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Happy New Year and One Last Piece of Advice

Well I hope 2013 has treated you well! I know it has for me! Lots of memories to take with me for sure! Ringing in the new year, I hope you are safe and have safe travels!

And second, I would like to discuss some parking lot etiquette.

After my OB appointment today, I had to run to Hy-Vee for a few items to take to the neighb’s tonight. First of all, it was packed.. which no one can help. I knew it would be. It’s the ‘new’ Hy-Vee first and foremost, and second it’s New Years Eve. Everyone is needing last minute things… food, napkins, silverware… alcohol!!!! Duh.

So I needed 7 things. I knew it wouldn’t be a ‘quick’ trip. But I went into it with that mind set.


With that said, come on people!!!!!!!  

Does no one have any mannerism when it comes to parking lots anymore? Or is everyone looking out for themselves, and themselves only? News flash, you are NOT the only person in this world.

Truth hurt? Sorry about your bad luck and years of thinking how awesome you are when really you are no one in this great big world.

*Please, for the love of everything holy, put your damn carts back in the spots specifically for your no-longer-needed cart. Do not leave them in the parking spot next to you, or in the middle of the ‘road’…. Honestly! How pissed would you be, {and have been as I’m assuming this has happened to everyone at least once} if you finally see a parking spot remotely close to the store, pull in and only to find a damn shopping cart sitting there. It’s pretty damn ridiculous, and pure laziness on your part. The cart racks are placed conveniently around the parking lot, it takes maybe 90 seconds to put them back, just do it.

*If you value your life… please don’t walk down the middle of the aisle when walking to the store or back to your car. There are vehicles that have to drive down those said aisles looking for parking spots, and believe me when I say, you do not walk as fast as a slow moving car looking for a spot to park does. What’s even better is when I see entire families of 3-6, mostly children, just leisurely strolling down the middle of the ‘road’!!!  Seriously!!!! A) What are you teaching your kids? To get hit by a car? And B) What is so hard about walking off to the side to let vehicles pass?

My favorite is when they can see the headlights shinning on them… and they still refuse to move. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? I would seriously feel awkward knowing I’m holding up a line of cars who are just wanting to leave the store or trying to find a parking spot.

* Please, when just exiting the store, look both ways before crossing the road to get to the parking lot. Really… I mean this is preschool/kindergarten shit we’re talking here folks! Yes, vehicles must yield… but when you step 1 foot in front of a moving vehicle that has already stopped at the stop sign and is crawling forward… just missing the front of said vehicle… it causes the driver to have a mini heart attack, because you are probably the same person that would sue every penny they are worth if you bumped them. Just look. It’s common sense.

{Looking both ways} Oh, here comes a giant Suburban… already passed the stop sign they had to stop at, looking to turn into the parking lot.. maybe I should wait for them to pass me before I walk to the parking lot, especially since I’m standing at their front tire as we speak.

Good call, person with common sense. Good call.

I’m sure there are a few other things that drive me bonkers about parking lots… but those 3 are my top pet peeves. If you could all just listen to this one post whenever you’re in a parking lot… the world would be a much happier place. And others around you would appreciate it.

Especially the wonderful workers who have to go around dragging the carts {you decided to NOT put away} around the parking lot to bring them all back inside the store. 10 degrees below, snowing, slush, etc. You get the idea.

Anyway! Have a great New Years! Stay safe! Have fun! Get crazy if you’re allowed!


Stop, and Smell the Roses


Oh, today…

It was a rough one. My patience and sanity was tested time and time again. Running a daycare in your home really can push all your buttons at once, and multiple times a day, and today was one of those days.

But one of the worst things about running an in-home daycare, is I do not get to leave my work at work, and come home to my family at 5:30 and not worry about a damn thing until 7 the next morning. Some kids leave… however, my kids stay. And the frustration that has lingered all day, stays. I do not get a break from my ‘work’. In fact, there are weeks at a time, that I do not get away from Kensli except at night while we are all sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to stay home with my children, but sometimes, I feel working outside the home is what most parents need to keep their sanity.

And since I have started staying home a little over a year ago, I have noticed Kensli gets a little nervous when she thinks she does something wrong. Or flinches when she has to walk by me after getting in trouble in fear I will bend over and spank her when she isn’t looking. But lately, it has been far worse. The instant fear when she thinks she’s in trouble. It breaks my heart. And deep down, I know I am too harsh on her. For crying out loud, she is only 3. What 3 year old do you know that is perfect? Ya, me neither.

