceptions. I’m not saying every small baby cries a lot.} But it sure seems more often than not. And I was nervous since both my babies were tiny. 4 lbs and 5 lbs.  And luckily, neither one cry. Ever. Unless, it’s time to eat. Then, they were ready to eat 5 minutes ago. But, they are part Campbell. And booooooooy…. us Campbell’s like our food. {Seriously. Come to a BBQ. You’ll understand then.}

I wish you all could meet and get to know them. When you hold them chest to chest, they love to lay their head on your mouth. I sit there and kiss them over and over on their temple and they just ‘lean’ into my mouth as if they crave the kisses. They are starting to watch things so much more and stay awake! They are staying awake after bottles for the most part {although, sometimes they are exhausted and fall asleep immediately}, but mostly, they love to look around. Once their bottles are done, their little tummies are full, they’re tootin’ up a storm… starting to smile after said toots… and they just want to look at you. 

These preemies are now wearing 3 month clothes and in size 1 diapers! They are doing spectacular! I was told in NICU they’d be small for a long time. But they are 3 months old wearing 3 month clothing? I’ll take it. They are exceeding mine and the doctor’s expectations! Seriously, they are kicking ass.



They also have the most beautiful eyes. And their smiles just melt your heart. Their hair always had a red tint {that you could only see in certain light} but now it’s really becoming red! I can’t believe it… but I found out today that Jason’s Great Grandpa had red hair. And my Great Grandpa Heaberlin had really red hair as well! I had strawberry blonde hair as a child and a lot of Jason’s aunts have red shades… so it’s very possible. Just odd considering Kensli was white blonde when she was little and now has more of a regular blonde color. So many similarities but multiple differences between the twinnies and Kensli.

Zuri is getting to be a chunk. Seriously, her kissable balloon-cheeks could keep her afloat. We love to squish her cheeks together to make the ‘fish’ face, and sometimes afterwards, she’ll have a big smile from ear to ear. It’s so funny! She is more squirmy at times and doesn’t like to be moved once comfy. But boy is she my snuggle bug. Lay her chest to chest and she just melts right in. Places her head under my chin, sticks her tiny little tush out, and just burrows. We’ve been working with her tummy time and she’s not so patient. Literally, 10 seconds in and she is fussin’. She wants no part of that. These kids actually have a birth mark and Zuri’s is just under her hair line in the center of the back of her head. Lucky for her, no one will see it most of the time! She’s starting to stay more awake longer after bottles. And during so, sometimes she gets fussy, but other times she’s content with just lookin’ around. She is really starting to move her tongue around over and over and I think that means she’s going to be talking soon. If she’s awake, her tongue and mouth are moving. You can tell she has something to tell us in their precious little baby language, but nothing’s poppin out yet. Hopefully soon :)


Varah on the other hand is much more calm. She loves to lay around and just look. Look at windows, people, the tv, ceiling fans. Anything that’s bright or that moves. She literally looks like she is just taking it all in, like learning useless information that may someday be handy in a future conversation. It makes me wonder what she thinks about as she watches that fan go round and round. She is much better to move while sleeping. She doesn’t wake up and fuss like her 1 minute older sissy. She just may peek with one eye for a second or two and then close it again. She sometimes moves her lips and tongue around a bit, but really doesn’t have the interest like Zuri. Tummy time lasts a lot longer with Varah. She actually works at it for a good couple minutes, once up to 5 minutes before she starts getting frustrated. Her birthmark is right between the eyes… which hopefully make up will help cover up? But it’s not as dark as Zuri’s is.  She is a good pound or two lighter than her twin sister, but damn, she can still eat! She finishes her 5+ oz bottle every time. She’s catching up. She will get there eventually! She is still a great cuddlier, but doesn’t ‘burrow’ like Zuri. She’d rather spread out. Hands especially, legs sometimes. She still likes to stick her tush out a lot if laying chest to chest. 



It’s crazy to me just how innocent children are. How much unconditional love they hold for you. When they hear my voice and turn their head to find me no matter who is holding them or where.  That first real big smile that takes up their entire face because of something you did. It is all just so priceless.

Being a parent is so much hard work. So many questionable situations that you think you always decided wrong in the end. So many sleepless nights and so much under appreciation when they are older.

