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Hello and Goodbye Methodist Hospital

Unfortunately, but at the same time, fortunately, no babies yet. Might as well get that out of the way.

It started at the High Risk appt yesterday. Jason and I were first sent to the ultrasound room, with lots of good news. A grew to 4 lbs even and B grew to 3 lbs 2 oz. A decent jump for B. I was so happy for her. But, A’s fluid went up from 14 to 18.5… that was not so good… but with everything else that did turn out okay, the docs are okay with the fluids.

That has been what is so hard about this TTTS. We’re told in the beginning, that more than 10 cm of fluid difference is bad, 25% weight difference is bad along with numerous other things. But the catch is, if just a couple of those ‘things’ happen, it’s still okay as long as the big picture is great!

So yes, the fluid is more than 10 cm difference, but the babies are no longer more than 25% in weight, dopplers (blood flow in the umbilical cord, brain, and the bladder) are good, they are taking perfect breathes, they are moving great, their heart beats are wonderful, and literally everything is great, except for the fluid.

So before, I thought if one thing was in the not-so-great range, they would get pulled and sent to NICU. But they look at the big picture. Which has what kept them inside and cooking this long! This is the bad part about all this ‘stuff’… I know enough to just freak myself if I think something is wrong. Not cool when your pregnancy is everything but normal.

Anyway. yesterday’s appointment was going great! Until I had to get my blood pressure checked. And it was super high. Eh. Which is a sign of pre-eclampsia. Among other symptoms of which I was not having. So since this is the second time around they have thought pre-eclampsia, I was sent to the hospital yesterday for 24 hour monitoring. For myself. Not for the babies ~ they are great! But they wanted to get my blood pressure under control, check my ‘diabetes’, that I am pretty sure I don’t have. But I am just having so many issues they decided not to risk it. And away I went.

It. Was. Miserable. The staff was wonderful, the doctors were awesome, I loved everyone I had to deal with. It just sucked sleeping in another place, another bed, getting poked and prodded over and over, peeing for 24 hours again into a giant jug, laying in super uncomfortable positions to get blood pressure checked every 5 minutes!! {Which by the way, that machine turns my hand blue from it squeezing so tight!}

{I may have even had a minor melt down in front of the lab technician and nurse at 6 in the morning. We won’t discuss that though.}

But I am happy to report that all my tests came back great, and I do not have anything that could jeopardize this pregnancy. And because I’m still able to carry just fine, and the twins are doing great on their own, we get to go a week  or two more!!! How amazing is that!?!

The latest we’ll go is March 14 for sure. I spoke to my OB last Tuesday, and she said if we make it past this weekend (yippee!) we’ll schedule the Caesarean for March 14 for sure. I will be 34 weeks that day, and with all that’s going on in this pregnancy, she doesn’t want me going past that date either.

So if we make it another two weeks, my twinny-babies will be born 3~14~2014. How crazy to think in just a few short weeks, I will have two beautiful baby girls who will shit and eat twice as much as Kensli did and make me work twice as much at night. :)

But I am getting so anxious to meet them, as is my friends and family. Do you think they will look like me or Jason? Will they have the temperament Kensli had as baby? Will they be athletic or a math-lete? There are so many possibilities out there for them! Oh little Haley Babies… I can’t wait to meet you both and watch you girlies blossom.

Loves & Toodle-os!

Monday and Tuesday Appointments

I just wanted to fill you in on the twinnies since my appointments Monday and Tuesday.

So far, as of the ultrasound at the high risk doc on Monday, we’re still sitting in the same situation. We are at a difference of fluid of 13 cm. Which makes me nervous but the doctors seem to be okay. And we just have to stay positive and trust their knowledge.

I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday and that doctor doesn’t think that we’ll be going past 32 weeks. Which is next Friday!!!!! I also turned in my giant jug of pee (which was so awesome-I’ll fill you in on that story in a minute) in, and results are back~ I am preeclampsia free! Thus far anyway.

Our growth measurements will be done next Thursday and if B hasn’t grown a whole lot, I’m guessing they’ll just pull the plug and we’ll be going in for delivery. That is less than 1 1/2 weeks! It’s getting real and scary. Real quick.