But not only her, my whole family has suffered. Mostly since I have been pregnant, as just about anything can set me off (I never had these emotional breakdowns when I was pregnant with Kensli, but then again,  pregnancy with twins is completely different, and I was at a different point in my life). But my anger has always been an issue I fought. I get so caught up in everything around me that I forget that I’m not paying attention to what matters most to me. I get so busy with things around the house, or cleaning, technology or my phone, that when I’m interrupted because my daughter fell and hurt her knee… I instantly hear a voice in my head already screaming. That voice that helps build my anxiety about the mess that she just made, or the fact that Broden didn’t clean up his room after the 5th time I have asked.

It’s sad really. I run, run, run with everything else that I forget to stop and smell the roses.

I have that voice inside me telling me how I don’t have time to soothe my daughters knee because this laundry needs folded, the dishes needs cleaned, the upstairs is a mess, don’t get me started on the bathrooms, and the dining room isn’t going to clean itself! And already with frustration in my voice, I so rudely ask “Are you fine.? You’re fine. Shake it off.” So she does. She knows to move on.

And the more I think about this, the more my heart aches. Life is so precious.  That life that Jason and I created is so precious. How am I letting her be a 3 year old little girl if I won’t even acknowledge anything but negativity? That doesn’t help her grow, or want to try knew things…

I have spoken with my bestie Kelley about my anger numerous times, and how I am so frustrated with myself for letting my anger get to me, or letting that stupid little voice take over that in turns makes me angry in the blink of an eye. (Jason calls ‘her’ She-ra). And today, Kelley posted a link from Hands Free Mama on her Facebook page. And that entire post is exactly me. To a T. I couldn’t write it better myself. And after having a god-awful morning, I decided to read this because I was curious as to who the bully was. I was a bawling mess… but a quiet one. I didn’t dare wake up any sleeping child today. And for so long I have had a heavy heart about how I behave with my family, but couldn’t quite put a finger on it… until today.  This post opened my eyes wide and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to figure out. I am the bully in my family. I hear so much hatred and anger in my head and all I do is pass it on to the three most important people in my life. They can tell before I do what days they have to walk on egg shells around here.

After reading the post… I am determined to be a different person. I know what is causing me to be this person that no one enjoys being around a good portion of the time. So it would make me just a plain evil person to know what needs fixing and continue life as is. So I’m not. Kensli woke up from her nap and we had a little chit chat. I told her how sorry I was for everything. I told her no more yelling and no more mean mommy. I explained it wasn’t fair for me to bully everyone, and literally, I poured my heart out… to a 3 year old. She was confused. But she did understand no more mean mommy. We had a talk about her behavior (I think she has learned too many things from me the past 2 or 3 months) and explained that we need to talk through our anger. If she’s mad at something she needs to talk to mommy or daddy. Not hit, or yell, or throw things at people. She also understood that. It was a wonderful heart to heart. In fact, I walked away smiling for the first time that day… with a real smile. And the remainder of the day, she did wonderful, as did I. Neither one of us yelled, and she didn’t yell at her friends. She didn’t have the melt down, dramatic temper tantrums because someone was playing with one of her toys. Once in awhile, I had to remind her “Remember what we talked about today?  We need to talk about our anger and not yell.” And she would proceed to tell me she was angry because…. It couldn’t have been a better ending to a pretty terrible day.

So like in that post from Hands Free Momma, I have decided to stop the anger in my head. If I feel something building, I just need to tell myself stop. Let Kensli make a mess experimenting something new. Let Broden be a typical 9 year old boy who loves video games. I’m sure I’ll make mistakes along the way, no one is perfect, myself included. And I don’t know how to completely make this 180 change, but I’m starting with STOP.  

So I will leave you with that. Stop. And smell those roses.

Four Day Holiday Weekend

Sooooo, how was everyone’s weekend? Were you part of the lucky group who had a 4 day weekend off from work? Or did you have to work Thursday-Sunday? For those in retail… sorry about your bad luck!! I actually haven’t had a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend since 2006… 7 years… So when I decided to run an in-home daycare, I knew for sure, I was going to get that 4 day weekend I was envious of for so long.

Anyway, enough about the past! My 4 day weekend was fabulous!!!  Thursday started off with Turkey Bowl. Bright and early @ 7:30 am! Basically, my mom’s side all gets together, friends included, and play a big football game! Half time is full of homemade breakfast food!!  And let me tell you… this preggo loooooves breakfast food!! :) A few of us mom’s and kiddos stayed inside to help cook or watch movies or the Macy’s Day Parade.  It was incredible! And it’s always full of smiles and laughter! My cup of tea right there!