But it is so rewarding. When they come to you because they fell and hurt their knee. When they tell you how much they love you that first time. When they want you to kiss their toe’s boo-boo because they stubbed it {what foot phobia did you have again?}. When you walk in the door and their face lights up because their entire world just walked in. To watch them grow and learn and experience new things for the first time. To watch the light-bulb go off above their heads when they finally understand something they worked so hard on. To watch them grow physically and mentally. To jump up and down with them when they finally figure out potty training or how to say their ABC’s. To feel so incredibly wanted it makes your heart over flow with love. No one can make you feel like your child does. No one. And there are no words to describe that incredible, unconditional feeling. None.

And I get to experience all of this three times… it just blows my mind. Why am I so lucky to be their mom? I don’t know the answer to that question, but He sure blessed me with three healthy and beautiful little girls.


We love them so much. Jason and I couldn’t feel more wonderful.


So Excited for my New Brand!!!

There is no more confusion!

No more typing and seeing a giant Makeover Momma in the header! I loved the other header… but it was time for it to go.


It’s been a long time coming. I saved for awhile, and then made some monthly payments to the wonderful Elsa of EMR Design Studio. Seriously… she’s awesome-sauce. She has been so amazing. She always answered all my questions… even the stupid ones. And helped me with some things outside of the website design also.


She does amazing work, all her revisions to my header were awesome and it was so hard for me to decide. And considering I had no idea what I was really looking for, think she nailed it!

Seriously, if she lived in Iowa, I bet we would be life-long friends. Another friend to enjoy a Marg with :)

{And ya wanna know a secret? I really wanted to name one of the twins Elsa… but the hubs didn’t want it, and then we found out 1 of the 2 main characters in Frozen was named Elsa anyway… so I agreed to let it go…. hahaha… get it? Let it go? The song from Frozen? Oh, you do. Ok, good…}

I’m super excited about moving forward with my new brand. It feels so much more… me. The chalkboard represents the DIY part of me that I’ll show every once in a while, all with a modern/edgy design with it. And did you note the { } on the chalkboard???? Seriously… my favorite two keys on a keyboard.

Don’t ask.

So that’s all for now :)  Just super-duper excited about the new changes! And you best be excited as well… because it’s staying like that for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. :)

Toodle-o’s and Love!

Kicking Fat’s Ass is Back

Hey folks! How was your weekend? Mine was awesome. Full of family. Seriously.. I feel bad for all of you who don’t get to experience my family. They are amazing and all of them know how to have a good time. I come by my party’in skills honestly :)

We had my Grandma Heaberlin’s birthday party at my house on Friday, and my entire mom’s side came. Saturday, my cousins, Jess and Brett came over with their boyfriend/girlfriend, Nate and Emily. Seriously… that was the most fun I had in a looong time. I can always count on them to have a good time. We all laughed and laughed… told jokes, played games, bullshitted, it was awesome. And just what I needed. I don’t get to see them often enough. {Maybe that’s a good thing~ I tend to be worthless the day following hanging out with them} We got some good pictures of Jess, but I’m highly doubting she wants them on here :) But I laughed for a good 5 minutes while browsing them.

Sunday was a lot of recovering from Saturday and then my Grandpa Campbell’s birthday party at their house. {Seriously.. I think I can hang with the youngsters until I have to recover… then I realize I am definitely closer to age 30 than 21. Definitely.} So we got to see most everyone from my dad’s side Sunday.

Kensli and I had fun in the sprinkler. And by we, I mean she, and I sat on a lawn chair and watched. Like I said, there wasn’t much action for me on Sunday… But I had a lot of fun watching her! I love how she entertains herself and can use her imagination when she’s playing alone. Especially outside. She can really get creative!









Well, I am excited to announce that Kicking Fat’s Ass is back! Time to lose my excess baggage that I received from being pregnant with the twins. How a woman’s body can stretch and stretch to accommodate a tiny human, or humans, is amazing… but damaging. Especially in my case. I had two human beings and 4 gallons of fluid in there… let me tell you. That can F a mama’s body up!

Last day before the Twinners arrive!