So about my jug o’pee. Before we get to sit in the waiting room, we’re supposed to leave a urine sample. Well I forgot went potty before I left, so I didn’t need to go. So, I’m just sitting in the waiting room with my brown jug, trying to conspicuously hide the giant ’24 HOUR URINE JUG’ sign pasted on the side, when the nurse comes in, loud as can be, yelling my name. Chill out lady, I’m right here. When she notices me slowly standing up, she yells, “Marissa, you haven’t peed in a cup yet?! Did you not have to pee? Or do you think you can pee now? Oh wait, I see you have 24 hours worth of pee right here in this brown jug. So maybe we won’t need your pee sample after all.” {She is a naturally, very loud person I gathered.}

{Drops head and sighs} “Yes, I have a lot of pee right here, so I really thought you’d be okay without a pee sample at this moment.”

We literally hadn’t left the waiting room before this conversation was over. So I felt great that we announced to the entire waiting room and all the other couples hanging out there, news about my lack of peeing and my giant jug.

Honestly…. good thing I’m not an uptight person, or get embarraseed easily.

Well my next appointment is tomorrow, so hopefully another update this weekend! :)

Loves & Toodle-os!

29 Weeks Preggo Picture!

Are you ready for this bad mamma jamma?!? I know I am over a week late on posting this, but better late than never… seriously, that IS my motto.

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

29 Weeks Preggo With Twins

I mean really… I block doorways. Not cool twinnies. Not cool.

I feel like a bloated cow all of a sudden. A bloated cow with back aches. A bloated cow with back aches that can’t sleep at night. Ya… that about sums it up.

How does one’s body come back from this? Have you ever watched Click? With Adam Sandler? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

The tummy flap... Wanna tummy flap fight?

The tummy flap… Wanna tummy flap fight?

This is what I’m going to have. A tummy flap. Or do you call it a giant tongue? We could have tongue wars! Haha! {That sounds kinda bad… but hilarious!}

If this is what my body is destined to look like, I’m going to be the first mom in line at the plastic surgeon when he opens, with a margarita {heavy on the tequila} in both hands.

This Mama is NOT going to have a tummy tongue.

Instead, I have a better image in mind. My neighbor man is going to to be my ‘personal trainer’. {He may or may not really know how dead serious I am about this}

We’re going to use things I have around the house because this mama of 4 can’t afford a gym membership. I have some pre-tty cool things ya know. Like a semi tire. I can flip that baby a couple dozen hundred times.

I also really want a tattoo. {Sorry mom} But I really do. I really want a half sleeve with something relative to my 4 children. Still working on what I want… but I think that would be so cool. But that’s one of my rewards once I drop so much weight. :)

So essentially, I want to look like this:IMG_2661

Totally doable… totally doable… totally doable… don’t mind me while I try to mentally stay positive about this massive transformation.

My husband is certainly happy about my huge goals. Especially since he has a pretty clear image of where I want to be…

This isn’t impossible………….. is it?

Loves & Toodle-o!

An Update on the Twinnies!

Oh where do I begin with these two little squirts living inside of me?

Well. There has been some complications… unfortunately.

First off, with identical twins, there is a rare chance of getting Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  Let me start by explaining this syndrome. And by no means am I a doctor, this is just what we have came to figure out.

What happens with TTTS is when twins share a placenta (which every set of identical twins share a placenta), the blood flow and other things in the placenta can get off balance in regards to how everything flows to each twin through all the vessels, and ends up all in one twin, and the other twin becomes anemic and low on nutrition, blood, etc. Essentially, one twin starts ‘stealing’ from the other.

There are 5 stages of TTTS. Stage One starts when the thief starts taking amnionic fluid from the donor twin and ends up with way more than normal, and the other twin ends up with almost nothing surrounding her.  Stage two is it starts effecting the kidneys and bladder, and the weight difference between the two starts to change drastically. Stage 3 starts effecting the heart and other organs, and stage 4 & 5 are just awful outcomes…. ending in death of one or both twins.

My beautiful babes are currently at stage one. Our biggest scare was at about 22-24 weeks…. Baby A ended up with 11 cm of fluid (3-9 cm is the normal range for twins) and Baby B was only at 1.2 cm. With a difference of almost 10 cm. That was when we were given multiple options, and out of all of them, bed rest at home was the best option we could have hoped for. The others were scary and would have made the outcome of the babies very unknown. But instead of making a drastic decision of surgery, delivery or hospital bed rest, the doctors told us to wait until the following week to see how the ultrasound goes. And then we’ll discuss our options.  “Until then, bed rest at home from now until delivery, and try and relax and not stress.” Okay. Right.

Thankfully, the bed rest had worked, and the fluid had reversed. A was just under 10 cm of fluid and B was almost to 3!!! But we weren’t out of the wood works yet.  We still had to keep a close eye on the twins until they are born. But at that point, our goal was to make it to 28 weeks. 28 weeks is the Mount Everest of weeks in premature babies as after that, brain bleeds are less likely to occur.