The Turkey Bowl Football Players

The Turkey Bowl Football Players

After the Turkey Bowl, Kensli and I headed to my dad’s side, the Campbell’s. Thanksgiving lunch was at my Aunt Pam’s. She also had her other side there. Basically, they are my family also, I have grown up with them all the same. Jason went to his Thanksgiving because it had been a few years since he has gotten to go. I would have gone, but my Aunt Tammy and the fam was in town, whom I only see on average once a year… so I wanted to make sure I got to spend some quality time with all of them! I was surrounded by food, alcohol, and more laughs! And lots of all of it! The Campbell’s sure know how to have a great time together! Every time we get together, it’s always epic!

My family met at home about 7-ish I believe. Our kids settled down by watching a movie and Jason and I just crashed on the couch. After bedtime was over, I feel asleep on said couch during the Steeler’s game… which turns out we lost… so I don’t feel like I missed much.

Friday was incredibly relaxing! And a lot was accomplished, which is always a plus here! We got Kensli’s bed spray painted, her entire dresser primed (don’t worry, upcoming post on her bed and dresser when it’s finally completed!), and laundry almost done. Didn’t leave the house except to run to the bank. So nooooo holiday shopping for me. A) We have no money until pay day, which is Monday. B) I hate shopping and big crowds which = Black Friday shopping and I don’t mix. Although… there were some awesome deals I would have jumped on if we had the money to do so. We are trying incredibly hard to not use credit cards, which we have been rather successful for the last year-ish, and I really, really don’t want to start now. Christmas is always a fighting struggle to not use them, but we did it last year, and I hope to not use them again this year.

Saturday started with a surprise diaper shower by the Campbell’s!  All I knew was, I was to show up at my cousin’s at 9:45 that morning. And I could bring the fam if I wanted. Jason was excited to also see Aunt Tammy, Uncle Tod, and Jordan, so he agreed to come. When we got there, the table was filled with diaper packages, a few gifts, and the greatest diaper cake ever. :) My Aunt called it the Hangover Diaper cake…. I won’t mention which Aunt that could have been! The twin’s also got their FIRST outfits! Matching of course! How stinkin’ adorable are they! That was from Aunt Pam and her friend, Deb, whom we have all adopted. Now I need to buy them some baby Converse shoes to finish off the outfit!

The Hangover Diaper Cake

The Hangover Diaper Cake

The Gals

The Gals


Brett decided to pull the ‘T-Rex’ move, or maybe dinasour pose… but the angle of his hand and my ‘chest’ just made this look bad….

The Men

The Men

Kisses for me!

Kisses for me!

Delicious breakfast casserole! Yum!

Delicious breakfast casserole! Yum!

This. Was. Amazing!

This. Was. Amazing!

DSC_0128 DSC_0127 DSC_0126

There was some miscommunication with the Haley’s crew and us as we thought we were having Thanksgiving lunch afterwards on Saturday, but it got moved to Sunday. But Grandma Haley still offered to take Kensli for the night. And when either grandparents offer to babysit for a night, we usually don’t object. We don’t get adult nights too often, and I was ready for one.

We came home and decided to go see the Hunger Games movie!!!  It has been awhile since I have seen a movie in the theatre without children present. So I was more than excited about this event. It was really good!! I highly recommend it, especially for those who have read the books. Watching the movie, I realized two things:
1) I need to re-read the books. There were a lot of things I forgot, but that tends to happen when I read the books when the original movie came out…last year.
2) I maybe slightly obsessed with Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence. She is fabulous in the movie! And soooo incredibly gorgeous! Her make up was A-mazing and her clothes to die for! Her dress on the talk show…. seriously… what a wedding gown that would be! I found myself envious of her during the movie, trying to figure out her make up, her hair, how they pinned it up in such a cute way. She may have had a bad hand dealt to her, but she looked damn good during it!

The weekend ended with Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Both my sister-in-laws came down to his parents house, their aunt and uncle, and Jason’s cousin came. Lunch was a huuuuge success and I was miserably full. I actually couldn’t eat for over 4 hours! Which as of the last month or two, is unheard of. I’m hungry at the least, every 2 hours!!! We had to pick up Broden at 4 and took the kids straight to the movie theatre where my parents and cousin’s were waiting to go see Frozen. Jason and I came home to pick up our house… because it was a disaster.

Sorry I have no pictures to share of Sunday… I slacked. I need to start remembering to take pictures so I can share on the blog! But I get so caught up in talking and chill-axing with everyone, I forget to bust out a camera or my phone! I promise… I’ll start getting better. And I’m currently waiting on some pictures from a few other people… This post will get more interesting once I add the others! :)

So what all did you do? Did you face the crowds for some amazing deals, stay in and relax, or work? Or all three???