Seriously.. look at that!!! I look at that now and I’m in shock. It was normal for me at the time and I didn’t think much of it. But now… now, looking at this picture, I just shake my head in disbelief.

And all of that had to go somewhere… and it just hangs out. Seriously it’s gross. So it’s time. It’s time to kick some fat’s ass!!

I literally have been waiting for this for awhile! I am so excited to start fitting into my clothes again. I have a bridesmaid dress to also fit into {which I’m soooo close, but just not quite there} Brett, my cuz I mentioned earlier, is this giant workout buff dude, so he’s helping me with my goals and workouts.

My first goal… my first goal is…. drumroll please…

19 lbs by the end of this month.  I wanted it a short enough period that I would have to work hard to get to my goal, but long enough to still be possible.

How am I going to get there? Well. That’s a good question.

First plan of attack, I will be riding my bike in the morning, 3 or 4 days a week. The twins get up about 5 or so, and it takes about an hour to feed them. So, I thought, after they are done eating, I could go for a 45 minute bike ride {childless} before the  day & daycare starts. Jason and I alternate nights on who gets up to feed them, so literally, every other day, I will be out in the morning.

I also got P90x from Brett that I’m going to do during nap time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I’m starting with the 30 minute video. I don’t know if you know this, but my life is filled with kids, 24/7… squeezing in a half hour will be hard enough, let alone the hour version of P90x! But give me time folks, give me time.

My second goal & exercise is the dreaded treadmill. I honestly hate it, but, I thought if I had a goal for running, it would help me get somewhere. I really want to run a 5k in my life. Actually run, ya know, like, not walk any of it?! And then move up from there.  I want to enjoy running, and I think I just need to feel some sort of accomplishment with it. So on my off days with the bike, I’ll be doing the Couch to 5k training. It may sound like a really novice exercise… but this is for someone who has never been able to run the mile! I know… I know. It’s sad. I wasn’t lying when I said I was never a runner. But maybe this will change that. I have to start somewhere.

{Anyone else watch NFL highlights on ESPN while running and pretend you’re the star in the clip to gain adrenaline and intensity? No… just me… okay.}

Brett also gave me a shoulder, legs, chest, and arm workout a few years ago that I will need to squeeze in some how. I am probably going to have to do it just after daycare ends. Once Jason is home to help with our kids that is. I need to fit the weights in. That’s my favorite anyway! I feel so tough lifting my 20 lb weight… haha! {I see you macho men rolling your eyeballs}

I also have a punching bag and a giant tire I plan on flipping. I need to come up with an actual schedule. Not sure how I’m going to fit all that in, but it is going to happen.

I know that’s an extreme amount of gear and exercise listed… but extreme situations call for extreme measures.

Seriously.. I’m an extreme situation. I’m done with this excess weight once and for all. Now that we are done having babies, I don’t have to worry about doing this all over again. Everyone keeps telling me “you just had twins and 4 gallons of extra fluid, you have an excuse” Which maybe the case, but do you know how hard it is to look in the mirror? That excuse doesn’t make it any easier to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes {even though I was extremely over weight before I got preggo}. I just need to change.

The other part I struggle with is food. I am not one who can eat the same thing over and over. Which I know many can… I cannot. I literally get to a point I can’t even chew the food up. It’s weird. So, if you have any great, SIMPLE, healthy meals, fill me in! Especially crock pot meals; those are easy to throw everything in during daycare and forget about.

If you think you have a great recipe, please leave it in the comments below! I would love to try it out!!  Just remember, I do not have hours to spend on a meal. I get off at 5:30, and usually have to feed the twins about that time, so by the time that’s done, it’s 6:30, and then I can start supper, unless Jason got home earlier and can get it started. But he’s been getting home later and later. So, as you can see, time is not on our side.

I’m going to need support. This is going to be so difficult. I’m going to have hard times, and plateaus, and not-so-proud moments. But I’m done throwing in the towel and giving up. This is the beginning of a new me. The start of something awesome! I just have to keep at it.

Anyone else have weight loss goals for this summer? Or any at all? Come on and join me from looking like this:

The tummy flap... Wanna tummy flap fight?

To This:



Haha! :)totally got this.

Toodle-o’s and Loves!