But I am happy to say, we have passed 28 weeks and currently I am 30 weeks today!! I am still on bed rest. Which really stinks, but I’m willing to do what needs to be done.

Currently, A is 3 lb. 8 oz and B is 2 lb. 9 oz. B is slowing down on the growing, which made me nervous at Thursday’s appointment. But the doctors didn’t seem to be too concerned. They think we’ll be fine until at least 32 weeks, but at 32 weeks, we’ll check their growth (growth gets checked every other week) and decide from there if another 2 weeks is doable or if delivery is the better option for the babies.

Right now, I am having problems. Just pain in the ass problems. First of all, I failed both of my glucose tests. Which means I technically have diabetes. So now… I have to go see a dietrician and take home a stupid finger poking machine. I also have to fast as soon as I wake up for two hours, and 2 hours after each meal and poke my finger at the end of each fast. Take the machine with me to each high risk appointment and each dietrician appointment to make sure my blood is okay. But what makes me most angry, is all the doctors said I would probably fail both tests because of the twins. It’s not an accurate test with multiples. I didn’t fail by much, hardly anything actually. But they still have to go through protocol and I have to follow the steps following the failed tests. Awesome.

Then at Thursday’s appointment, they found protein in my urine. Seriously… Why not? I mean really… I have so much on my plate with this pregnancy as is, let’s just throw that on top of it. Ready to hear what I have to do for this? Oh, it’s great. I have to pee in a giant jug for 24 hours, keep my lovely urine on ice for the full 24 hours, then take this said jug o’pee to the OB appointment, get more blood work done and see if I have preclampsia. But once again, the doctor said she thinks this is a fluke because I don’t have any of the other symptoms. So this jug thing is just to make sure I don’t have it, and protocol.

Seriously, you should see this thing!!  It’s disgusting! I pee in this giant measuring cup, and then pour it into this giant brown jug. Ya can’t miss it. I really can’t wait to carry in my giant brown jug o’pee into the doc’s office, walk past all the other patients in the waiting room and just hang out with my pee until my name’s called. AH!  I might as well have a giant sign that says “Hey!!! This brown jug here is my pee!!! 24 hours worth of it!!!”

Jealous? I figured. So that’s the things I’m dealing with right now. Along with my bed rest, twice a week appointments with my high risk doctor and my once a week appointments with the OB, the once or twice a week appointments with my dietrician, I now get to pee in a jug for 24 hours.

As much as I love seeing that my twins are still growing well on the inside, I am ready for this pregnancy to be over. It has been nothing but an emotional roller coasters and crappy luck.

But I will say, we got to avoid the fetal surgery, which is better than all the ‘bad lucks’ combined.

On the positive side, I can’t wait to meet them. My girls are fighters, especially B. And I can’t wait to let everyone know the names we have chosen for them. :)  It’s killing me not telling, but I have to have some surprise at the end! Although, we still need A’s first name. We have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

Hopefully the next post regarding the Twinnies or this pregnancy in general, will be a positive one! I’ll try to update once or twice a week to keep you all filled in.

Confused? Let me explain!

Confused about the new domain? Don’t be. Let me explain.

I got an email thru my Facebook account for Makeover Momma from a gal named Bailey. She is actually the owner of Makeover Momma. For the past 7 years. She was super sweet about the whole thing and I just couldn’t believe my stupid luck.

I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before. Although our websites were about completely different things, I still didn’t feel right keeping Makeover Momma. She is very established and has been on TV a couple times and has quite the following and well… I do not. Ha! I’m still new and learning, and I knew if the roles were reversed, I would be upset as well. So I just decided to get a new domain for $10 and get my website transferred.

I was starting to realize that all the projects and makeovers I had planned weren’t moving near as fast as I thought they would be. {Especially while on bed rest ~ details on that coming soon in a new post.} Which kinda defeated the purpose of being Makeover Momma.

I found this blog is more about my family and myself. So I decided to go more that route. If anyone knows my hubs and I, they know, we like to have a drink with everything we do. Not necessarily getting sloshed… we’re kinda past those days most of the time. But we like to have a drink to wind down the day, or with a project we are working on, or just about anything. We don’t need a reason really.

So I decided Mama’s Tipsy Sippy suites myself and my family just fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting on here all our projects and other things I was originally planning on. But it won’t be all about DIY this time around.

Hopefully soon, I’ll find a designer to change my header to reflect the new name. But until then, you’ll have to deal. Sorry peeps.